WMS Blue Yonder Training – A Complete Guide

WMS Blue Yonder Training

Operating a warehouse facility as efficiently as possible must be the primary motivator for using a WMS. There wouldn’t be a need for warehouses in a perfect society because everything would be delivered directly from producers to customers on demand. Of course, such a world does not exist. 

Thus warehouses were created to serve as stopgap measures to hold goods for a while other events take place. This happens until the goods need to be retired from that warehouse.

A warehouse needs to run in ideal conditions to make money (if it’s a business) or avoid NOT losing money (let’s say it’s a self-owned operation), and in both situations, avoid getting into a very expensive operation.

The best circumstances call for doing things just once, not often, well, and on time. Generally speaking, this operation can be summarized by responding to these questions:

  • What will be delivered to your warehouse? (as to prepare to receive it).
  • What time will you receive it?
  • What is getting those things there? (packed how)
  • How will you keep them organized in the warehouse?
  • Where are you going to locate those items?
  • When are you going to pick them up again?
  • How would you present the things after repacking them?
  • Where are you going to place them once you’ve chosen?
  • Who within your staff will be performing each of these tasks?

The Blue Yonder Warehouse Management Systems are the solution to all of them (and to many other questions that surely will come up in your particular operation). The WMS is a system that is created and set up to meet your unique warehouse requirements, regulations, formats, and general operation.

Just picture receiving a large container unexpectedly without knowing what will be inside. Is it decent? Damaged? Are the goods within are they counted? Are they finished? Person, according to? How would you file a missing item report? How will you repack items so that they may be stored in your warehouse? Where will you store everything in your warehouse? How will you be able to recall where you stored the things? How will you remember how many things are in that particular place?

Imagine a large, expensive army of people attempting to accomplish all of this without guidelines or a cohesive knowledge base—everyone speculating and acting erratically to find solutions.

This scenario will ultimately be incredibly expensive because of headcount and lost-stolen-damaged material. Due to the inability to maintain the products securely in a regulated environment, fully accounted for due to the inability to choose the things and fulfill them accurately and on schedule. 

You see where this is going: the WMS will be the tool that will help you address this, saving you a tonne of money and hassle. However, the WMS alone is ineffective; it requires both humans and information systems to work together, allowing me to explain.

I frequently remark that the game in the WMS industry aims to ALWAYS keep the WMS in perfect synchronization with the actual physical operation. If you follow these steps, appropriately USE the WMS, and adhere to the game’s pre-programmed rules, your operation should run smoothly, generate financial benefits (if it’s a business), or prevent needless expenses and resource waste if it’s your own warehouse.For this reason, Blue Yonder WMS is required to properly and optimally run a warehouse. 

Wrapping Up

This was all about the WMS Blue Yonder training and how it can help you stay ahead. A wide range of brands offers dedicated courses with slight differences in costs. If you wish to start your Blue Yonder JDA WMS training online, then it’s the perfect time to turn to Proexcellency Solutions today!

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