What Is Hipster Style Girl? And How To Dress Hipster Style? All You Need to Know

hipster style girl

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A hipster style is derived from the original hippy era of the 1960s, known as ‘flower power.’ Keeping it bright, keeping it carefree, and bringing back vintage is what it is all about. With everything from neon to paisley covered in the hipster trend, it is probably one of the easiest to achieve. To find hipster attire, start at local vintage wear stores, thrift stores, and charity shops since the hipster trend is about obscurity and local apparel support.

Hipster style

Hipster fashion is a popular way to enjoy the benefits of casual style without restricting oneself from experimenting with new ideas. However, it can be difficult to really ”get” what hipster fashion entails since its styles have been influenced by so many different movements and cultures over time. This article will try to give you a clear idea of looking hipster-chic just in a few steps. Being a hipster girl is not just about looking cool and trendy, but it also involves having the correct type of clothes to wear. If you’re trying to dress like one, then here are some tips that you need to keep in mind.

Overall hipster look

The Hipster Style Hipster girls usually choose dark or neutral-colored clothes that fit their bodies well and have a loose shape. Their fit-and-flare dresses are always accessories with bold necklaces, odd pins, different belts, and colorful socks, even when they wear black jeans! Paired with chunky converse shoes and round glasses, this is an intelligent look that all love.

Wearing plaid skirts for girls

First off, you need to make sure your fashion is up-to-date with what’s in this year. Right now, it’s all about wearing plaid skirts for girls. Hipster guys are wearing skinny jeans most of the time, but if they’re feeling particularly daring, they might mix it up with slim pants or shorts that are way too tight.

The hipster haircut

Another essential part of fashion is hair. Hipster girls should be wearing vintage styles like hanging braids or ’80s hair with lots of mousse and scrunchies for that perfect wavy look! Guys don’t have to worry about this step because all hipsters are men, not women.  

This look is all about comfort, and that comes with the right haircut. Choosing a short haircut is the best choice for achieving the hipster style in the easiest way possible. However, if you like long hair, don’t worry: here are two looks for you too! If you choose to wear your hair in an ”I just got out of bed” look, don’t forget to add some messy curls for extra effect. You can also try wearing your locks straight or stick them up with some product so that they stay where they are all day long.

Music, books, movies, and TV shows 

Only real hipsters know who those bands were! You’re better off pretending to love bands that are still up-and-coming. Hipsters typically pretend to love electronic music, but if you think your friends are hipsters, then go ahead and claim that you loved The Grateful Dead before they were even famous. Books are easy. Just make sure you only read books written by people way older than you. Pretend like anything written after 1990 doesn’t exist! It’s also important to mention that if someone cools has said it, and then it’s automatically good. That means you should pretend like Shakespeare is the best author ever.

As for movies and TV shows, there are no rules here either. All that matters is that both fit into your hipster stereotype. Pretend like you’ve never seen a rerun of “Friends” and that the only fantastic movies are foreign films with subtitles. You might not understand what they’re about, but that’s okay! It doesn’t matter because intelligent people like you will pretend to enjoy them anyways.  

Oversize sweater

Another must-have in the hipster’s wardrobe is the oversize sweater (that they always wear with the sleeves rolled up, of course). If you like to add an edgy touch to your look, try pairing it with leather pants.


To give a more urban style to their look, most girls also prefer wearing boots instead of shoes. Of course, they make sure that these boots are not suitable for walking and look cool and fashionable: always choosing either colorful or shiny styles.


And what about sunglasses? Sunglasses are truly unavoidable in every girl’s wardrobe nowadays (even though most girls don’t need them!). They can be aviator style, classic, round, silver, or gold-rimmed. It’s up to you! The important thing is that they look hipster and match your whole class.

The Hipster Makeup

The fit-and-flare dress is always accessorized with bold necklaces, odd pins, different belts, and colorful socks, even when they wear black jeans! Paired with chunky converse shoes and round glasses, this is an intelligent look that we love! Try pairing it with leather pants.

Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are the staple piece when it comes to hipster fashion for girls. You can never go wrong with that whether or not you’re dressing up for day or night. The idea behind wearing tight-fitting skinny jeans is when they get scuffed up when worn during the day. But your white pair will serve as an instant cover when you rip them apart at night after wearing heels all day.

Choosing T-shirts,

Choose solid colors because patterns are too mainstream these days. It’s also good if you can find shirts with unique prints that are not found anywhere else or are being sold elsewhere for a much lower price.

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Try wearing hats

Wearing different hats will make your hipster outfit stand out from the rest because it’s something that people wear during summertime or when they go camping. If you want to be more unique, choose the floppy hat over the newsboy cap because it looks more casual and less uptight than others using the same type of accessory.

High-top sneakers

High-top sneakers are still in style, so don’t throw them away just yet if you have any pairs.


Hipster girls wear pearls, too, preferably necklaces or bracelets to accentuate your shirt and dress down a more formal look! Make sure that you’re not wearing everything at once, though, because it’s expected from hipsters these days to be unique and different with their fashion choices. Now that you know how to do girl hipster fashion, there’s no reason you should start shopping for one today.


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