Home Office Setup Checklist

Home Office Setup

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 by Tabraiz

We all know that this Covid-19 pandemic has changed the ways how offices operate. Remote employees has become a new trend these days. The main focus of offices nowadays is to become paperless and adopt digital methods to save data and files. 

Working from home isn’t as easy as it looks; it requires a good, comfortable and practical home office setup. You will need plenty of things to set up your home office. 

Let’s take a look at some essential things to require for an effective home office setup. 

Ergonomic Chair

As you work from home, you spend a lot of time sitting in one spot. So it would be great to use an ergonomic chair to support your back. It helps you keep your natural posture and reduce stains on the lower back.

Ergonomic chairs are a little bigger than regular office chairs and provide good support to your body.

Please Keep these following points in mind before buying an ergonomic chair; it provides lumbar support; the height and armrest should be adjustable, and ensure the shape of the support is about the curvature of your lower back. 


For a home office setup, a laptop is a more convenient option than a stationary desktop. While working on the laptop, you can change your working positions. Laptops are very handy and lightweight; you can also carry them while traveling.

The laptop is a significant investment, so keep in mind your work needs while purchasing. 

Work Desk

An office setup is incomplete without an excellent quality work table.

You will need a good office desk to keep your laptop and other essential things in one place.

Power Strips

With working so many electronic devices, a surge power strip is an excellent addition to your home office setup. Purchase a power strip with surge protection and make sure the safety of the devices plugged into it. 

Network Router

You cannot work without high-speed internet. You will probably need fast internet for your meetings or other office-related work. So investing in good quality wifi would be the best option. It helps you to work efficiently without wasting any minute.


The printer is an essential addition to your home office setup. It allows you to make copies, fax, and scan important documents. You can also purchase a multipurpose machine for doing all these tasks.

Office Stationery

It can be challenging to work from home if you don’t have suitable types of equipment. It is crucial to have home office stationery products, including a pen, notebook, folder, pencils, stapler, binders, highlighter, scissors, etc.

Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting in your working room helps you be more productive and prevent headaches. You don’t want to deal with headaches and eye strain from squinting in less lighting that makes it hard to work.

File Cabinet

Even if your office is paperless, there are always some documents you want to keep close. Hence, a file cabinet is a great option to store all your essential documents in one place.

Lap Desk

A lap desk is an excellent option if you don’t have enough space for a desk and chair. Placing a laptop on your leg or stomach is bad for your health, so a lap desk is an innovative essential for your home office setup. It allows you to work anywhere and is a safe option for a better posture.

Final Words

Depending on your work and available space, you will undoubtedly need other items in your low stress work from home jobs setup. However, you’ll be on your own way to making an excellent and efficient workspace if you use this handy guide to start thinking about the necessary items.

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