Kid-Friendly Furniture Ideas 

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Living rooms are the center of most homes. This is especially applicable Furniture Lounge Sunderland when you live with your children. In the end, the family’s living room is where the entire family gathers at the end of the day to share stories, eat delicious meals, watch their favorite films, and strengthen the bond between family members.

What if your living room isn’t giving you the warm and cozy family-time glow? Maybe the furniture isn’t kid-friendly enough, or the décor does not entirely create the warm and cozy vibe you’d like your children to experience as they get home from school. If this is the case for your living room, then you’re at the right place.

If you’ve just relocated to a new home or want some helpful advice on how to turn your living space into a family living space that brings your loved ones and you closer, here at Homedesign, we’ve got the best suggestions to assist you. Along with an array of beautiful hand-crafted wooden furniture to complement the decor!

We understand how crucial family is, particularly in these turbulent times. The idea of creating a stunning and practical living space where you and your children can relax is something we’d like to help you in.

So, let’s get started. Find out our best suggestions for choosing furniture that creates the ideal family-friendly living space to which you and your kids are entitled.

The best furniture for your space. Fit your space

Before you begin to revamp or redecorate your living space, the first step is to sit back and take a close review of the space. This will let you know what will work and what will not. For instance, if the living room is too tiny, picking big furniture pieces that encroach on the space, leaving more space for the kids to play will not make the family-friendly atmosphere you’ve been hoping for.

However, if your living space is spacious and airy, you’ll want to pick furniture appropriate to the space’s dimensions. Alternately, you can make use of large spaces of space that are empty by filling them up with toys such as baskets, playmats or pillows, bean bags, and much more.

When laying out the ideal family living space, creating an area suitable for everyone is essential. The aim will be to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere, but giving everyone in the family can benefit from different spaces.

In this case, it’s beneficial to have a huge comfy sofa as the main focal point of your room. You might want to create small areas around it that are exclusively for your children. They’ll love having their own spaces to play in a while and still be with your family.

Create play spaces that are immersive for your children

When it comes Furniture Warehouse Sunderland to designing the perfect kid-friendly spaces in your family’s living room, there are myriad options to choose from based on the interests of your children.

If, for example, you have kids who enjoy reading, why not create an inviting reading space in an area of your home? It is possible to make a bookcase full of their favorite stories, ideal for cuddling up on a rainy afternoon!

At Homedesign, We have a variety of low bookcases from our bestseller Florence collection, which are the ideal height for the perfect miniature library for kids! The simple, stylish white, gray, and navy bookcases have three shelves that can be fully adjusted to accommodate books of various dimensions and forms. Include a lamp and cozy bean bags to the bookcase, and you’ll have created a cozy reading space that no child with a love of books can resist!

If you are expecting a baby or a toddler, making a play space can be as easy as laying on a mat with mobile and some appropriate toys for them to explore or chew. You can also pick an attractively colored rug with an appealing design and put it on the floor to let your children play on.

It’s a lot of work to play with food; however, toddlers may be challenged to grab their food and drinks when placed on standard-sized tables. Let your toddlers invest in a valuable set of tables in your living room.

These tables are the perfect size for little hands to reach. Additionally, they add style and practicality to your living space. Available in a range of styles and shades, it is possible to pick the nesting tables set which best fits your décor and color scheme.

The most comfortable living room furniture for families

Alongside a cozy sofa for you and your family to curl up on and watch movies together, One of the most practical pieces of furniture to put in your family’s living space is the sideboard. Living room storage furniture UK

Sideboards are stylish and extremely practical and can meet every storage requirement. They can be used to store your kids’ most loved toys, board games, DVDs, and video games. Sideboards can also help create family-oriented displays, such as photographs and precious ornaments, that will serve as an ode to joyful family moments.

If you have room to play, you might like some of the Scandi-inspired Edvard Olsen sideboards in two sizes. The 2-door sideboard of Light and Golden Oak is perfect for keeping games and other toys away from view. If you’re looking for more storage space, opt for the version with three doors, two large cabinets, and three drawers centrally located.

Your living space

If your living space isn’t ample and you’re looking for something to fill it, the Florence corner sideboards are the ideal solution. They are available in a variety of colors to complement your style. The gorgeous pine sideboards are a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional, featuring Georgian feet and contemporary Acacia tops that are brushed. They’re finished with matt lacquer which is durable and easily cleaned, making them great for living spaces with families.

For a unique look, it is possible to enhance your living room’s storage space by utilizing the help of one or the Florence cabinetry or dressing tables. Built on the traditional, hand-crafted pieces, these have been given a chic contemporary modern twist using attractive scratch-proof, water-resistant, and scratch-proof Acacia wood. It is possible to use these stunning cabinets and dressers to store everything your kids play with and display school pictures, family photos, photographs, and other ornaments.

Design a wall with a focal point that your family will want to view

A unique way to embellish your family’s living room is to turn one wall into a gallery wall. This is where you can showcase meaningful photographs, photos of your family, and, obviously, your children’s art! The refrigerator is bound to get quite crowded after a while. It will also make your children feel satisfied if they decorate the walls of your living room with their work. Bedroom furniture UK

Select frames that match in various sizes to create a cohesive look as you relax on the sofa while admiring your children’s masterpieces. From collages made of macaroni to vibrantly colored artworks and sketching family portraits using a crayon, showing their art in this manner will give you a beautiful timeline of their growth. In addition, it’ll create a cozy and cozy feeling that everyone will enjoy as well as your guests.

Bright and cheery decorating the living area of a family

Once you’ve got excellent ideas for the furniture that will make your family’s living space, you’re ready to think about your decor! You might not be aware that the method you decide to decorate your space – or not – could make all the difference in creating a cozy and warm ambiance or making the space feel dull and uninspiring.

The goal is to make your living space as vibrant as possible to make sure that they are eager to spend lots of time playing and hanging out with you.

Therefore, you should consider applying at least one wall with a more appealing color to children, like pastel blue or pink. Metallic shades such as gold are a great choice and can add some interest. Sunderland Furniture Center

Is another option to add some color by creating your own customized painted furniture? Let us know the color or design you’d like to have, and we’ll create your desired piece to your preferences. You can also employ stencils to create exciting designs for children! Please find out more about our custom-designed services on our website.

Nurturing family living space

When trying to create that ideal, nurturing family living space, you should emphasize choosing comfortable and cozy furniture. They will be cozier for your kids and can help improve your space’s look. For example, adding a luxurious throw could make your couch more cozy and comfortable.

We have a selection of beautiful throws that are right for snuggling up during cold winter nights. Our Darcey faux fur blanket has the same softness as goose feathers and will make you and your kids feel like you’re in a cloud. Elegant, warm, and cozy, this gorgeous throw makes the best accent for your sofa or sofa.

Pick from vibrant Orchid Pink to mossy green and moody charcoal. With the soft, beautiful material paired with beautifully braided edges, the throws will make an ideal addition to the decor of your living space.

Of course, no sofa for the family is complete without soft cushions to provide the perfect amount of comfort. We provide a variety of cushions in various dimensions, materials, and designs.

If your children love being able to have something comfortable and soft to snuggle to, we suggest our faux fur pillows, which are available in various colors and styles ranging from Elk to Wolf up to Wild Mink. If you’d like to get something more vibrant, consider our adorable bumblebee-inspired scrapbook cushion and one of our floral cushions with shades such as Moss Green, Petrol Blue, and deep purple Plum.

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