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Kotoko’s preppy fashion is the reason we fell in love with her. Here is a guide to help you dress like Kotoko and get her preppy look for summer. Preppy, short for “prep school,” is an American style of dressing that has become popular in Japan. Preppy fashion is casual, with bright colors and bold patterns which are unique to the wearer. The class is special because it doesn’t follow any particular rules, but its origin can be traced back to traditional American prep schools (private schools for boys).

Preppy fashion became popular among Japanese schoolgirls influenced by anime like “Sailor Moon” or manga like “Fruits Basket.” Girls started dressing in pink blouses, tartan skirts, and knee-high socks because they loved these characters. However, after a while, they found out that preppy was not only for girls, and more men started wearing clothes inspired by this style too.

The following items will help you achieve the look:

  • Blouse in white, pink, or baby blue
  • Skirt or shorts with tartan patterns
  • Knee-high socks
  • Bag in the color of your choice, preferably worn diagonally across your chest to give it a “kawaii” look

Evolution of Preppy Style

Preppies are people that belong to the upper class. Their typical clothing is characterized by clean lines and conservative colors to underline their social status. One month ago, we presented you New England Prep style; today, in an article on men’s fashion trends for this new year, we want to expose the evolution of preppy style through its many changes:

Preppy fashion first emerged as a distinct lifestyle and culture associated with affluent college students and young adults around the 1960s. It became trendy among wealthy prep school students, private boarding school attendees, and those with bohemian interests such as folk music or art. The cultural archetype embodied by ‘preps’ was born in Britain during the 1870s, then brought to America through the elite Northeastern colleges. By 1910, there were more than 200 all-male fraternities for wealthy students.

Preppy style in 2021

In the last few years, the preppy style has had somewhat of a revival. While not as strong as it was during its peak in the ’80s, the type certainly still has a significant following. This latest rendition of preppy does feature some changes to the traditional look, which we will detail below. The first significant change is that more and more people wear polos and oxford shirts with jeans rather than khaki trousers. This allows you to showcase your personality and unique sense of style through what you wear on your bottom half while reusing an upper garment that appears nearly identical to one that could be found on any other person dressed in preppies clothes.

While past generations of preps preferred button-down collars, this new generation is opting for pointed and band collars on their shirts as well as more vibrant colors. In some cases, these new preppy wearers are even going so far as to switch from blue or pink oxford shirts to those with lavender or puce hues.

In terms of footwear, penny loafers remain a staple, but they have been accented heavily by the addition of bright laces, including yellow and pink variations. However, even though bright laces have recently seen a revival in popularity, not all preppies choose that route for their shoes. Instead, many opt for more traditional brown leather laces that match the rest of the upper garment’s color scheme. Again this preference toward either bright or plain shoelaces is done to show the wearer’s individuality.

The last significant change in the preppy scene is that many of its members are now fans of bow ties, especially when worn with tweed jackets, boat shoes, and silk scarves around their necks. Some even wear them with blazers or vests, which can present a very dapper look indeed. As you can see, this version of preppy isn’t all too different from past renditions, but it allows for more creativity in terms of your wardrobe choices while still embracing some traditional looks. Given the variety on offer here, this is undoubtedly an attractive style for people to adopt, so expect these changes to become even more popular as time goes on.

Classic vs. preppy style

Classical fashion style is characterized by clothing that has an air of tradition, elegance, and formality. Preppy fashion style is defined by well-groomed, clean lines with a nautical flair. Preppy fashion style has its basis in the formalities associated with dressing for success but typically takes on a more casual appearance. Well-groomed lines are essential elements of the preppy look. The classical dress code emphasizes fine details, ornamentation, and rich textiles while keeping it simple while preserving modesty that goes along with the formal dressing. It also involves stick design without too many accessories.

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The preppy dress code emphasizes well-groomed, clean lines with a nautical flair. The idea behind the design is to look casual without too many accessories.

What type of fashion is preppy?

Preppy and classic styles have many similarities, so you can discover that you like parts of both. It may also find inspiration in organic design. If you have a preppy style, you enjoy wearing flat shoes, natural textiles like wool and leather, comfortable knits, checks, and stripes.


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