How To Make Downloads Faster On PS4? A Comprehensive Guide Of Increasing Download Speed On PS4

how to make downloads faster on ps4

When you are downloading a game or an update on PS4, it is not only the speed of your internet that determines how long it will take. Your download speed can also be affected by other factors. This article will show you some tips to increase the download speed on PlayStation 4.

How do PS4 download speeds work? As explained in this article, several variables determine the file size of the PS4 version of a game and how fast it downloads:

1. The game’s region

Downloading a game from another region than your own will automatically slightly decrease your download speed as its data needs to be transferred over long distances. With “old” internet speeds (under Mbps), the difference was very noticeable. However, this difference will be hardly noticeable with modern fiber broadband speeds, easily exceeding 100 Mbps.

2. Automatic vs. manual download

When you select a game update or a game from the PlayStation store, you have to automatically start the download as soon as it has been downloaded. To do that, check the box “start as background download.”

Alternatively, you can also start a manual download by clicking on downloads and then your desired file. The downside of triggering an automatic download is that if something happens during the download process (for example, a power outage), your PS4 might kick off the download again from scratch when it has been restored. A manual means that your console will continue downloading where it has been interrupted.

3. Internet connection speed

The final major determinant of your download speed is your internet connection. If you have prolonged internet, for example, via DSL, you might not reach the maximum speeds that your network interface can. In this case, switching between automatic and manual downloads could improve things slightly. Starting a file from scratch by “downloading from the internet” usually gives better results than continuing an interrupted download.

4. Router/Modem stability & strength

Most modem or router freezes are caused by overheating, mainly if several devices use the same router at once (in which case you should consider buying a new one). Would you please pay attention to where you place your router/modem and avoid placing it in enclosed cabinets? This might sound like a “noob tip,” but I had several freezes caused by an overheated modem because the support of the cabinet was blocking airflow.

5. Powerline adapters

If you want to improve your download speeds, one quick-and-dirty method is to use powerline adapters. PS4 supports powerline technology out of the box – plugging into your existing electrical wiring. If this option is unsupported, then refer to option two below or get a new wireless router that supports powerline technology (most modern routers come with it). If both these options are not available for you, try using an Ethernet cable instead of WIFI. Make sure to plug directly into your router or modem instead of using an extension cable.

6. Getting a wired connection

The best way to download is by getting a wired connection. Wired connections are more stable, faster and they can’t be interrupted by neighbors who own the same wireless password. If you live in an apartment building or don’t have access to your network wiring, one option is to ask your neighbors if they are willing to share their WIFI with you (make sure not to hog bandwidth during peak hours). Another option is asking for their WIFI password so that you can use it at off-peak times when nobody else needs the internet. Finally, consider switching over entirely to fiber broadband which provides breakneck internet speeds.

7. Download during off-peak hours

If possible, try to download bigger files during the night – especially on weekdays when most people are sleeping. This will ensure you get more bandwidth for your files and, therefore, faster file downloads. Remember that if you have fiber broadband, you can’t limit download speed by time of day so stick to option seven below.

Increase downloading speed by doing the following methods:

Changing DNS server:

  • To boost the download speed, you need to assign a custom DNS to your console. First, you have to consult your Internet Service Provider for details on which DNS provider is being used. If no DNS is being used, set it as and – Google’s Public DNS servers, these are usually the fastest ones, so go ahead if your ISP does not provide any settings or they are slow by default:
    • Go to Settings –> Network –> Setup an Internet Connection –> Custom if the automatic connection test fails Set as Automatic, manual as necessary Enter either or
  • Enter DNS 2 as the one provided by your ISP or if no other value is available Check for an Internet connection. After that, Check again in Network Settings to see if it acquired a valid IP. Select Activate Now Go back to Network Settings and select Test Multiplayer Gameplay.
  • This will significantly speed up downloads on PS4 because you are directly trying to connect with the server instead of your ISP’s routing, which adds some delay/lag that can roughly double download speeds, especially when using smaller file sizes (such as 0-byte demos). It might sound not very easy, but it is straightforward and only takes a few seconds to set up.

Use a wired internet connection:

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Wifi is usually slower than wired connections. That’s because data has to be converted from electric signals into radio waves, then back to electric signals again, which can cause lags in your connection. In addition to faster speeds, you will eliminate the slowdowns caused by radio waves encountering signal resistance as they leave your router and enter your modem.

Enable Powerline Networking on your power outlets:

The idea of powerline networking is to use the existing electrical wiring in your house and turn them into wired internet outlets. First, you need a plug-in network adapter at every location where you want an internet connection. These adapters can be bought online or from any electronics store near you. Next, you will need good quality & shielded Ethernet cables to connect the router with the powerline adapters (you may also need cable clips to secure cables). You can buy these cables online as well. Location is essential; ideally, place the powerline adapters next to your main router and modem for maximum signal strength.

Stop using torrents:

They are bad for everyone’s bandwidth, and they put a strain on your connection and usually slow it down.

Use a download manager:

You can either use your PS4 browser to download the files or try dedicated programs like FDM or Downloader. You can also use IDM for faster and better downloading.

Reboot your modem and router:

This will reset your connection, making your download session begin a new, which means you are starting with an empty “pipeline,” so to speak. This is especially useful if you’ve been experiencing slow speeds. Sometimes it’s best to restart both devices right after one another (~10 seconds apart)

Upgrade your internet plan/service provider:

Sometimes, even if you have a 100 Mbps line, the service provider might not provide that much speed. If possible, upgrade to a higher plan, especially if you’re ISP is throttling the bandwidth.

Update your router’s firmware:

Keeping your router up to date can prevent any emerging security threats from affecting your connection. Updating the firmware might also resolve slow-speed issues. On a side note, routers with DD-WRT installed tend to have better speeds and stability compared to stock routers.

Buy a new router :

Sometimes you need to buy a new router for faster speeds because it just doesn’t perform as expected even though there are no apparent faults. If all else fails, buying a new router should fix everything, but make sure it’s compatible with your current internet modem. Here’s how I exceed my usual 15 Mbps download speed. With a wired connection, I could get over 100 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up during peak hours (8 pm-midnight).


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