Tips for Rice water for skin whitening

Rice water benefits

Rice water brings glow on the skin Rice water brings glow on the skin. Raw rice water for skin whitening can go a long way in making your skin glowing. Protein, vitamins, calcium, anti-oxidants and many types of nutrients are present in rice water. Therefore, this water can be used to nourish the skin. Also, it can prove to be helpful in making the skin glowing by getting rid of problems like pimples, acne

You must have used cooked rice water for hair care and skin care many times, but have you ever used raw rice water for skin care? If not, then tell that after soaking the raw rice, the water you throw away. That rice water can go a long way in making your skin glowing.

Rice water is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, anti-oxidants and many types of nutrients. It also nourishes the skin as well as helps in making the skin glowing by getting rid of problems like pimples, acne. Let us know about the ways of using rice water.

Rice water aloe vera

Take half a cup of soaked raw rice water and mix two tablespoons of aloe vera gel in it. Then mix it well and apply it on the skin like a face pack. Leave it on for about 15 minutes, then wash off with plain water. This will also get rid of pimples and will also bring glow on the skin.

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To bring glow to the skin of the face and get rid of blemishes, you mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder in half a cup of rice water. After this apply this mixture as a face mask. Then wash off after 20 minutes with plain water. Rice water is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins, in which the curcumin element present in turmeric makes it even more powerful. Which works to remove the pimples and bring glow to the skin.

rice water-lemon

Mix the juice of half a lemon in rice water and apply this mixture on the face. Wash it off with water after about 15 minutes. This will make your skin glow as well as get rid of problems like tanning and sunburn. Actually, soaking rice in water increases the amount of anti-oxidants in it which is beneficial for the skin. Also, the vitamin C present in lemon helps in bringing glow to the skin. Rice water — the water left over after you cook rice — has long been thought to promote stronger and more beautiful hair. The earliest known use of it was over 1,000 years ago in Japan.

Today, rice water is gaining popularity as a skin treatment too. It’s said to soothe and tone your skin, and even improve different skin conditions. Even more enticing, rice water is something you can easily and inexpensively make at home.

Rice water contains substances known to help protect and repair your skin. Despite some real benefits, there are many claims about it that science hasn’t fully proven.

Rice water benefits for skin

Rice water for skin lightening

Many websites recommend using rice water to lighten the skin or reduce dark patches. In fact, a lot of commercial products — including soaps, toners, and creams — contain rice water.

Some people swear by the skin lightening powers of rice water. While some of the chemicals in it are known to lighten pigment, no evidence exists for how effective it is.

This starchy water is an integral part of Korean and Japanese skin care treatments. It can be prepared at home easily. You can include it in your skin care routine and reap the benefits in the long run. It also is inexpensive. Continue reading to understand more about rice water, its benefits, and its preparation and ways of use.

Rice is not just a food staple in Asian cuisine, it is also an integral part of Asian beauty and skin care practices. Japanese and Korean women have been using rice water as a skin care and hair care product for centuries. In fact, if you take some time to go through the ingredients list of any K-beauty product, you will almost certainly find rice water in it. Many brands have also come up with entire ranges of rice water skin care products.

Not many studies have been conducted on the benefits of rice water for skin. Most of the benefits are based on anecdotal evidence that has not been verified by scientists. Regardless, let’s explore what rice water can do for your skin.

Skin Brightening Effect

This benefit of rice water has not been scientifically proven. However, people in Korea and Japan use rice water to minimize blemishes and brighten their skin. It is assumed that rice water may contain some enzymes that have a skin brightening effect. This is why it is used as an active ingredient in soaps and creams.

Protects The Skin Barrier

When the natural barrier of your skin is compromised, it becomes dry and vulnerable to skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. A study found that rice starch could help improve and repair the natural barrier of the skin. This is especially beneficial for people who have atopic dermatitis. This function of rice water may also be beneficial for managing eczema, rashes, and inflammation.

Soothes Sunburn

Rice water feels soothing on sunburned skin. Many people find it extremely beneficial for treating mild symptoms of sunburn, such as redness, inflammation, and itching.

When applied on the skin, starchy rice water also has a tightening and toning effect. This could be especially beneficial for people with oily skin.

There is limited evidence supporting the effect of rice water on the skin. However, since it is devoid of chemicals and suitable for all skin types, there is no harm in giving it a try. If you want to try it out, check out how to prepare rice water at home in the next section.

Anti-Aging Benefits

A study evaluated the effects of a gel formulation containing rice water on human skin. The study involved 12 volunteers who used the formulation for 28 days. It was found that rice water was loaded with antioxidants that could inhibit the activity of elastase (an enzyme that damages elastin). Thus, it could help maintain the elasticity of the skin and slow down the signs of aging.