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5 Best Unisex Belts for Summer 2023

5 Best Unisex Belts for Summer 2022

While most of us choose clothes that help us express our gender identity better, some individuals prefer to wear clothes that appeal to their aesthetic sense. I remember when I was younger and depended on my parents for shopping, my mother would often tell me that I should wear what others like, and eat what I like. The newer generation opposes this mindset and believes that what you wear is your personal preference and should not be dictated by others.

Unisex clothes are a creation of this mindset and a welcoming change for people who don’t fall into the category of men or women. Having them available for sale is acknowledging their existence in society and respecting their choices, thus creating a more inclusive and diverse environment where everyone is free to live the way they want without interfering with others. Many international fashion brands design apparel that can be worn by either men or women.

This article explains how unisex clothes are different from those for men and women and lists five unisex rhinestone leather belts that can add the ‘WOW’ factor to your outfit.

How is Unisex Apparel Different?

Designed without a specific gender in mind, unisex or gender-neutral clothes don’t employ the typical features of men’s or women’s clothes. In other or simpler words, they are neither too masculine nor too feminine, and everyone can wear them regardless of their gender. They are usually more comfortable than those specially designed for men and women, which is a reason even many men and women look for unisex clothes. T-shirts with floral patterns, espadrilles, tapered jeans, monochrome shirts, and rhinestone leather belts are some examples of unisex apparel.

Have you ever picked an item off a shelf and wondered if it was for men or women until approached by a salesperson to find out it was unisex? Many designers today don’t mention any gender on most of their items, which gives consumers a wider choice. They can shop from any section. All this was not possible, or at least not normal, earlier. If anyone other than a woman entered a women’s section, everyone would stare at them and make them feel uncomfortable.

The rise in unisex clothes is a result of the better awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community we have developed – thanks to the media for playing an instrumental role in that. Even those that are not part of this community are embracing the idea that gender shouldn’t influence clothing and that people should wear what makes them happy. You can spot many males as well as female movie and music stars donning gender-neutral clothes.  Harry Styles, the ex-member of One Direction and a charming lady killer, received so much appreciation when he styled in a ruffled dress and wore nail paints for the cover photo of Vogue.

5 Best Unisex Rhinestone Leather Belts

Rhinestone leather belts make chic unisex accessories. With dazzling radiance, they are ideal to achieve a party look. They can make a boring outfit look interesting. The five pieces below are the top picks of the week.

Gold Strap with Champagne and White Studded Rhinestone Belt

If you are a fan of pop culture, this typical rhinestone belt will make you feel like a punk star from the late ‘70s when singers and actors wore glitzy and golden clothes to look glamorous. Studded with golden and white rhinestones, it is enough bling for your outfit. I bet it will be one of those pieces in your wardrobe that you try to find a reason to wear on every occasion and to every place. 

White Strap with Diamond White Studded Rhinestone Belt

White is the new pop culture. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, and all other stars of today’s young generation like to wear white. This sparkling white belt will band you with all these young fashion icons. Wear it with a white leather jacket in winter or pass it through the loops of your blue jeans complemented with a white T-shirt in summer. This belt will make you shine like a true star!

Black Strap with Black Studded Rhinestone Belt with Black Buckle

Inspired by the wild beauty of the black cobra, this black rhinestone belt is drop-dead gorgeous. Wear it over skinny black jeans and put on a plain black T-shirt with black shoes for a jaw-dropping party look this summer. Made of high-quality materials, this black beauty will remain loyal to you till death do you part.

Black Strap with Sparkling White Studded Rhinestone Belt

This is another black beauty that’s sure to turn heads. The white rhinestones on black leather will inspire envy in others. If you dress up to stand out, this belt is the perfect accessory to do the job. Wear it to ‘beat it’ like MJ.

White Strap with Green & White Studded Rhinestone Belt

This rhinestone belt is perfect for summer styling. With a not-so-heavily-embellished look, it can go with any outfit – as long as the outfit has loops to carry it. The white and green combination makes it look like a relic from one of those Marvel movies – maybe the Eye of Agamotte – but this one emits positivity.


A little sparkle is important to have – whether it’s in your eyes, smile, or dress. Rhinestone belts add just the right amount of sparkle to an outfit. They are one of the best things to come out of the revival of pop punk, which once ruled the fashion world. Backed when originated, these studded belts along with body piercings were signs of angry young rebels who outright refused to comply with the societal norms that didn’t sit well with their logical minds.

All belts from Rhinestone Belt Store are unique pieces that will give you a contemporary stylish look with a glimpse of the ‘70s fashion. Whether you are invited to a costume party or a birthday bash, a rhinestone leather belt is a perfect accessory to wear. Shop Now!

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