How To Use A Climber Stand: 4 Tips


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The ideal treestand for a mobile bowhunter is the climber treestand. Because it is portable and light, you may leave heavy ladders and climbing sticks at home. By securing the chair of the climber treestand into the tree and raising their legs to raise the surface as they climb, bowhunters may reach their perch. This special technique makes the usage of climber tree stands restricted to particular trees. When choosing the best tree, keep the following in mind.


Select a tree without several trunks or a lot of branches if you want to use a climber treestand. Pack a chisel to chop back any tiny branches that may otherwise block entry if you’re hunting in an area where removing branches is permitted. Finding the appropriate tree can be difficult because of this restriction, but climber treestands compensate for it by climbing bare trees swiftly.


Eliminating large trees will probably make you look ridiculous thumb. By selecting trees in clusters, you may avoid this issue. Additionally, this will break up your silhouette and stop you from seeming silhouetted. Take note of the sun’s direction if there is no other protection available. Deer and other large predators find it challenging to stare directly into the sun. Your chances of getting noticed reduce if the sun is in your back.


Climber treestands are ideal for tall, straight trees. Climbing leaning or curved trees is difficult and dangerous. Search for trees with a diameter of 16 to 24 inches. The diameter of a tree may be quickly determined by comparing it to your shoulders. Climb away if the tree is about the same width as your shoulders! It probably won’t work if the tree is much larger or smaller than your shoulders. Larger trees hinder the treestand from clicking into a secure position, but smaller trees can’t support you since they blow in the wind.


As you are aware, not every tree is made equally. The exceptionally smooth bark of birch or aspen trees makes it challenging for treestand to secure into place. The best trees for securing the treestand are oaks and maples since they are strong and have soft bark. White pine trees in particular produce a lot of sap, which will coat your stand up and make things really sticky. Avoid putting your treestand in pines because of this.

Although climber treestands need particular trees, their mobility more than makes up for their drawbacks. With some practise, you’ll be able to put up a climber treestand considerably more quickly than any other kind. Take into account include this practical hunting equipment in your armoury.

Climbing Tree Stand Definition

The platform as well as the seat climber are the two independent components that make up a climbing tree stand. It is quite easy to climb. You raise the platform with your legs and lock the top section onto the tree before repeating.

You may climb the tree swiftly and safely without using a ladder or tree stairs.

Because of this, switching trees and modifying your quest to go closer to where game is emerging is quick and simple.

When hunting nocturnal deer, climbers are the best tool for entering dense cover.

The majority of tree stand mishaps involve climbing into and out of the stand.

Using a climber tree stand entirely eliminates this as you are constantly in your stand. Only one time you enter or exit your position is at the tree’s base.

What Sets a Climbing Tree Stands Apart from a Ladder Tree Stand?

A ladder standing has the ladder linked to the platform, as opposed to a climbing tree stand, which does not.

In comparison to climbing tree stands, ladder stands are substantially heavier and need at least two persons to erect. Once put up, they are also exceedingly difficult to move and fall short of a climbing tree stand’s mobility.

Intrusive ladder stands must be set up before to hunting season so the deer become accustomed to them.

In contrast to climbing tree stands, ladders stands can hold two hunters, making them perfect for taking youngsters hunting.

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