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solo leveling 156
solo leveling 156

In Chapter 155 of Solo Leveling webtoon, Sung Jin-Charm took Cha Hae-In to an amusement park on a date. He called her his only friend.

Later, Jin-Charm uncovered that the gate, where his father vanished, showed up in that park. Jin-Charm understood that such rides were too delayed for S-Rank Hunters. 

Thus, he summoned Kaisel, and together they went on a ride overhead.

As Hae-In got ready to return, Jin-Charm said that he still had something to show. Then, as they looked at the stars over the sky, a shooting star showed up.

We present to you the latest chapter Solo Leveling 156 updates for this manga.

1. Chapter 156 Discussions and Predictions

Jin-Charm and Hae-In spent the day together, investigating the starry sky, resting on one another while the world is apparently about to end. 

I wonder when they will confess their affections for one another. Perhaps soon.

But deciding from Jin-Charm’s phone, it appeared to be more similar to he considered Cha Hae-In as a friend and nothing else.

Although, Jin-Charm already realizes that she is interested in him all along. Perhaps he generally considered her a friend and nothing more than that.

Generally, the Chapter Solo Leveling 156 was really fun and pretty sweet. It’s the quiet before the forthcoming tumult, but I feel they’ll get through it some way or another. Let’s wait for the next Chapter!

2. Chapter 156 Delivery Date

Chapter Solo Leveling 156 (2021) will be delivered on Thursday, July 1, 2021.

Is Solo Leveling On Weekend Break?

Indeed, chapter 156 of the Solo Leveling webtoon is on a break this week. The author has taken a break due to his health issues and the new delivery date has at last been declared.

3. Chapter 156 Crude sweeps

The crude outputs and spoilers for chapter Solo Leveling 156 Webtoon have been spilled, and the unpleasant translation goes this way: 

Two days before the S-Rank gate opens, a mysterious and frightening 2-meters tall monster shows up in Seoul’s streets.

Despite the fact that Jin-Charm is likewise present in the city, Charm Jin-Cheol and Yu Jin-Ho can’t contact him. Thomas Andre as well as Lennart Niermann are still in Seoul.

Unexpectedly, Thomas Andre comes to uphold him as he expresses ‘Get out of the way.’

4. Chapter 155 Recap

As the horde of Hunters gathers around the evacuation region, Jin-Ho asks her mother for what good reason aren’t they going from the area as they ought to.

Jin-Ho comments that she cannot kick the bucket so youthful. Her mother answers that she’s certain Jin-Charm will protect them just like their father did.

In the interim, Jin-Charm acknowledges why he can’t detect the monsters inside the gate. He speculates where they are hiding. At last, he decides to stop the gate himself.

As he looks at his contact list on the phone, he wonders who he would enjoy his last moments with.

At the Hunter’s Guild HQ, Cha Hae-In’s master comments that he detects some trepidation from her sword and asks her for what valid reason. 

Abruptly, Cha Hae-In’s phone starts ringing. After hanging up, she surges out, saying something came up, so she needs to go.

At an amusement park, nearby individuals are stunned as they see S-Rank Hunter Sung Jin-Charm with their uncovered eyes. 

Solo Leveling 156 – Then they understand he is with another S-Rank Hunter Cha Hae-In. Hae-In inquires as to whether he loves such places, to which he answers he doesn’t but comes there once in some time.

Jin-Charm then calls her ‘his only friend’ as he helps her to remember the time when she acted the hero him in front of the statue.

Cha Hae-In gets some information about the twofold dungeon, to which Jin-Charm answers he doesn’t know himself. 

Cha Hae-In thinks that it’s been a long time since she turned into a Hunter, and it feels significantly better to take a walk like that.

Jin-Charm inquires as to whether she wants to ride on the ship wheel. Thus, they decide to ride everything there.

While taking an exciting ride, Cha Hae-In doesn’t shout even once. Later, Jin-Charm comments that such rides are too delayed for S-Rank Hunters. He summons Kaisel, and together they go on a ride overhead.

Cha Hae-In asks Jin-Charm for what good reason he took her to the amusement park assuming that he had a shadow fighter like that. 

Jin-Charm uncovers that the gate, that his father vanished into, showed up in that park, so he wanted to come there.

Hae-In expresses farewell to her and thanks to her for continuously showing generosity to him. 

But Jin-Charm says that he still has something to show. As they look at the stars over the sky, a shooting star shows up. The Chapter closes here.

5. Solo Leveling Details 

Solo Leveling 156 is a Korean Webtoon written by Chu Gong and illustrated by Jang Sung Rak.

It is adapted from the webnovel; I Alone Step Up. Kakaopage distributes it in South Korea and Piccoma in Japan.

Portals connecting the Earth to domains of monsters have opened up, and hunters defeat those monsters. 

Sung Jin Charm belongs to the lowest degree of hunters, but after getting engaged with a Dungeon quest, he alone can see quests like that of a game.

His excursion to turn into the most powerful hunter and take harmony back to Earth starts.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Updated Delivery Date

The delivery for the chapters take put on the week by week planned date and though the crowd has been interested in the time to cover more in the story and the chapter 155 was recently out and though chapter Solo Leveling 156 was booked to be out this month the poor health of the author prompted a few deferrals and that it is expected that the latest chapter will deliver next month.

Solo Leveling Chapter 155 Recaps that connections with Spoilers

The spoilers generally start surfacing not many days before the delivery date and so the announcement for it is yet to be done so the expectations are not actual spoilers or holes out yet but we could expect them soon but the expectations and a few reports mentioned that the couple in the plot will proceed to partake in the time without any hesitation and that is a major point for them to say and that they are carrying on with the best life in the hotel together and though it is set that the monster would be at free in Seoul where it started to take its action on the class B hunter and to say that it was a major disaster set up.

On the other hand Solo Leveling 156, where the story will follow is that the efforts of the hunter community will be put in light as they would try to do everything conceivable to get in contact with Jin Charm, the number of casualties which has been rolling in from the emergency of Monster attack is enormous and that situation is getting out of the hand. 

The monster after the attack starts to make a methodology at the association or community of Hunters and that the monster is anticipating battling the Hunter. 

After some time, it is then portrayed that Jin-Charm proceeds to check his phone where he tracks down a various number of missed call notifications in his phone and though he then tries to get back to the Hunter Community. 

It would be astonishing to cover as what more will the story unfurl in the approaching time and that the next chapter Solo Leveling 156 will proceed to portray and how Jin-Charm will grasp the situation.

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