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Wireless Technology

I’ve been working as a small-scale chicken farmer for as far back as I can remember. This means that I know more than the average Joe about what it takes to make a chicken lay a viable egg. And how to ensure the juiciest cuts of meat from a farmed batch of poultry – at the littlest expense. But one takeaway from my experience trumps all of my other workplace discoveries. And this issue has to do with how wireless technology can help to ensure greater productivity in the farm. Right at the outset, however, I’d like to point you towards the necessity of using a good ISP service. And when it comes to internet offers in the U.S, no company can beat the Spectrum internet service because Spectrum promotions are everywhere. Chicken farming, like all other horticultural businesses, crucially depends on the communication link between the brand and its customers. And it is in the area of customer outreach and sales that the said service delivers its best performance.

The Necessity of the Internet in Modern-Day Chicken Farming

Let me put all this a little more candidly.

My business’s success and sustainability are completely rooted in the web. My brand’s website and social media (Facebook & Instagram) pages inform customers about our products and services. In the products category, we sell freshly-farmed whole-range eggs and all other chicken-derived eatables.

On the services side, our company provides specialized training in the complete chicken farming process. More precisely, our team of experts instructs budding farmers in the proper techniques of rearing hens. They teach them about proper chicken feed ratios and feeding times. They train them in administering common disease vaccines personally. And most importantly, they tell them how to keep the chickens in a healthy psychological state.

Monitoring Hen Stress Levels with Wireless Cameras

This is important because when a batch of chickens is stressed-out, their egg and meat flavor profiles change. High cortisol levels, coupled with bursts of adrenaline secretions, are responsible for this effect. One of the best ways to keep poultry anxiety levels to a minimum involves keeping them away from slaughtering pens. Like all animals which can anticipate incoming danger, hens can accurately sense the pain of their fellow creatures in the pen. Loud noises, and the presence of dogs, wolves, and horses, are also detrimental to their mental health.

A number of wireless technological gadgets connected with the internet can help to manage this problem quite effectively. Personally, I’ve made use of a number of low-cost mini Chinese cameras to monitor the health status of chickens. Coupled with sensitive low-pitch sound sensors, these gadgets instantly inform me when my hens start to make noise. This provides me with the unparalleled advantage of resolving their troubles before their systems get flooded with too much cortisol. And their market value deteriorates.

Keeping Track of Feed Timings with Wireless Grain Delivery Units

Another piece of wireless equipment that I’ve installed in my chicken farm comes in the shape of wireless grain delivery units. These automatically provide my hens with their grain portions three times a day – and within a minute’s accuracy. The delivery system allows for one-touch monitoring through its mobile application interface.

With a single click of a button, the system allows me to gain a quick and bulleted overview of individual pen dynamics.

In this way, I can keep track of their food’s nutritional profile, as well as details on how much a single chicken may  (or may not) have eaten in a day. This information proves to be very beneficial for spotting any incumbent contagious diseases in advance. I’ve even added my veterinarian’s number to the mobile app’s directory – which can bypass me to reach the doctor directly during emergency scenarios. Because of this facility, I’ve managed to save more than twenty chickens so far.

Carrying Out Automated Payments

My farm’s wireless hen delivery and maintenance system, as a result of a neat software quirk, also allows for automated payments to my equipment suppliers. For this reason, I’ve connected my business’s bank account to its mobile app. The software interface only requires me to make a transaction approval before any payment is needed. And for most of my purchases, this seems to be more than enough in getting the job done.

Recently, I connected my Spectrum internet bundle to my farm’s delivery system. And because of the high internet speeds that it provided, I discovered a whole new range of neat tricks. Using my smartphone, I nowadays maintain complete oversight over all of my farm’s activities and working processes. This constant check not only helps me to diligently track my employees’ performance but also to keep on top of my expected profit ratios.

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