Men’s Best Swimwear: Fair Harbor Swim Trunks Review

fair harbor clothing reviews

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Everyone is welcome to shop for clothing and swimsuits in Fair Harbor. They have repurposed over 27 million plastic bottles and employ recycled materials in their clothing. In our Fair Harbor swim trunks review, Clipaper Blog will provide you with a synopsis of the company, its products, and more to help you decide whether you should take the plunge and purchase its products.

Fair Harbor Overviews

Jake and Caroline Danehy, are a brother and sister pair who founded the clothing company Fair Harbor. They have always had a strong connection for the seaside. Jake and Caroline decided to take action after observing the sudden surge in plastic waste near the shoreline.

Fair Harbor Overviews
Fair Harbor Overviews

Fair Harbor was founded following various discussions. The millennial co-founders came up with a means to make new swimsuits out of recycled plastic. They made iconic Fair Harbor swim trunks from recycled plastic bottles.

Quality of Fair Harbor’s Clothing

Fair Harbor has always made every effort to meet customer needs without harming the environment. In addition to the usual men’s swim trunks, the store also provides children’s and adult beachwear, as well as casual clothing including T-shirts, sweatshirts, and trousers.

The company is a high-performing brand within its field when compared to other competitors, claim the Fair Harbor Clothing Reviews on their website. The company offers a broad selection of eco-friendly and fashionable swimwear made from unique materials. Their things meet each need on the Fair Harbor swim trunks review check list.

We briefly summarize some of the positive and bad aspects of the Fair Harbor swim trunks review before getting into more detail about their unique products:


  • Manufactured in a sustainable and moral manner using recycled plastics
  • Returns are only free within the US.
  • less expensive than comparable swimwear brands
  • Shipping to other countries is an option.
  • Customers can recycle their used swimming suits in exchange for coupon tickets.
  • Return policy of 60 days.

Cons: Insufficient customer service personnel

Fair Harbor Swim Trunks evaluation

According to popular belief, the ideal Fair Harbor swim trunks should cover specific male body areas, be as comfy as possible, and look good when a man exits the pool. There are only positive evaluations of Fair Harbor on any online review page, and the company consistently ranks highly on lists of the best swimming suits.

Fair Harbor produces the first product of swim trunks from recycled plastic bottles. You can wear it when doing Yoga, running, swimming, and other activities.
The feature that sets these shorts apart from all others on the market is the soft built-in boxer brief.

Fair Harbor Swim Trunks evaluation
Fair Harbor Swim Trunks evaluation

The integrated boxer brief keeps your shorts in place as you leave the pool.

Fair Harbor Swim Trunks, which are not only comfortable but also fashionable, represent a laid-back way of life. Practically anyone can wear them due to the wide variety of styles and colors that they come in. Fair Harbor swim trunks come in classic styles, but they also have some interesting details like side pockets, a drawstring waist, zippered pockets with key rings, and inseams between 6 and 7 inches. The designs and the care that the Fair Harbor company put into received many good reviews from customers.

Because they are mostly constructed of polyester, the swim shorts are incredibly stretchy and easy to wear in and out of the water. You may move more freely while surfing thanks to the 20% spandex and 80% recyclable plastic content of the trunks. This swimwear is sturdy enough to withstand Mother Nature’s wrath and comfy enough to wear all day.


Fair Harbor’s original goods continue to enjoy the greatest popularity. Although the company’s founders, two siblings, have been driving the business forward and want to do more with it than just shorts and swimsuits, they haven’t stopped there. So, Fair Harbor is a legitimate business? Absolutely, it is the answer. They provide numerous discounts for your online purchase, like FREE Shipping on purchases over $75 and Fair Harbor 15 off first order, so give them a try. For a variety of more things that you might find fascinating, keep reading the Clipaper blog.