App Logo Design and Web Logo Design: What is the Difference?

App Logo Design

Are you someone starting up a business, or do you need a new logo for a band you’re launching? In both cases, you need to choose a medium to market these logos and test the response somewhere. After that, the next step is to check if the logo works better on your physical outlet, website, and application. 

The logo should go well with your website’s overall theme and interface at all costs! Many times inexperienced graphic teams don’t really notice any other thing than the color scheme. Keep in mind that the color scheme isn’t the only thing to notice here. 

One also needs to keep in mind that the design, techniques used, and the vibe your logo gives should also match. Now, if you want a logo that is more mobile and contains not many movements, you want an app logo, most likely. An application from the play store needs to look more catchy because grabbing attention is kind of a struggle. 

Also, apps need a more mobile design because your customers are more likely to engage faster on their smartphones. On the other hand, not many people would visit the website of your business unless you’re dealing directly with the customers. 

For instance, restaurants are a good example because many customers go directly to their websites to place orders. In that case, your website also needs to be as mobile as when accessing a site on the web. 

Therefore, the basic difference between an app logo design and a web logo design is the intention. The logo on a website intends to not only show off but act as just a symbol. The logo on an app, on the other hand, is the attraction that pulls people towards it. So whatever logo design UK services you’re offering, we have some useful tips for you to differentiate between these two types. 

The Basics of App Logo Design: 

#1) Catching Viewer Attention

Apps are usually marketed on the app store or play store. No matter how many advertisements you have placed around the city, that doesn’t matter. 

The main place where your adverts really matter is the play store itself. If the consumer has seen the logo and purpose of your product before but doesn’t find it attractive on the play store, you’ve lost. 

Therefore, app logo design plays a great role in giving a first impression. This isn’t the case when the customer is viewing your website because they don’t only have a logo in front but the entire interface of a website

#2) Mobile Design

The design of an app logo should always be ‘mobile.’ That means when your logo appears right after one opens the app, it should show some movement. Not is this isn’t a necessary prerequisite, but it always creates a larger user engagement. It also helps people stay on the screen while waiting for the app to load. 

#3) App Or Website

If you’re confused about whether your business should have an app or a website, we recommend the former. That is because apps usually have a large user engagement, and people prefer to use a smooth app than a lagging website. Moreover, if your brand is targeting generation Z, then having only a website may make your sales and profits fall largely. 

The Basics of Web Logo Design: 

#1) Adjusting With The Website

Web logo designs aren’t independent. They have to seem like they not only look at the website but also move in accordance with the user interface of the website. Now, if you think this restricts the logo designer, maybe that’s the case. But in any situation, you have to make sure that the logo design doesn’t go off with the website. 

#2) Too Much Fancy

It so often happens that either the logo is too fancy or the page is too fancy for a logo. In such cases, most designers would just suggest you change the color palette. However, that doesn’t always solve a case. So make sure when making a web logo design you shouldn’t make things look over the top. Balance is key. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are many unnoticed differences between a website logo and one for an application. Keep these in mind when selecting a logo for your brand