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One of the best primary schools in Noida extension is DWPS which applies a smart way of teaching to engage the students in learning new things better and faster. The innovative class helps in effective teaching and enhances the way of learning by using the visual concepts of selected subjects. An intelligent class has a digital board, projector, computer, and internet facility to provide the best quality of education without making the children bored by simple teaching ideologies. The intelligent way of teaching helps teachers suggest a practical solution for the children by using several educational websites and with the help of several educational applications.

Know About Smart Class:

Smart class is nothing but technologically influenced classrooms that help students in processing information by gaining background knowledge and bringing out the best results from students. Schools in Noida Extension, like Delhi World Public School, apply smart and advanced teaching for students’ success.

Smart class education helps students in advanced learning. The following are the vital elements of a smart class. 

  • Efficient learning management system
  • A highly interactive control center
  • Highly interactive whiteboards
  • Excellent classroom control system
  • Class pad
  • Response pad
  • On-demand collaboration 
  • Visual learning system
  • Highly interactive displays

All these elements make an ordinary or traditional classroom into a highly effective smart class that can benefit from bringing the best results in learning new concepts.

Importance Of Smart Classes:

It is known that intelligent class is far better than traditional classrooms and traditional teaching methods. Here are the important reasons that explain the significance of a smart class well. The reasons complement smart class teaching includes:

  • The students can gain new learning techniques.
  • The students can use various freely available online resources for effective learning.
  • Smart learning tools are easy to maintain, and regular updates help the devices’ smooth functioning.
  • The audio-visual teaching method has proven to be more effective than conventional teaching tools in recent days.
  • Smart teaching way simplifies the teaching process and helps students better understand the concept of learning.
  • The smart way of teaching motivates students by engaging them with interesting audio-visual elements.
  • It eases parent-teacher communication by connecting them virtually

Apart from the mentioned reasons, several other bases also complement smart classroom education; hence most schools adapt to the advanced technology of teaching to bring better results in the academic performance of the students.

Proven Benefits Of Smart Classroom Education:

Here are the proven advantages of smart classroom education in schools. The advantages are

  • The students gain an enhanced learning experience.
  • Possibilities of an interactive learning experience
  • It helps in easy access to online educational resources
  • It is a safe and environmental friendly concept
  • It is one of the best time-saving technologies 
  • It brings the best results by increasing the productivity
  • Smart class education is a fun way of learning

Various Types Of Smart Classes:

Various types of smart classes function, and the styles are crucial for a better learning experience. The different types of intelligence classes include

  • Personal devices
  • Virtual reality
  • Student tracking management system
  • High interactive boards
  • Various student devices
  • Using software applications
  • Effective communication devices
  • Internet of things
  • The classroom styles include
  • Traditional lecture classrooms or LEC
  • Breakout-style classrooms or BRK
  • Discussion or seminar SEM-style classroom
  • Tiered style classroom or ALS
  • Versatile learning space or VLS


DWPS is the best among CBSE schools in Noida, with smart classrooms for efficient teaching. Smart classrooms help children understand the concepts better in a funny way. The boring classroom sessions are no more as innovative classes use audio-visual effects and ideas for better teaching. Hence learning is no longer a burden for children these days. Smart classrooms are effective in enhancing the grasping power of the students and helping them in the practical and creative learning process. Smart classrooms are competent enough in technological aspects and satisfy the learning community to a greater extent. 

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