How to Delete All Likes on Twitter in 2023?


Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Twitter is one of the social networking sites which is very famous in recent times. Twitter permits you to make tweets and retweet the tweets of others. Sometimes you could want to delete all likes review on Twitter.

You can also delete all the retweets. If you need to get the answer to how to do so, read the total article. Once you examine this newsletter, you may effortlessly delete your likes and retweets on Twitter.

When Should you Delete Likes on Twitter?

Sometimes you’ll need to delete all of your likes for various motives. If you no longer need to partner yourself with one-of-a-kind human beings and thoughts you may want to delete the likes. There are a couple of strategies to do the identical.

How To Delete All Likes On Twitter?

There are distinctive methods you may delete likes. Some of the techniques are guided whereas some are computerized. You can use the manual approach for free. The automated technique may also require you to buy the paid version. Let us take a look at the specific ways:

Method 1: Using Twitter Manually

  1. 1. Log in to your account and click on the Likes tab on your profile.
  2. 2. Unlike the tweets which you need to delete.

This is one of the approaches to deleting likes on Twitter. However, the manual approach takes a completely long term to delete the likes. You also can use this guide approach from your phone. Let us examine different automotive alternatives to deleting all likes on Twitter.

Method 2: Without Using Third-Party Apps

  • 1. Open Twitter on Google Chrome, register, and click the Likes tab.
  • 2. Copy this code from Github.
  • 3. Right-click for your likes web page and click on the Console tab.
  • 4. Paste the copied code and hit Enter.

This way you can delete all likes review on Twitter without the use of 1/3-party apps but with an easy code from Github. You can do this most effective from Google Chrome. Let us now take a look at the next few strategies by using diverse 1/3-birthday party apps.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Apps Like Circle Boom

  • 1. log in to Circle Boom and authenticate your account with Twitter.
  • 2. Click on Menu on left and choose My Tweets and then tap Unlike.
  • 3. Select the unique tweets to delete like or click on, Unlike All.

This is the very best manner to delete all likes review on Twitter using 1/3-birthday celebration apps. Circle Boom, but, is a paid utility. You can download this utility from the apple keep as nicely. The free packages do not offer you the capabilities to delete your likes.

How do I delete more than 3200 likes on Twitter?

In order to delete greater than 3200 likes, you can purchase 1/3-birthday party applications. Third-celebration applications inclusive of Circle Boom and Twitter Archive Eraser can help you do so. The top rate model permits you to delete greater than 3200 likes.

How do I delete all likes on Twitter along with retweets?

You can undo retweets to guide the deletion of retweets. You also can use the premium version of the above-noted third-celebration apps for the equal. The technique is much like deleting all likes review on Twitter.


Hence you can without problems delete the likes review on Twitter. You can do it with the help of various 1/3-birthday celebration apps or simply by following the steps given above.

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