The Most Common Mistakes in Amazon PPC (paid-per-click)

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Last Updated on May 23, 2024 by Nadeem Ahmad

If you’re a social media marketer or anyone related to eCommerce marketing, you might know what paid per click is. But if you don’t, worry not! This article will clear all doubts for you and give you some honest advice.

Paid per click is a form of payment a company gives to any particular ad publisher. It is basically a pricing mechanism. That is, the more people click on the advert you created, the more you get paid. You can learn more about this via the ghostwriting companies.

If more people view the ad and click for whatever reason (be it curiosity or genuine interest), you earn through that marketing.

Now, this might work better in some eCommerce markets where the buyers are very impulsive, but the clicks really depend on the type of platform where you publish your ad. If your brand advertises for electric bikes on an eBook site, that definitely won’t get you clicks.

But there are some basic strategies that most marketers know. Even then, many amazon PPC ads fail, and the business doesn’t earn much. If you wish to know how you can improve your strategies in disregard, scroll below! 

How does Amazon PPC work?

Amazon PPC works in a slightly different manner than google ads do. However, it does function in the same manner at the backend. Here the customers are not clicking on an ad and paying the publisher indirectly, but the bid is on the keywords.

The keywords that win with the highest amount of bids in the so-called “auction” process win. Now the way amazon sellers make their sales boost is primarily through keywords.

Whichever amazon seller pts for the right categories and product names, including keywords makes a good amount of sales. To get the right keywords, you dont have to do much research, but everyone is competing for the high-volume ones.

When a customer searches, for instance, “fruit basket”, amazon PPC Why is paid marketing indispensable for Digital Success? searches for the relevant keywords. To become a successful amazon seller, you need to know each step of the process when it comes to amazon PPC and keyword matching in search engines.

Amazon PPC Strategy For Sellers

It s really crucial to make a good strategy even before you start a business on amazon. You should know the ins and outs of Amazon PPC and act accordingly. We suggest you sit with an expert and research in-depth about the right keywords, strategies, categories, and products to sell. Amazon PPC also has a competitor: Amazon SEO. these are essentially the types of sales and searches on amazon that take place.

So the first step to making an ideal strategy is really trial and error. Check which one of the automatic or manual keyword targeting processes works best for you.

This can help you know a great deal about the mechanism as well. This is just the beginning. Here are the structured steps onwards:

Step One: Keyword Search

You should research keywords through a reliable tool that has a good rating overall. When you’re starting to sell on amazon, you can’t take a risk. Therefore, the daily limits that you set for your budget should be high.

We recommend that you keep them higher than what Amazon recommends. An ideal figure is 50-70% higher than the usual recommendation.

Step Two: Utilise The Campaigns

Since ads are a crucial step of the process, you should focus on them. When running an ad report, analyze it carefully and make sure to extract as much information as you can!

Amazon PPC allows you to make automatic campaigns, use these wisely. You can extract a considerable amount of keywords for your manual campaign from auto marketing.

Step Three: Continued Analysis

Lastly, you need to make sure you get at least 10-15 licks before you remove the first ad. This can help with leaving a good impression. This way, you can also start with better statistics. Keep on analyzing and collecting figures from the campaign onwards as well.

Mistakes To Avoid When Using Amazon PPC:

There are many common mistakes that sellers make when using amazon PPC. This is because most of the amazon sellers are new to the eCommerce market overall.

The mistakes we highlight here are surely not the only ones. However, you can save your business a lot of time wastage by knowing the “Don’ts.”

#1) Not Making a Proper Strategy

This is the most common type of carelessness Amazon sellers do. If you are carrying out proper marketing and following all the instructions amazon gives, it is better to do so with a vision in mind. That is, you should make a proper plan before you sit to make a proper ad campaign. Without it, you won’t even be able t analyze the ads properly and make reports.

#2) Keyword Harvesting

Keyword harvesting is a key component of ad campaigns. Now again, since many amazon sellers dont research properly, they dont know the importance of keyword harvest. Many sellers dont carry out keyword harvesting, which is a big mistake.

This is the process of identifying the right keywords for your ad campaigns. Later you can use these keywords in your product’s title, manual ads, and in better amazon marketing. Keyword harvesting is a really straightforward method, but we do utilise it really well.

Make sure to take full advantage of this technique to become a successful amazon PPC seller and ace at biddings.

#3) Not Having Active Bid Management

By active bid management, we mean you should be able to actively contribute when the auction is going on. Carry out speculative analysis beforehand so that you know which way the auction will go.

Moreover, try to make things go in your favor even if the entire bidding isn’t in your control. You should have a clear idea of what volume you need, which keywords are necessary, and the PPC budget for the day, week, or month.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line here is to use your opportunities wisely when using amazon PPC as a seller. Otherwise, you may get out of date and aiming for good badges on amazon won’t be possible.

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