Beautiful and functional black or green custom printed tea packaging


The arctic chill has arrived, and the wind and rain are pounding the urban centres. This reminds us of those sequences from American films in which a slim character, bundled up in a sweater, sits by the window with his or her hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea. Do you feel some warmth, soothing your weary body and soul? Then stick with us as we go down some of the best options for storing and displaying your herbal custom printed tea packaging. Have you sat on the couch with a blanket over your lap? Okay, let’s get going.

A simple but effective packaging is where we should begin. This is an automatic lower box. As usual, the custom printed tea packaging may be used for a variety of purposes, but the design is what sets it apart. The graphic is simplistic, with highly bright colours that call to mind the main component. The art style is reminiscent of a children’s book; it is simple but clear, and it features distinctive floral illustrations. A small circular window allows us to both remove the individual bags and display them for the most sceptic of onlookers. A casual observer would think this is fragrant potpourri.

Straightforward glass-topped custom printed tea packaging

custom printed tea packaging can also be found in a 1-2-3 bottom box with simple interlocking flaps. There is no actual evidence of the components, other than a few leaves. In addition, a very high font size makes the name of the product (in this case, tea) stand out, suggesting that the sign is pointing to tea packaging wholesale supplementary characteristics. Graphics are minimal and tactile, just like those on superfoods’ packaging. Somewhat louder than typical hues give the impression that this product is meant to be taken orally, and the package is reminiscent of that of a dietary supplement or pharmaceutical. In this scenario, a window would serve no purpose, hence none has been included.

Vitamin tea, bottom shelf

The most recent version of this type of prototype is a rollover hinged lid box with a hook, including tastefully selected graphic motifs that are just a touch baroque. It blends the usefulness of being able to open and select the sachet with the aesthetics of embroidery and sheath typical of the Orient. These details elevate the packaging to the level of something worthy of display or gifting.

Jar with a cover, suitable for storing various teas and infusions

Even stranger is a gable-top box, which may contain loose goods. The artwork displays stylized faces with flowers and themed fruits put in their hair, and the colour palette is rich and nuanced. It seems like a cross between the heroines of Japanese comics and Primavera by Botticelli. It’s incredible how well the flap closes. The rounded design of the whole thing is quite sophisticated.

Black and green custom printed tea packaging storage tin with a gable top

OK, now let’s look at some real-world applications of multi-packaging. One that stood out to us included a series of colourful boxes representing various product options. The latter have a white sleeve that ingeniously keeps them together. The unique selling pitch is the extensive naming options for each blend. In every way, shape, and form, the artwork is abstract and symbolic. A key consumer demographic, one that values nuanced urban metaphors over traditional, environmentally focused design, is undoubtedly the intended market.

custom printed tea packaging in sleeves for multiple box packaging

Three beautifully coloured tin jars, each carrying a unique infusion combination, arrive from Singapore in a box with a window so large it almost becomes a show case. Repeated images of the characteristic oriental floral designs used to label the separate containers appear on the lids of the boxes. In this instance, the packing itself becomes the desirable final result. They will probably be stored and used for a wide variety of purposes. These may be considered genuine furnishings, enclosed in a harmless box.

Case for displaying teapots and cups

We round things off with a bang, thanks to a bundle that has captivated our attention and inspired our thoughts. It’s a bottomless box with two walls and a cover. The colours are bold while remaining refined, creating an atmosphere that is both edgy and bold. Flowers, foliage, fruits, and more are shown in stylized yet descriptive paintings that are crowned with a tea cup. We locate infusion bags, each in its own sealed plastic bag. Even the latter have vibrant tones and eye-catching visuals that correspond to the spectrum of colours that represent so many positive attributes. Let’s pretend this box is an elegant present that doesn’t need any embellishments to feel special to the recipient. The box would look at home in either a rustic English tea parlour or a Provencal kitchen filled with spice jars.