8 common AC Issues and how to fix it

8 common AC Issues and how to fix it

In the market of home appliances, a product which deals with lots of people’s houses is an AC. In every 5 houses, you will have an AC in 4 houses and in some places you find an AC in every house. An Air Conditioning system can easily make your life so comfortable, that without it you can’t stay anymore. Most of the season a year you have run the ac. Like in winter this can make the AC temperature high and enjoyable. Same in summer an AC can give you heavenly cool weather.

But without any warning, if it gets stopped then hell will come for you. However, if you love to live in AC then you should be aware of some issues with an Air Conditioner. And also you must know the professionals of Air Conditioner Repair Escondido. So let us check out 8 common AC issues and how to fix them-

•           Coming with a Clogged drain line:

Now, this is not a big issue but why are we starting with this? It is the most common problem we see in most houses. As you see your ac is as perfectly working as it is done before. Then within a moment, you find some water leaking out from the surrounding area of the furnace. It was held because of the leakage in the condensate drain pipe. Probably there would be some obstruction in the line. don’t worry you can fix it easily, first take out the drain tube and then blow high-pressure air through this. Also, you can do this by unscrewing the fitting pipe and cleaning from the inside. Thus you need the best Air Conditioner repair in Escondido.

•           Capacitor and condenser problem:

So the failure of the capacitor which is present in your AC condenser is one of the perfect reasons to stop working your ac unit. To understand this type of problem, you have to first understand the working process of the capacitors. Mainly there are two types of capacitors inside the ac condenser. There are two capacitors, which are running and starting capacitors. The start capacitor provides the energy to activate the motor. Then the running capacitor supports the motor to keep it running. So if one of them will not respond properly or anyhow they burned then the ac won’t be able to work properly.

After the damage you might what should do now? No problem, you can easily replace the capacitors. Or if you think that it’s not so damaged then go for professional Air Conditioner repair Escondido. For replacing the capacitor you must read the capacitor labels and voltage of the existing capacitor. You need a voltage meter also to check the voltage then only you can understand if the capacitor was dead or not.

•           Control panel issue:

Every home appliance has a control panel to supply the command which you demand. If there are any problems with your control panel it would be a big problem to work for your Air Conditioner. A control panel can send mixed signals to your AC unit when suffering from some problem. Such as your ac compressor will not get any power supply from the main circuit board, if you set your thermostat in the cooling condition it would not give any response, the furnace will not work properly, also your blower will take too much time for turn on or it may be not turn on the blower, you’re A-coil freezer also get affected for this. So there are so many issues when your control panel is not working properly.

So if you find that kind of troublesome happening with your ac then check the control panel precisely. You also can take the professional Air Conditioner repair services. They are experts at handling that kind of situation and could easily solve your problem by replacing the control panel or repairing it if possible.

•           Low refrigerant:

If your ac is getting low in refrigerant, it would be another issue going on with your Air Conditioner. Because your Air Conditioning system is sealed from everywhere the same amount of freon will keep circulating inside it. There is a probability of leakage when the freon level is low inside the unit. The leakage might be happening inside the compressor because of the A-coil on the top of the furnace or the pipes in between them. Also, the leakage can freeze out the A-coil.

 Now you can either go to replace the whole unit or you can call a professional Air Conditioner Repair Escondido.

•           Condenser motor issue:

Be aware of the fan condenser issue. This means when you turn on your AC you may see that the fan inside the condenser might be not working. It gives you a clear indication of motor failure.

 An air conditioner professional can easily repair the ac condenser Escondido. They are specially trained to check the services of an HVAC system. Maybe they would like to replace the motor with a new one and probably the capacitors also.

•           Tripped circuit breaker:

The trips of a circuit breaker, again and again, are also a sign of shortness in the unit. Like every time you reset your circuit breaker and at the next moment it fails again then you need to worry about it. The possible reason behind the short is a broken or corroded wire touching the metal. If not then you should check the compressor or the evaporator.

If you know the solution to this problem then just go for it. Else we can strongly suggest you bring a technician. We can suggest the best Air Conditioner repair in Escondido.

•           Blower motor issue:

May you have seen before or now sometimes also that the evaporator blower inside your ac stops working. There may be two types of problems that came out, one is the blower wheel problem and another is the capacitor problem.

You can also replace the wheel to resolve the problem. Or you can also call a technician and he will manage to repair the ac Escondido.

•           Cleaning issue:

See if it’s a home appliance or any other product, everything needs to be clean enough. Some dirt and debris can also affect your HVAC system. In an ac, it’s necessary to maintain cleaning in the furnace filter and condenser unit. Because a dirty furnace or condenser can easily create problems in your air conditioning unit. There are many impacts like stress on the unit, waste energy, early failures of other parts and components etc.

Being a smart user, you will never want your home appliance to fail. If you wish for a long life for your air conditioner then you should clean the coils and replace the filters whenever it’s needed. But you can easily extend the life of any type of HVAC system including an AC.

So these all are the common issues, which could be going on with your air conditioner. So better to maintain your HVAC system properly. You can also call a professional Air conditioner repair Escondido. Let us enjoy the home appliances without any fear of losing them.

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