How to Wear a Belt: 10 Ways to Style a Belt

10 Ways to Style a Belt

After years of neglect, belts are finally tunneling their way into the fashion world. Your outfit is incomplete without having on a waist-up accessory – belt. Slowing but surely, designer belts are swarming up the fashion market as their demand and classiness go budding. It’s a genuine wardrobe stable for any style seeker out there. Because of their active contribution to your formal, semi-formal, and casual attires, belts are something we can’t ignore even a tab bit.

Hence, their being is such a blessing in disguise, from making our pants afloat to fetching us the charm we need on our ensembles. Belts, however, can do wonders for you if you style them right. We have an ocean of belt varieties from which we can finish off our varied kinds of apparel.

This post will help you style a belt in 10 chic ways. Bear with us!

10 Ways to Style A Belt

Expand your belt styling habits with the following tips, and make yourself stand out as a fashionable personality.

1. Anchor It Over Blazers

You need to anchor a matching leather belt to your blazer’s color to make a solid fashion statement. Although belts are flexible accessories to support diverse outfits, have them with perfect color coordination to your suit or boots to look fashion-sensible. Especially having it on with a matching blazer color palate would bring the ultimate touch you always wanted on your ensemble.

2. Matching Belts

Don’t randomly pick any belt you find in your wardrobe. Instead, choose shrewdly, while having color coordination in mind, a belt that is backing your entire outfit – from top wears to shoes. In this way, you don’t have to buy a new belt for every outfit you wear, although you would be able to style it cost-effectively with your old belt collection. In the fashion arena, matching your belt to your outfit is crucial. So, anchor multiple belts to see which one fits right, then roll.

3. Standard Style Pants

Have it engraved in your minds; no standard pant is complete without a stylish leather belt! Therefore, never go out without anchoring a perfectly matching leather belt. Of course, belts are vital elements of your work pants. That is important for two reasons; 1) you don’t want your pants to fall, and 2) you don’t want to look dull or incomplete (speaking in the fashionable manner). Loom smart and tidy, and recreate your chic look with belts.

4. Highlight Your Curves

To all the ladies out there, you have a well-maintained body. So, try to show that upholding to your spectators to impress them. Kim, Kendall, Kylie, and all the Kardashian sisters who work so much on their bodies and never ever make that go in vain. On the other hand, they try to flaunt it by anchoring waist-up belts to impress as many spectators to attract attention and fame. That’s a secret you just came to know (maybe). But my point is belts are there to help you highlight your body curves. Anchor it on your waist-up and see all men falling.

5. Try Occasion Belts

That’s true. You cannot wear your black leather belt everywhere you go. Although it’s not prohibited, it’s something that may not help your look stand out. It’ll make you generic, for what it’s worth, not exclusive. So, the trick here is to have an inkling of belts for various occasions. For example, if you’re off to a party, Men’s Rhinestone Belt or Women’s Rhinestone Belt would be a perfect choice. For beaches, or holiday looks, anchor brown leather belts over any light color shorts.

6. Chino Pants

Chinos are usually light weighted cotton blended pants mostly worn for a formal or semi-formal look. And surprisingly, you can’t pull off a chic lookout for them unless you affix strapping support to them. You guessed it right – a genuine leather belt. Hence, anchor a genuine leather belt (brown or black) to any chino pants for a subtle dash of glam.

7. White Top/Shirt

We no longer need to underestimate the quality of guises a single belt can bring over multiple outfits. For instance, if you’re wearing a white top and a skirt, wrap around a dark green or any dark round-buckled belt and see for yourself – you would do wonders over your spectators and can smoothly boost your charm amid any setting. Even better, you can try this combo with multiple button-down shirts and a skirt to finish your apparel.

8. Define Shape

Just about always, your body seems loose along with your long maxi dress. Perhaps, you can fix this easily by wrapping around a matching fabric belt to stop your maxi dress from getting out of its shape. Believe it or not, covering a belt over your belly and a maxi dress will also help define your smooth shape and bring you the perfect style you always wanted. Apart from that, you can as well affix a Black Rhinestone Belt to all of your loose dresses for everyday wear – indeed, an economical way of styling.

9. Wear the Perfect Size

It’s not fashionable to have a long belt that wraps 2x times around your waist. In fact, always be mindful of your waist sizes and buy belts only of that size. Let’s face it, long belts are much heavy and may make you look creepy. In order to have the perfect size of your belts, always increase the belt size by two inches more than your pants. Or else, use a measuring tape to estimate your waist and expand it by two inches – the resulting size should be your belt’s size.

10. Seasonal Adjusting

Same as your wardrobe needing a revamp from season to season, make sure to include belts in your seasonal shopping. This way, you get to have a seasonal belt collection in your wardrobe. Obviously, we can’t wear winter belts on our summer apparel. Not to mention fashion demands discretion, and it’s crucial if we want to participate in the fashion trend. In winter, you have heavy-duty pants on, and it requires strong leather belts to hold them tight. Whereas in summer, in addition to light leather belts, you can anchor diverse fabric belts to experiment with styles.


You have to wear belts regardless of your apparel (unless they are nightwear). Styling a belt is kind of a challenging task at this time and space, although, with the proper fashion knowledge, you can pull off many stylish looks as effortlessly as possible. At last, try to fill up your wardrobe with a variety of belts to go with various outfits.

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