Do you make these luxury custom packaging mistakes?

custom packaging

Custom packaging companies can help you create and ship a wide variety of items. Whether it’s food, beverages, or medications—all of these things require special materials. However, not all companies use the same materials for their goods. Thus, some companies may make more mistakes than others. The most common issue made when it comes to packaging is not selecting the right options for your product to pack. This can be a massive problem if you are trying to fit your products into an existing add-on shipping box.

Let’s delve deep into some of the mistakes you may be making with your packaging.

Inadequate research with custom packaging 

The first mistake that some companies make when choosing a packaging solution is poor research. Understandably, you might not have time to dig deep into the various custom packaging options out there. But don’t underestimate the importance of seeking experts regarding what makes sense for your company. Considering all the factors that go into choosing an appropriate solution, they shall guide for what is better.

Although packaging might seem like an easy thing to do when you first start. It can be easy to get overconfident and assume you don’t need to research the process. But don’t make this mistake! It is also proved by a study done by IHS Global Insight and published in Packaging Digest. According to this, only a third of customers trust a package introduced by someone other than the manufacturer.

Preliminary research is a common issue when having a custom product created. If there are no specifications, the goalpost will move to accommodate what it can offer. Never underestimate the effectiveness of your marketing effort in deciding the final look of your packaging solution.

Not Choosing the Perfect Font for Custom Packaging 

When you’re working with a small business, there’s so much you can do wrong. Choosing the wrong font, color, or logo design can seriously affect how your company looks to customers. The font is essential to the packaging design. Because it can convey to the customer what your product or business stands for. If you play with fonts, you know it’s not easy to find the perfect one. 

Many font combinations will look good on your custom packaging sleeves. But they don’t capture your message. Not choosing the perfect font is a common mistake that can completely change the appearance of your boxes. There are many choices: regular, bold, and script font. 

Unfortunately, unless you’re going for a custom design, the fonts you use may be too generic for your product. Indeed, there is always a chance that your customers aren’t looking at your products. So it is good to be aware of these issues before they become big problems for your business later on down the line.

Ignoring Your Printing Options

Custom packing can be very useful in today’s world. Still, there are also some things to remember when deciding to go this route. The biggest mistake you could make is avoiding your printing options. Many people don’t realize that their printing options are more than just black and white. Sure, you can get a box full of plain white paper and staple the graphic on top. 

Still, this should be kept in your mind that there’s a whole world of designs out there that your printer can do for you. One of the most popular print techniques is offset printing. It is surely among the safest and most economical methods. Yet surprisingly, they also produce some dynamic results. 

The difference in the quality of offset stock to other materials is significant. To do an accurate job, consider using a digital printer. This method is more economical and has more flexibility. Custom packing can be one of the most important ways to stand out in today’s market. With so many printing options, it can be hard to decide which style will suit your needs.

Not Considering the Size and Scale of Your Design

When designing your custom packaging boxes, it’s easy to get caught up in the details. But it’s really important to focus on the size and scale of your design. If you ignore these factors, your potential customers will notice right away.

Custom packing can be very costly if you make the wrong decisions during the process. Your design will reflect your marketing strategy, target audience, and product in countless ways. When you package your product or service, it is important to consider the size and scale of your design. It is easy to create something small and beautiful if you can afford high-quality materials. And if you have enough experience in design. But we are not all lucky like that.

Custom packing is one of the most important aspects of an effective business. It can either make your product or break your product. It depends on how well you market your designs and how confident you are with handling and shipping them out.

Not Having Your Packaging Reflect Your Brand Values 

The Custom Boxes can help a business stand out. It’s also difficult for a company to create packaging that reflects the brand values of your company. Packaging is an important part of marketing, and it is equally important. The right packaging can make up a brand’s identity. It can also increase sales and have a positive impact on consumer perceptions. It is always a good idea to take the help of a wholesale packaging supplier to be amazing with your boxes. 

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For packaging, there’s so much that can go wrong, from choosing the wrong type and design of the packaging. Or making mistakes in the printing process. Sometimes, it is hard for companies to figure out what mistakes they’re making. And their impacts on the brand. 

The main reason behind this is that companies often do not understand all the elements that go into making a great package. However, if you’re not clear about your brand values, then you have already lost a customer. Even if you don’t clearly explain what makes your brand special. Then consumers are unlikely to relate to your product.


Simple is better when it comes to luxury custom packaging. To get the high-end luxury packaging you desire, keep it simple and elegant. Focus on what makes your product stand out, not the package itself. A sleek, sophisticated look is best and will ensure that your brand remains the main focus. Keep in mind that these other considerations above are just that: considerations and options for you to weigh. Good luck!