A Colorful Life: Everyday Gemstone Jewelry

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Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Umer Malik

Are you tired of wearing the same old boring jewelry every day? Don’t worry; we are here to guide you to brighten your day with these colorful bright, color gemstones. You can add these gemstones to your collection and make your life colorful, just like these gemstones. Also, they bring a lot of healing energies with them. So in this article, we will discuss some beautiful colorful gemstones.


Aquamarine is a beautiful soothing blue color gemstone with the energy of the blue sky and the ocean water. It ranks between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it a harder and more durable gemstone. This blue gemstone brings calmness to the life of the person wearing it. Aquamarine jewelry looks great with denim jeans while going to hang out with friends. It is a perfect combination to match with simple kinds of clothes and make them unique. Aquamarine means the water stone, and the dazzling stone symbolizes youthfulness, good health, and hope. The mesmerizing blue color comes from the Beryllium mineral family.

Moreover, it is March’s birthstone, providing special benefits to those born in March. Many believe that wearing the aquamarine ring brings the treasure of mermaids, as the stone symbolizes protection and fearlessness. This gemstone helps release anxiety and fear of public speaking.


The fantastic green color gemstone Moldavite is an extraordinary gem. The gemstone comes from the Czech Republic, which is the only source of it. It is known for its unique features and mysterious origin. Not many people know about this stone, but it has magic inside it that can shine like a bright star across the night in the wearer’s life. It is a perfect gemstone embedding the energy of the Moon and the stars. The stone fell to the earth in the form of a comet and meteoroids.

The best way to wear this gemstone is in the form of a Moldavite ring and bracelet. Moldavite jewelry involves the energy of love and trust, and gifting this gemstone to your soul mate can enhance the relationship between the couple by developing their mutual understanding and communication. Therefore, some time people use this green gemstone to reach their business on higher levels. It even wards off the negative energy from life and invites positive vibes into the life of the wearer.


Opal is an elegant gemstone that signifies luxury and good fortune. You would be glad to know that this gemstone comes in many colors, including green, pink, blue, orange, white, black, colorful, and even colorless. You can choose the gemstone color according to your choice, as all these have beautiful brilliance and luster in them, enhancing the glam of the women wearing this gemstone. Opal jewelry is not a new gemstone. Many Queens and their daughters wore the gemstone, including Queen Victoria, in the form of an Opal necklace and earrings.

Queen Victoria believed that these gemstones had kept her Queensland safe from the evil eye and spread happiness in her area. The young generation of today wears Opal jewelry to attain good fortune in their life. It is even the birthstone of the ones born in the month of October, providing them with some unique benefits like helping them to resolve the problem of the mensural cycle, pregnancy, PCOD, PCOS, and PMS.

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