How to Decorate Your Office for Ultimate Productivity


If you’re looking for a way to boost your productivity at the office, it’s time to bring out the decorator. Some things can be done in and around your workspace to help you feel more energized and ready to tackle any task on a given day. Read on if you’re ready to start your office makeover.

Pick Colors That Stimulate Productivity and Creativity

The colors you pick for your office can have a significant effect on the productivity of your employees. The following colors are known to be good for stimulating creativity, while others will decrease it:

  • Blue: This color is linked with feelings of calmness and peace, which is why so many offices opt for blue when they’re looking at decorating their space. If you want to focus on creativity rather than productivity, try adding some purple into the mix too.
  • Green: This color is also known to increase focus and concentration. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something to help employees stay focused on their work.
  • Yellow: Yellow has been shown in studies to help improve memory retention by increasing blood flow throughout the brain. This makes sense since yellow contains both reds and orange. Two colors are known for increasing energy levels.

Adorn Your Wall with Motivational Quotes and Goals

If you’re looking for a way to motivate yourself, look no further than your office walls. You can use motivational quotes to display goals and track progress; these will remind you why you’re working hard in the first place.

  • Use a dry-erase board or whiteboard as a visual reminder of your goals. Make sure it’s large enough to write down multiple goals on your wall. Then, each day when you get to work, complete those tasks.
  • Use a Walden university diploma frame for photos or other items that inspire you. If there’s something specific about someone else’s career path (or any other aspect of their lives) that stands out to you and makes them seem successful, pin it up. This can also help provide some inspiration while completing tedious tasks. Look at how happy they look while doing what they love.

Emphasize Natural Light

As you may have heard, natural light is good for your eyes. It can also create a sense of office space, warmth, and tranquility. To benefit from these effects, it’s important to ensure enough windows or skylights are available for natural light to fill your workspace with adequate illumination.

If you have access to full walls of windows, consider adding some plants and potted flowers beside them as well. This will not only provide added shade when needed but also add color and character to the room.

Include Design Pieces You Love

Your office should reflect you, and the only way to do that is by incorporating design pieces that are meaningful and special to you. You can add personal touches anywhere in your office, from the artwork on the walls to bookshelves filled with your favorite reads or decorative objects from trips abroad. This will give your space extra personality and make it feel like home when spending long hours at work.

Keep Cables Hidden and Organized

Cables are a necessary evil in the office, but you can make them less of a distraction by using some of these tips.

  • Hide them in plain sight. Consider hiding those cables behind your desk, so they’re not visible—but still easy to access when you need them.
  • Keep cables organized. Cable management systems like Belkin make it easy to clean up all your messy cords and keep them organized so they don’t look like a rat’s nest. This will also help prevent tripping hazards and accidents around your office space.
  • Use cable ties instead of tape or staples as much as possible—they’re more professional-looking than traditional methods for securing wires together.

Choose the Right Lighting For Ambiance

The ambiance is an important part of any workspace, and you can choose lighting that complements the mood you want to set without sacrificing productivity.

Lighting should be bright enough for reading and writing but not so bright that it hurts your eyes.


Decorating your office space can be fun. It can also be a pain. But if you’re looking for ways to jazz up your work area, there are many ways to do it. Whether adding decorative plants or changing the colors and patterns on your walls, there are plenty of options for making your office feel more inspiring and balanced.

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