How to be a Good Webinar Host And Make Your Guests Feel Welcome

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Are you hosting a webinar? But still, you do not have any idea of how to become a good host. So, this article can guide you better with all the ideas. Let’s have a glance at all the aspects in brief. 

21 Ideas to Become a Good Webinar Host & Welcome Your Guests!

  1. Create a more unique and attractive virtual event ambiance. With the best webinar hosting services, you can create different backgrounds for the speakers and experts during the live sessions.
  2. Ensure that all the sponsors and partners get enough space for their branding. You can display the gifs, videos, clips, and images with the best online webinar host platforms.
  3. You need to provide and have 24/7 technical support in order to solve various problems efficiently in a live webinar. With the webinar hosting services, you can get real-time support for all the technical issues one may face during a live session. 
  4. Also, it is essential to use the right camera and microphone. The audio and visuals are the most necessary aspect of a webinar. You can not compromise with it as it may cause a significant decrease in your audience count. So, you must use the webcam for a standard session and a DSLR or other camera for a professional virtual event. On the other hand, you must use the proper microphone to make your voice reach the audience clearly. You can use a Bluetooth headset to block all the background noise and arrive with a clear voice.
  5. Provide all the content that can be helpful for attendees to understand the webinar topic better. You can create a valid document library with the webinar host services to upload all the essential documents, files, pdfs, brochures, flyers, and other content. Attendees will be able to view and download all the content without hassle.
  6. Practice and make sure that you talk flawlessly about the topic. You should avoid memorizing the script word to word as it can create more fuss if you forget any line or word between the session. So, it is essential you practice and focus on your tone and style of talking. You must use a storytelling way to keep the audience’s interest in your conversation.
  7. Use more jokes and humorous comments on statements during your live webinar. It can be helpful to grab your audience’s attention. All you need to do is ensure that your statement is politically correct and relevant. It can save you from any fuss or problem.
  8. Use appropriate examples and references to make your presentation and topic more understandable for the audience. Examples are the best way to teach anything new to your audience. The example should be something that can be connectable and relevant to your audience. Also, it is the best way to support any of your statements or claims.
  9. Storytelling is the best way to start your session and keep the attendees busy at your virtual events. You can use the storytelling way to share examples and other references with the audience. It increases the understanding and makes it easy to memorize.
  10. You can sit in a quiet and disturbance-free environment. There should be no one other than you in the room. It is essential that you do not talk to people at your place physically. Moreover, you will need an alone place entirely for better connection and engagement of your audience at the event.
  11. Keep the conversation in a proper flow. In short, you have to keep the connection between every pointer you say next. It must make the concept and topic of your conversation clear to the attendees.
  12. Use the attendees’ names to greet them as they join the session one by one. Also, you can ask how they are and what they are up to, and many more.
  13. Provide complete freedom to the attendees to ask questions and doubts. Speaker must clear them in real-time or before the virtual event ends.
  14. Use the networking tables for groups and discuss a specific topic. You can create multiple networking round tables with 2-8 seating capabilities. Ask everyone’s opinion and answer all the queries to make your attendees understand and learn better on that particular topic.
  15. Use an appropriate icebreaker to start the conversation and grab everyone’s attention from the start of your presentation. You can use a question, game, or quiz as an icebreaker.
  16. Add gamification features to your virtual events. It will be beneficial to engage them and make them stay at your event from start to end. You can get the best AR/VR games to add to your online event with the best virtual event platform.
  17. Create different puzzles and quizzes for your attendees to increase their interest in your virtual event. They can play and solve all these fun games in real-time and also get the result live during the virtual event.
  18. Add some live performances for better engagement of your attendees. You can include various dance performances, singing concerts, or stand-up comedy shows. It can be helpful in keeping your audience interested in your virtual event without any boredom.
  19. You can organize a separate wine tasting session with all the audience. Moreover, you will need to send the different wine samples to their home and share the feedback together in a live webinar.
  20. Add proper breaks and rests for the audience between every session. It is always boring to sit in front of the laptop screen for hours. So, supply them with frequent breaks for snacks, coffee, and other work. You can keep the quizzes and games for such break times.
  21. Include the hoot and clap sound to engage the audience and encourage the speaker during the event. Also, you can provide them with various emoticons to share their feelings and appreciate the speakers as they share something important.

So, these are the various ideas that can be helpful to make you a good webinar host. You can make your guests feel welcome with such activities.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to become a better host and make sure you provide all the aspects of the virtual events.

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