Emerald engagement rings vs Black Diamond Engagement rings: comparison

Diamond Engagement rings

When we talk about engagement rings, usually colourless traditional diamonds come to mind. However, today the scenario has changed. People are opting for modern engagement rings that include emerald rings or black diamond rings. If you are curious to know the differences between black diamond engagement rings and emerald rings go through this guide.

Price of emerald engagement ring

In earlier days the price of black diamonds was much more affordable as the consumers of the 20th century had very little interest in black diamonds. . The standard price of an emerald engagement ring is much lesser than that of the price of a black diamond engagement ring. The reason behind this is black diamonds are much more expensive than emeralds.

The clarity in the emerald ring and black diamond ring

When you go to buy an emerald engagement ring, you will get to know that the emerald’s clarity depends on how the gemstone looks. Most of the inclusions present in emeralds are tiny bits of gas, crystal, liquid, and minerals. You can see the inclusions of emeralds from your naked eyes. So, when you are buying an emerald ring, don’t get panicked by the inclusions, they are natural. GIA gives type III grade to emerald. You cannot get a certification if you are buying black diamonds as the inclusions are not visible. Moreover, the black diamonds cannot be graded in the clarity scale of GIA.
Now let’s get some facts about emerald and black diamonds

How does emerald get its colour

Emerald is nothing but a green variation of a mineral named beryllium and the emerald stone obtains this green colour from minute quantities of vanadium and chromium in the crystalline lattice structure of the mineral. The green colour that is found in emeralds is the primary factor in establishing their quality and value. The unique green tint found in emeralds, won’t be found in other natural precious stonesEmerald engagement Rings Hatton Garden are the best tones of green.

The colour is classified into tonal grade, hue, and saturation.

Hue- The hue refers to the green colour displayed by the emerald. Names are given to emerald greens just to categorize their colour. They are lime green, mint, pine, and some more names.
Tone grade-The tone of emerald establishes the percentage of darkness or lightness of the colour. Natural emeralds have multiple varieties of green tones so you can’t judge if an emerald is pure or not just by its tone. The most valuable tone of emerald is dark green.

Colour saturation

Colour saturation is the term used to determine how vivid the emerald is and how much power the colour has. In simple words, colour saturation is the intensity of the green colour of emerald which ranges from the dull hue green to a vivid hue. The richer the colour of emerald is, the more it costs.

How do black diamonds get their colour?

The research for the reason behind the black colour in a diamond is comparatively more recent than that of an emerald. According to the research, the natural colour of black diamond acquires the colour from huge quantities of minute inclusions of minerals like pyrite, hematite, and graphite and these inclusions extend throughout the gemstone. Black diamonds have so many fractures that the stained black fractures give the colour to the diamond.
They also become black because of graphitization. These are the features that are responsible for colouration. Natural black diamonds are completely opaque, unlike emeralds. The emerald, no matter how dark its colour, is not completely opaque. The shades of black diamond range from grey to zed black. Some diamonds also range from brown to olive green. Because of its high inclusions, it becomes difficult to cut and polish the diamonds but Black Diamond Engagement rings are costlier than emerald rings.
If this guide excites you then stand out of the crowd and go for a black diamond engagement ring for your partner.

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