How To Fix The Issue Of Outdated Driver On Windows 10

Outdated Driver

Last Updated on May 23, 2024 by Tayyaba Shafqat

We all love a computer with good speed, best performance, and smooth working. but do we know that we have to keep everything updated in our Windows 10 for protecting it from crashes, slow working, and low performance? Most of us generally use computers without even looking at the updates that our drivers need! In this blog, I am going to share ways to update outdated drivers on Windows 10. 

To begin with, let us, first of all, understand how drivers can be updated. Some of the drivers get automatically updated by using the Windows Update or the built-in library of drivers. But some of the drivers need to be updated manually for some important reasons. 

Now, let us see, how we can update an outdated driver manually in Windows 10. 

Steps for updating an outdated driver manually in Windows 10 

You can follow the below-mentioned steps for updating an outdated driver manually, if you wish to opt for an automated method, scroll down to the next section. 

  1. First of all, we need to open Settings. 
  2. Proceed by clicking on the “Update & Security.” 
  3. After that click on the “Windows Update.” 
  4. Proceed further by clicking on the “Check for Updates” option (if it is applicable). 
  5. Now, click on the “View Optional Updates” button to update drivers. 
  6. After that click on the “Drivers Updates” tab.
  7. Now, you will have to select the device driver for updating. 
  8. The last step is to click the “Download and Install” button for updating the chosen driver. 

Wait, do you also think that the manual process is a bit lengthy and you cannot put effort every alternate day into this? 

Well, don’t worry, I have got you an amazing automated driver software which will help you in doing the lengthy work! 

How to Update Drivers with Advanced Driver Updater? 

Advanced Driver Updater is software that updates drivers for you and makes your work easy! Not only this, but indirectly it helps in optimizing your PC and improves the overall performance of your Windows 10. Now, let us look at some of the basic information related to Advanced Driver Updater. 

First of all, the best part is that it is an automated tool and it is one of the most highly used software. With the help of automated software, you will never have to look at drivers update and definitely you will save some time. All of the work is completed by the software itself! 

How does Advanced Driver Updater work? Well, this software scans for outdated drivers in your Windows 10 and automatically updates them one by one by reviewing them in detail. This software generally scans the PC and sends you notifications regarding the available latest updates in your Windows 10. 

Where Advanced Driver Updater can be used? Well, this is an amazing software and it can be used for personal and professional uses. 

How accurate is Advanced Driver Updater? You will be amazed to know that this software is designed in such a way it only shows compatible and accurate driver updates for your Windows 10. 

How can we use Advanced Driver Updater for updating outdated drivers in our Windows 10? Using Advanced Driver Updater for updating your outdated drivers is very easy. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use Advanced Driver Updater in your Windows 10: 

Step 1: Begin the automated process by downloading and installing Advanced Driver Updater software on your PC.

Step 2: The second step is to, launch the software. 

Step 3: After launching the software in your Windows 10, you will have to begin the automated update process by clicking on the “Start Scan Now” button and you will have to wait for a few seconds or minutes. Please wait till the software completes the scanning process and shows you the results. 

Step 4: After the scanning process is completed, you will have to manually select the driver you wish to update. After choosing the desired driver, click on the “Update Driver” button available next to the driver. 

Step 5: After the update process is completed, we recommend restarting the system. That’s it!  

I hope this blog helps you with “how to fix the issue of outdated drivers on Windows 10. 

Thanks for reading! 

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