What Quality Must Your Physiotherapist have? By Physiorevive

What quality must your physiotherapist have By Physiorevive

The treatment of a physiotherapist is not the same as a treatment by a usual doctor. Where a doctor will prescribe medicine, a physiotherapist prescribes exercise regimes. These regimes are challenging and will need a professional to interact with for every challenge based. Any physiotherapy clinic in Delhi can suggest exercises based on whatever experience they might have but along with that, there will be an eminent need for regular interaction between you and your therapist. The therapist must be accessible to you at all times. Along with that, we feel a bond between the patient and therapist is a must if you intend to proceed with a dozen-week-long journey. Physiorevive finds it pivotal that every patient should be understood hence we have compiled a list of qualities that every physiotherapist in Delhi must inculcate in them before prescribing regimes.


Has it ever happened to you that you visited a Doctor or a physiotherapist and they quote medical terms which you have absolutely no understanding for? Furthermore, the bitterness built up when they don’t even bother to explain what they actually mean. At this point you will not care whether they are the most accomplished doctors in the world or have an Oxford Degree in the back, you have the right to your answers and if not satisfied you will turn to others which only makes sense. A true physiotherapist must clarify the levels of certainty, medical theory and practice in lay language which should make sense to the patient.


In a room between a professional and a patient, it is the doctor who holds the sword of power. Since the patient has no education in physical therapy he will agree to anything the professional states. Any physiotherapist in Delhi should empathize with the patient by lightening the ambience, encouraging his patient to ask questions and enlightening them with simple terms.


A professional must not come to conclusions early on. There are physiotherapy clinics in Delhi which treat their patients within 5 minutes since they have other patients waiting for them. That is truly unethical. A physiotherapist must take his/her time with the patient, have close look at the point of pain, should enquire about his or daily activities and lifestyle. Only and only when the therapist is satisfied that he has all the points covered he should proceed with a diagnosis.

Reframing expectations

It is a must that the medical expert should convince the patient that physiotherapy is a routine, a process and not a miracle. The patient should envision overcoming the pain as “ME vs. MY PAIN”. The patient has to follow a regime religiously for a span of weeks to months depending on the problem.

Goal Setting

The therapist must ensure that he set a viable goal for his patient. Of course, he cannot commit a marathon run to an arthritis patient or a yearlong regime for a simple frozen shoulder. The professional can set up small goals for his patients so that the patient feels motivated once he achieves it. An impossible goal will de-motivate the patient into inactivity.

Detailed Planning

A physiotherapist must describe in length the precise motions, how to dose them in, what indicators would indicate that it was working, and what indicators would indicate that the patient needed to retrograde the progress. He should be true whether it will be an easy job or a tough one. A good physiotherapist may conclude a 3-month corrective regime.

Encouraging self-management

A physiotherapist should encourage the patient to track his/her exercise regimes. Some therapists insist the patient on writing feedback on the problems faced and positive ramifications of performing the prescribed exercises. Writing down the feedback keeps a track of your efforts which can be displayed to the therapist in the future but it also acts as a confidence booster for the patient.

Belief Building

A physiotherapist must back his professional opinion to the patient. He may build faith by stating that the pain is definitely curable, it will take some weeks, follow the plan, and trust the process. He should state it may not be an easy journey in which the patient might have some setbacks but remember to monitor symptoms, rest and keep moving forward. A motivated patient is highly likely to recover in the prescribed time period. Nothing is more comforting than the expert telling you that you got this.

At Physiorevive, after years of experience, we have inculcated these qualities to our core. Our satisfied client base contacts us regularly even after successfully fighting their pain symptoms. you may find yourself in a situation where your postural muscles become tired and overworked due to your work or bad positions, This is where you will not only want a doctor but also a friend to whom you can discuss your problems and regimes in length. Contact us for a consult if you wish to get treated by the best Physiotherapist in Delhi.

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