6 Best Places to Visit in Coorg

places to visit in coorg

Coorg officially called as Kodagu, is a popular hill station in the state of Karnataka. It is located on the mighty western ghats and is known for its thick coffee, tea, and spice plantations. There are many spectacular places to visit in Coorg.

Famously called the Scotland of India, you can see one of the stunning views of nature here. Hills, waterfalls, sandalwood and teakwood, lush forest greenery, and different species of flora and fauna keep attracting tourists from various parts of the globe.

Here are a few best places to visit in Coorg.

1) Dubare Elephant Camp
2) Nehru Mantap
3) Abbey Falls
4) Nalknad Aramane Palace
5) Madikeri Fort
6) Harangi Dam

1) Dubare Elephant Camp

One of the best visiting places to visit in Coorg for Wildlife Enthusiasts is the Dubare Elephant Camp. The Forest Department of the State takes care of this camp where you get to see the elephants close by.

Located on the banks of River Cauvery and surrounded by lush greenery, thousands of tourists visit this camp every year. Earlier, these elephants were trained to participate in Mysore’s Dussehra festival but now they are used for jungle rides.

Things to Do at Dubare Elephant Camp

1) Elephant Rides from 10 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 5 pm 
2) Feeding them with Bananas, Sugarcane, and Coconuts
3) Elephant Bathing in the River Cauvery
4) Visiting Elephant Cottages
5) Three-Hour Elephant Interaction

2) Nehru Mantap

One of the calm and peaceful places in Coorg is the Nehru Mantap. This place is located on the top of a hill that overlooks the Madikeri Radio Station. You will have to climb nearly 30 steps to reach Nehru Mantap and this uncrowded spot will refresh and rejuvenate you.

Things to Do at Nehru Mantap

1) Open from 6 am to 6 pm
2) Click Amazing Pictures

3) Increase your creativity
4) Plan a picnic with your near and dear ones

3) Abbey Falls

One of the best places to visit in Coorg is Abbey Falls. This waterfall is approximately located nearly eight kilometers from the town of Madikeri. You will become amazed by seeing the beauty of the spice and coffee plantations. The best place for Photographers, you can also click a few beautiful pictures here. The gushing downfall of water from mountains, water forming a pool joining the river, and the aromas from the spices and coffee plantations attract several tourists. 

Things to Do at Abbey Falls

1) Open for visitors from 09.00 am to 5.00 pm daily, the entry fee is Rs 15 per person
2) You can go hiking for nearly 200 steps
3) Click pictures on the hanging bridge
4) Taste Coffee in the falls

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4) Nalknad Aramane Palace

Dodda Virarajendra, a Haleri ruler built this palace in 1792. An age-old palace, this served as a shelter for the last emperor of Haleri, Chikkaveera Rajendra. You can find a good structure on the hill. On the walls, you will find beautiful paintings and carvings. The gateway of this palace is huge and you will find a big Kalyana Mantapa here inside. There is a durbar, otherwise called a meeting place, and two dark rooms in the basement, primarily used by the emperors for hiding.

Things to Do at Nalknad Aramane Palace

1) Open from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm, explore its history and architecture
2) Take pictures of all chambers and the surroundings

5) Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort is a 17th-century iconic building, which has a strong history and a cultural background. It stood as evidence for many historical battles. Earlier, it was a church built in the architecture of Gothic Style. Later, this fort was converted into a museum and you can find a palace inside it. Many changes have been made to this fort multiple times. Tippu Sultan, a famous king, rebuilt this fort again
with bricks and stones. The Britishers refurbished Madikeri Fort twice.

Things to Do at Madikeri Fort

1) Visit the museum and view different antiques
2) Explore the fort and its surroundings
3) Visit the Mahatma Gandhi Public Library and the District Prison
4) View the Madikeri Dasara Festival at Kote Maha Ganapathi Temple

6) Harangi Dam

Tourists do not forget to visit Harangi Dam, a popular tourist attraction spot. Being the first dam built across the river Cauvery, it is about 850 meters in length and around 47 meters in height. When the gates of the dam are opened, you get a spectacular view of the water falling from the dam. It is located nearly 36 kilometers from Madikeri Town and the best months to visit are in August and September. 

Things to Do at Harangi Dam

1) Open to the Public from 08.00 am to 06.00 pm, visit the dam and its surroundings
2) Take pictures of Flora and Fauna near the dam
3) Visit the Cauvery Temple 

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