What Is Referral Traffic?

Referral Traffic

The major goal of most marketers is to increase the amount of traffic to their site. As long as their site receives organic traffic, they will reach the target customers easily and grab more leads. Marketers follow different tactics for accomplishing this goal, such as PPC, SEO, and blogging. But, certain problems are associated with these tactics. For example, SEO takes more time to showcase the desired result, whereas PPC is expensive. 

When looking for the greatest impact tactic, you will often end up in referral traffic. But unfortunately, it is one of the most overlooked tactics in the digital marketing world. Do you know that accessing referral traffic in the right way helps you to generate more leads and revenue? If you do not believe those words, carefully go through the following section.

Referral traffic – what does it mean?

Visitors come to your site from websites other than the major search engines considered referral traffic. If someone clicks the link on the site or social network, it takes you to another website. The tracking software like Google Analytics will count that visitor as referral traffic. 

Usually, the originating website is known as the referrer as it refers to the traffic from one site to the other. Companies access UTM codes to track where these traffic sources come from. In other words, referral traffic comes from the backlinks. Whenever the businesses get the right backlinks, they deliver consistent sources of extra traffic to the site. 

Importance of the referral traffic 

Referral traffic is extremely important to inbound marketers as it sends qualified visitors to your site from trusted and reliable websites. As a result, your content will display in front of new people and render a great opportunity to convert the visitors into the lead and then new customers. But, apart from that, referral traffic renders you tons of SEO benefits. 

Whenever someone visits your site from another site, they either click on the link or complete a certain type of social activity. Search engines like Google will consider these links and social signals as positive ranking factors. Since it comes from trusted sites, the chance of reaching the top of the SERPs will improve a lot. Here are the benefits you get from referral traffic. It increases the importance of accessing the referral traffic technique.

  • Enhanced brand recognition and exposure 
  • Improved ability to reach the new and diverse audience 
  • Excellent SEO through consistent backlinks
  • Greater development of networking opportunities and future leads

Tips to increase the referral traffic

After knowing the importance of the referral traffic to your site, you want to make use of it to improve your brand name. Well! It is the right choice but makes sure you keep the following tips in your mind. It helps you to maximize the referral traffic instantly.

Guest posting

The websites of the relevant businesses or bloggers are the right places to post the referral links. You do not require putting more effort to create powerful backlinks. Just insert the links in the profitable place in the content body to generate high-quality referral traffic. In addition, it is the easiest way to engage the wider audiences in your business and then motivate them to become your new customer. Of course, it needs more work, such as creating outstanding content and powerful links.

Social media

Social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram have millions and billions of active users. So, it is the perfect destination to obtain referral traffic. But, ensure you select the right platform according to your potential audience interest. After that, you have to create a business account and maximize the traffic to your site. Then, use quality and friendly content to engage your viewers and readers.

Besides, you should list your websites in the directories and create infographics to attract more customers. Likewise, you should interact with other websites to expand your online presence and brand recognition. 

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