7 Hacks That Help Fight Insomnia


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Insomnia is a silent killer that has massively targeted the youth of recent age, most of the time without them knowing. Yes! That’s because it doesn’t happen overnight; rather takes months to totally take over the human body, perhaps the human brain.

There are numerous factors that contribute to the cause, but lack of comfort falls under the initial stage, so if you are suffering from a disturbed sleeping pattern due to uncomfortable bedding, try out MyDeal bedding products for a pleasant experience.

In fact, it’s high time to shop by putting into use MyDeal discount code to grab some amazing discounts from there. Meanwhile, explore the ways to treat insomnia at later stages. Here is the list.

Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake

Everything in excess is hazardous to health, but it’s impossible to completely eliminate caffeinated drinks from routine. The least we can do to overcome any addiction is the gradual decrease in daily consumption. Let me elaborate on this in the simplest way. Your brain is habitual to be working with caffeine, so a slight decrease is the only solution left. If you otherwise take 3 cups, bring it to 2, then 1.5, then 1. 1 cup of tea or coffee is fine and often proves beneficial to health. Also, make sure you consume it before 4 pm if you are really feeling trouble sleeping at night. Never opt for caffeinated beverages at dinner parties unless you are actually planning to stay awake at night for a reason or two.

Keep A Distance From Gadgets

Are you aware of the damage electronic rays do to our eyes and routine as a whole? Apparently, we do not realize it at first, but it has been scientifically suggested to avoid any sort of electronic rays before going to bed at night. Be it a television screen, tablet, laptop or cellphone. The more you stay away from rays, the more peaceful your sleeping hours will turn out to be. This culture of accompanying a gadget at bad has to end now. Remember, deep sleep has uncountable effects on both the brain and body that can only be obtained from undisturbed and complete resting time.

Ignore Unplanned Naps

Some people function with a nap which is totally fine unless it doesn’t go the other way around. Power naps often turn out to be magical during extremely busy days but in a temporary manner. However, they should be made a mandatory part of your routine if you are lacking at night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you are so addicted to afternoon naps, make the duration shorter and again fix the time. I would again recommend a maximum time that is 4 pm for the respective move.

Avoid Heavy Dinner

Whether you are having sleep issues or not, digestive issues or not, dinners are supposed to be light and easily digestible. One of the reasons behind undefined insomnia could be this harmful as well as a disorganized eating pattern which we usually do not consider a genuine reason. However, the human body has to perform several duties other than digestion at night, so a heavy dinner only ends up creating a mess. How could one sleep with undigested or unbroken food in the food pipe and stomach? It is therefore highly recommended to select light food and beverages to be eaten at dinner as well as take the food at least 3 hours before going to sleep.

Maintain The Routine

Imagine waking up at 2 in the noon and then hitting the bed at 12 am the Next day, waking up at 10 in the morning but hitting the bed at 2 am. Does that make sense? It won’t work the way you wanted it to, as sooner or later, you will have to compromise with this irregular routine. If you have already been an ultimate victim of this pattern, first learn what works for you, then set a schedule for rising, sleeping, and afternoon nap. Figure the best schedule that assists you in coping with sleeplessness, if not completely at least partially. Wait! It’s not over yet. You are supposed to be very consistent to completely get rid of the disease.

Choose The Space Wisely

As stated above, the respective process brings about lots of chemical changes, wear and tear, break-down and rebuilding of cells and tissue, excretion and production of many elements in the body and the list go on. The occurrence of restlessness may be due to the unavailability of a proper atmosphere a human body needs to acquire a comfortable sleep, such as lack of ventilation. An adequate supply of oxygen regulates blood flow in the brain, which results in fighting insomnia without putting any prior effort in the long term. Additionally, keeping the internal temperature normal and interior lighter remains extremely helpful too.


Don’t pretend to be an owl because you’re certainly not. It’s always a mindful idea to treat insomnia as early as possible without medication. 

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