Properties and Composition Of Steel AUS-8


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AUS-8 wear-resistant steel has been produced in Japan for more than a hundred years, but it has not lost its demand among kitchen and household knife makers. It is the best ratio of high performance and affordability. Let’s get familiar with the properties of steel and its components.

Features AUS-8 steel

This brand is famous all over the world for its high corrosion resistance and anti-rust properties. Unlike cheap stainless steel made in China, AUS-8 has a perfect structure, the steel is hardened to 56-59 HRC, so it is hard, but not without flexibility. A knife made of this material stays sharp longer and does not require frequent sharpening. Steel is easy to process and is used in the manufacture of blades for a variety of purposes. We list the main advantages of AUS-8:

  • Mechanical strength
  • corrosion resistance;
  • ease of processing in production;
  • low cost.

Knives made of this material are easy to sharpen even at home, while they stay sharp longer and do not rust over time. This Japanese-made steel is in demand around the world, including by European kitchen knife manufacturers, and is often used by Americans in the manufacture of folding knives for everyday carry. AUS-8 products are easy to maintain and use for experienced cooks and novices alike.

The kitchen knives set are made of AUS-8 steel, which has proven itself over many years of use. These blades have several advantages:

  • Fast and easy to grind even without special skills;
  • stay sharp for long periods even with heavy duty;
  • The surface does not absorb odors and does not stain.
  • Suitable for rhythm work.

Steel structure

The chemical composition of this grade of steel was determined according to the Japanese standard. As you know, experts in this country are interested in technological processes. According to AUS-8 certification, the structure includes the following components:

Carbon (c) – 0.7-0.75%

It binds to the iron particles and provides the necessary adhesion to the metal. Steel is harder when it contains more carbon. AUS-8 has enough chromium that it takes a lot for moderate hardness without becoming brittle.

Manganese (Mn) 0.50%

At the steel smelting stage, its hardness increases, giving the blade the ability to withstand high loads. Rails, lockers, and other items are made of materials with a high proportion of manganese.

Silicon (Si) – 1%

Components that remove oxygen molecules from its structure, reduce the oxidizing properties of steel and increase resistance.

Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.1-0.3%

Heat-resistant metal gives the metal hardness and resistance to heat.

Vanadium (V) – 0.1-0.25%

It provides relative flexibility to the plates, improves chromium properties, and increases resistance to chemical agents.

Chromium (Cr) – 13-14.5% 

The main component of the alloy. Increases hardness and provides additional resistance to abrasion and heat. It is present in all steels, and its contribution is particularly large in AUS-8.

Sulfur – 0.05%

Harmful impurities are inevitably present in metal alloys. If the standard is exceeded, it may cause the blade to crack in the future, which will reduce wear resistance. In steel AUS-8, the content of this component is minimal.

Properties and wear resistance

AUS-8 is very strong and holds up well. Due to the high content of chromium in the composition, the surface is not subject to oxidation processes and rust formation, even with prolonged contact with moisture. This substance does not enter into chemical reactions with food juices and other organic compounds.

AUS-8 blade hardness can reach 60 HRC, which is high for stainless steel. This metal is also distinguished by increased strength and does not deform even under significant loads.

Due to the high carbon content, steel cannot be welded, so it is only processed under pressure at very high temperatures (950-1100 degrees). As a result, rolled sheets and strips are obtained, from which knife blades are made.

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