Must Visit Famous Gardens in Ooty


A treasure among southern hill resorts popularly referred to as Ooty is covered in eucalyptus and pine trees as well as coffee and tea estates. The district’s most notable points, the botanical gardens, Karnataka Siri Horticulture Garden, mini-garden, Parks, and a gallery of modern art are noteworthy. Ekostay a home rental company offers luxury villas in ooty along with budget villas in Ooty and villa in north goa for rent, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Manali, and Pan India.

Here are famous gardens in Ooty you must visit when in Ooty:

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden, one of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Ooty, is one location where you may find a distinctive assortment of flowers, trees, and ferns. The 55-acre park, which is separated into three horticultural parts, is decorated with lush, green lawns and man-made ponds. More than 600 different varieties of plants and flowers are grown here. For those who enjoy the outdoors and plants, this location is a paradise. The Botanical Garden is renowned for its flower and plant exhibitions, photography, nature walks, sightseeing, and sightseeing. A tour of its facilities lasts roughly 3 hours.

Deer Park

If you love animals, this is one of the most popular spots to visit in Ooty. As numerous deer species, including Chital Deer and Sambhal Deer, are found within its borders, the park fully lives up to its name. However, a sizable number of wild species, including hares, birds, and rabbits, call the park home. Take a stroll by the nearby Ooty Lake, which is close to the park. There are numerous plants and animals that live at this well-known Ooty location. In the event that you want to remain for a longer period of time, there are also a lot of hotels and resorts close to the park.

Rose Garden

Everyone loves roses, right? This garden, located in the center of Ooty, will undoubtedly steal your heart. One of the well-known Ooty tourist destinations, it is situated on the Elk Hills’ slopes and features a large variety of roses and other flowers that draw both tourists and botany students. It goes by several names, including Nootranju Roja Poonga, the Jayalalithaa Rose Garden, and Centenary Rose Park. The sprawling, picturesque space makes a wonderful location for a picnic with the family. The Horticulture Department maintains it, and it is well known for its annual flower display, where the greatest number of flowers are planted. On your subsequent trip to Ooty, don’t forget to get a bouquet from this shop!

Mudumalai National Park

It has gained more significance after being design as a tiger reserve, making it one of the top locations to see in Ooty if you love wildlife. You can either use your own vehicle or rent one to get about. Both Needle Rock View Point and Frog Hill View Point offer stunning views of the natural world. You can visit a spice garden and get spiritual fulfillment at Chanadanmalai Temple. This location won’t in the least let you down if you enjoy treks. You will be given the option to go on an elephant or jungle safari. It is highly advised that you take it.

Thread Garden

You will be completely amazed by the skillful re-creation of plants and flowers from something as undervalued as threads. Its lifelike appearance contributes to its charm. One of the well-known Ooty attractions, the thread is mysteriously woven into the shape of flowers and leaves. It is so wonderful that you will be in awe. They used a method known as “Four-Dimensional Hand Wound Embroidery.” Without any mechanical assistance, which is amazing in and of itself. There is no way you can miss this beauty when you are in Ooty if you consider yourself art and antique lover.

Karnataka Siri Horticulture Garden

This extraordinary location is cared for by the Karnataka Horticulture department and is close to other Ooty attractions like the Thread Garden and the Rose Garden. You’ll actually feel like you’re relaxing in the middle of nature here because the Nilgiri hills surround it.

The 50,000 pots filled with a variety of lovely flower species are the major draw in this extraordinarily well-kept garden. It is one of the most beautiful sites in Ooty, and sitting in this garden really does seem like traveling to a fantastical location. Located at Fern hill, this location is well known for its tea garden, topiary garden, flower beds, and sunken garden, among others. This is a pleasant place to relax, walk around, or take pictures to help preserve this wonderful memory.

Mukurthi National Park

This location, which is in Nilgiri, gives a breathtaking view of the region’s diverse flora and animals. The Nilgiri Tahr and other imperil species like the Asian Elephant and Bengal Tiger are treasure there. One of the nicest places to visit in Ooty is the park, which consists of highland meadows with sholas and bushes lining the paths.

The place has a mysterious quality because it is cold and windy. It often rains in the area, so you should be prepare. You can hike your way to contentment. Explore the area and look for the details it conceals. It is a calming respite from your busy schedule and bears an uncanny resemblance to the Himalayas.

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Firestone Villa

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Woodside Ivy Villa

Watch how the 3 BHK Woodside Ivy, one of the budget villas in Ooty is overtaken by white, whirling clouds as they descend upon you. The location of the property on a cliff with a 360-degree view of the valley and a tea estate surrounding it is not its only advantage. Every room in this stunning home provides you with beautiful views. You’ll be transport to the colonial era by the garden area and the house’s exterior. Additionally, you could barbecue, eat your meals by the bonfire, or have a satisfying supper on the lawns. Here, you can play a variety of indoor and outdoor games to pass the time.

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