Tips For Getting The Best Tailor Made Suit

Tips For Getting The Best Tailor Made Suit

Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Ali Hamza

If you are trying a custom-made suit for the first time, then it becomes confusing to choose a suitable one. Many factors are there to decide like, fabric, color, style, fitting, and more.

Going for the wrong suit will waste your hundreds or thousands of dollars. That is why it’s an important thing to choose a tailor made suitfor a special occasion. They are specially created to fulfill your unique requirements and fit your personality. 

So, the question is, what are the basic rules to get a well-fitted and customized suit? Well, we have the answer!

Continue reading our guide to know the best practices you can follow for “slaying a party with your amazing suit.” Read on!  

Important Tips For Getting The Best Tailor Made Suit

Let’s have a look over the basic steps for choosing a custom made or tailor made suit.

1. Set A Limited Budget 

First and foremost, you need to set a budget for getting a tailor made suit. It’s obvious that the cost of this type of outfit is a little more than the ready-to-wear suit. So, you should have enough money to spend on it. 

For example, if you want a custom suit, then choose its fabric, stitching material (like thread), lapels, buttons, and other accessories. Also, you can design a suit, pants, and waistcoat as per your preference.

Well, you have to decide all the factors that are important for your suit. It includes style or cuts as well as small detailing. And your tailor will suggest to you the best type of designs you can choose according to your personality.

So, set your budget and don’t go out of it. Furthermore, you can explore and research more for getting a perfect outfit.

2. Fitting Of A Tailor Made Suit

Suit fitting is really important for a customized outfit. These types of suits are characterized by minimal shoulders and strongly tapered sides. The custom suits are just opposite from off-the-rack where your suits are fitted as per your needs.

Ensure your tailor follows some basic fitting rules.

  • Ask for flattering, fitted, and slim clean lines for enhancing your body shape.
  • There shouldn’t be any restrictions while moving your hands in a suit.
  • The padding on the shoulder should be a high-quality material. If there is extra comfort and ease of moment, then the suit will be a great choice for winters too.
  • One more important thing is the sleeve length of a jacket. It should be ½ to ¾ of an inch of a shirt sleeve.
  • Suit jackets must cover the hip’s length but not your legs.
  • A great custom tailor will take clear measurements and other subsequent fittings.

3. Right Type Of Fabric 

Before you choose a customized suit tailoring option, you need to choose suitable fabric. Consider skin allergies, the event’s date, and other things for comfort while wearing a suit. The fabric should be breathable and purchased as per season. 

Select A Color

Your suit color should be chosen, according to the special occasion.

For example

  • Black is best for formal or business meetings.
  • Gray and whites go well in a day party.
  • Navy blue, brown, and Zedge black are best for wedding occasions.
  • Well, most people chose a black color suit as their safest choice for every occasion.
  • On the other side, navy blue or charcoal gray are preferred options, for work and meetings.

If you are bored of solid colors, then experiment with a stripe or dotted patterns of the suit. There are more options like windowpane, herringbone, checks, etc.


To get a comfortable and breathable suit to consider two layers. One is a suit jacket, and the other is a shirt’s cloth material.

Most people choose cotton, wool, microfiber, or linen, a combination of two, silk, and other for suits. All the fabrics have their own performance, quality, and properties.

Some are breathable, while others are prone to wrinkle, durable, and affordable. So, we would suggest you choose fabric as per your needs and seasons. 

4. Your Style

Steal the event with your unique style statement!

Well, everyone has their own style and so do you. But what’s that? For this you have to answer a few questions.

Do you like a three-button jacket or two buttons? Do you prefer double-breasted or single-breasted?

Take your time and decide which style suits you. Also, this depends on the latest style of your outfits. You can choose a classic suit if you are conservative. Furthermore, ask your custom tailor to provide you with more options according to your personality. Your tailor will surely have more knowledge about style than you.

Most people consider fashion magazines, designer’s portfolio, and social media pages of suit tailors to find a trendy and stylish suit. Try this and provide a picture to your tailor and ask them to design this type of suit. Also, ensure which type of fabric will be needed for a particular suit. One more benefit of a professional is that they will tell you the most comfortable suit for making you look better.

5. Select Button And Lapels

Personalization is the best part of tailor made suits. You can choose the color, shape, and size of a button for your jacket or waistcoat.

For your ease, we have listed some types of buttons for a jacket

  • The single-buttoned jacket is a great choice for any formal event.
  • You can easily pull off a two-buttoned jacket.
  • Well, the three-button is mostly considered an old-fashioned suit for men. But it’s a preferred choice for tall men.

Now, moving towards the lapel of the suit, you can choose it on your own. You will see three main types of lapels.

  • One is a slim lapel which is the right choice for slim lapels.
  • Second is the notch lapel, which is easy to pull off and popularly known.
  • The third one is the peak lapel that provides a sharp look to men. 


Are you ready to opt for a customized suit option? Well, no doubt, it would be a great choice. You will get a personalization option with your suit.

We hope, our guide will be helpful to get a perfectly fitted tailor made suit for your special event. Consider the tips so that you can work in the right direction.

All the best!

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