Which planet indicates love marriage in Janam Kundali?

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Janam Kundali, also known as the birth chart, consists of twelve houses and each house is responsible for representing different fields of life. The planets and their movements in each house tell us a lot about the person, his personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Not only do we get to know about the type of career that suits them but also about their marriage. If one will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, when will one marry? how will their partner be? All these questions can be answered by having a clear look at Janam Kundali. You can get your free Janam Kundali online!

Which house is responsible for marriage?

According to Vedic Astrology, the house that determines one’s marriage and love relationships is the fifth house. The planet that is responsible for the same is Venus. Venus is known as the planet of love. The other celestial bodies or planets that play an important role in the fifth house are Moon and Rahu.

Planets that indicate love marriage in Janam Kundali!

The planet Venus is referred to as the planet of love, affection, strength, and wealth. How it is placed in our birth chart determines how affectionate you are and what your love life will look like. It also determines how you will accumulate wealth. Having Venus in the fifth house, the house of marriage is obviously a sign of a love marriage. Venus tells us about what makes us happy and what kind of people we are attracted to. It also suggests that you are very likely to have a love marriage.

If you have Moon in your Kundali, it shows that you are a very emotional person and super creative. You do not like to stay single and therefore keep on looking for a partner, this leads to you making a lot of wrong choices and decisions. The moon is a sign of peace, so it shows that you are extremely peaceful, which is very important for love. You do not like to fight and always focus on solving problems. Having Moon in your 5th house is definitely a blessing and you will be having a love marriage.

The planet Mars is the planet for dedication and energy. It gives strength and power. It shows that the person is very dedicated and always ready to work things out, which is a very crucial part of a healthy relationship. It also shows that they are ready to put their heart and soul into the relationship and will never let the spark fade away. It suggests that the person never lies and will always be honest with you no matter what the situation is.


These are a few planets that are responsible to bless you with your love marriage and help you understand what type of love you will share with your partner. If you would like to get a personalized and deep insight into your love life and marital life, you should

If you do not have any of these planets in your Janam Kundali, do not worry. There is always a solution to all your problems in Vedic Astrology. Listed below are some remedies that you can use to make your love life stronger.

  • Worship Lord Krishna and Radha regularly.
  • Keep a pair of love birds, either a showpiece or real ones, in your room.
  • On Fridays, offer red-colored flowers to Goddess Lakshmi. It is said to bring positivity and help you manifest quicker.
  • Observe fast regularly. Choose a day for yourself and fast from sunrise to sunset.
  • Wear rose quartz jewelry; it is said to attract love and a soul-mate.
  • Keep a yellow lamp by the bedside, in your room.

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