Quality wins over quantity- some facts to know


Should I run after quantity and leave the rest to destiny? This question encounters students’ brain

when speedily changing trends and the need for an hour forces them to look for urgent solutions, it is where they search for cheap reliable essay writing services in 3 hours too. Probably a rare combination of quality and quantity. But only skillful experts offer kind of packages. Other than that, it is always risky to look down on quantity than quality. There is no denial of the existence of never-ending arguments comprising of points that cater to both views. Yet Quality gets an edge. Would you like to uncover why? Spare some minutes to go through the reasons

Quality versus quantity- facts to know

Saves from blunder

More work means multiple chances of mistakes. When it comes to the opposite scenario, fewer task files lead to proper management, double check error, correct format, no intentional or intentionally done mistakes, etc. No matter if the work nature requires physical effort or mental attention, the chances of making blunders remain there. To maintain quality of work, you have to select as much quantity of a workload as you can deliver with quality. Or else the burden will only result in the absence of quality work. Be very cautious during such a decision. Firstly figure out the possibilities and predict the result then move forward.

Fewer commitments, better commitments

Looks selfish? No, it’s not! By following this phenomenon you will only save yourself from embarrassment but also protects the opposite person’s disappointment. Give quality time rather than hours of unpaid attention and diversion. The term also depicts how crucial is to say no when you not feeling like doing it. Obviously! One cannot be available every time for everyone out there. This is normal! So, never be ashamed of promising what suits your personality the best. The smart move may hurt for a few days but quality time and work will overshadow them.

Tremendous outcomes

Remember how we used to quit those untouched chapters and questions during monthly assessment preparations? Yet good grades? In that very class, some toppers were known for their efficiency. To be honest, all of us got 24 hours irrespective of position or class ranking. Only a smart soul knows the art of dividing time in a manner that fulfills the purpose while consuming less time, energy, and money. As it is said work smart not hard. Hard work is not a thing for fouls but more effort and time do not always guarantee you success but quality time for sure. Quality time varies from person to person some are night owls while others turn the game on in the early morning hours.

Time to focus on details

It is no doubt that quantity often interferes with the quality of work because at the end of the day human mind cannot work beyond capacity. For example, an employee tries to meet a target that he finds difficult to be completed in a given time. What do you think the results would be? Will he be able to achieve one? Even if he does, do not expect quality work as he already worked more than his ability to perform. Another example is the artist who takes weeks and often months but the piece of painting speaks for itself afterward. Viewers dive into the depth of art. All that is due to paying focus on details.

Adds value and patience

The latest generation is badly missing values and gratitude. The reason behind this is prioritizing quantity over quality. They run after achieving a set goal that everybody is chasing unknowing of the fact that every individual is born different. While running in this race, struggling and judging ourselves for not being able to top, we forget to be grateful. Again the cause is preferring quality over quantity. Just turn the table around, and you will start valuing what you are blessed with, this patience will let you reach the height of success. In case you are just running behind several trophies and not the quality of progress, you will never learn to be patient.

Better analysis and management

Suppose the future of the project you are working on demands detailed attention to minute information. But at the same time, there are other assignments of similar types lined up for you. Would be able to give a proper analysis of the data? How will you manage time? Why do you think over time will sort the issues out? These are the big question marks answering why quality work is better than quantity. Especially where thorough research, problem tracking, and critical solutions are needed. That is the same reason behind the popularity of professional academic writers. From sharing work to promising high grades, expertise speaks.

Well maintained lifestyle

Are you wondering about the connection between the idea of quantity and quality with lifestyle? That’s pretty understandable. Here are the details describing the indirect link both enjoy. A minimalist does not need to worry over what goes and comes out of fashion. They got less stuff to deal with andck of mess to organize and clean every month. Lastly, easy access to things brings lots of comfort in life. Similarly while buying less than usual, minimalists make sure of the quality of the product and service. However, another type usually remains deprived of such advantages hence, they compromise over quality in the end.


“Less is more” Do not look at the size of the proverb but weight. Quality is the primary reason why less turns out to be more and when. The conditions mentioned above are live proof of the subject matter. So, next time when you are about to pick one over the other, turn your eyes around, think twice, measure the pros and cons of sticking at the quantity and then finalize keeping in mind that the presence of quality

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