5 Types of Water Leaks: How to Find and Repair Water Leaking in the Wall

Types of Water Leaks

Water in the home is very essential. It is used for several purposes at home. Plumbing is under-rated. However, it is important to look after and resolve any kind of water leaking issues. AWater leak starts as small and is not noticeable much. Moreover, they can turn into a great problem that needs to be resolved. Thus, it is very important to detect a water leak and to know the most common types of water leaks and how to fix them to protect your home. In this article, we are going to discuss water leaks, their types, and how to find and repair water leaking in the wall.

If you are someone who wants to detect a water leak at your place, then you should check the usage of your water. In case, if usage of water has increased without any reason, then there are chances of a water leak.  It is wise to take a meter reading to check water usage. If it has been increased, it indicates a water leak.

Different types of water leaks

Different types of water leaks


Burst pipes are one of the common types of the water leak. If you leave a liquid in the freezer more than required, it can burst out of the cap or even break the bottle. These burst pipes hold the potential to impose damage to your wallet and personal property. They can also promote the growth of mold, which in turn is not good for the respiratory system of humans. Burst pipes should not be taken lightly; instead, they should be taken seriously. It can happen anytime- anywhere in your home. It mostly occurs in homes that are there in cold weather places and climates.


A toilet supply line failure can be extremely dangerous. It is pretty risky, especially on a high floor of a home or a building as the water can drip down throughout the entire home. This type of water leak can happen due to several reasons. You would have to get a new supply line if there is a water link happening between both of the fittings. You can resolve the issue by tightening if the water leak is happening around the fittings. If you come across a water leak, the first step should be identifying its source, and where it is coming from.


There are possible chances of leakage of appliances such as washing machines, faucets, and dishwashers. The most common type of water leak happens through leakage of washing machines due to the presence of rubber tubes that usually fail. Some leaks depend on if you are using a front load washer or a top load. If you are using a top load washer, then a leak in the front implies that the overflow tube is blocked.

Clogs in the overflow imply mostly take place when you add excessive detergent. If we talk about front load washers, a water leak underneath can imply outer drum seams have been damaged and need to be replaced. For both types of washers, if there is a water leak in the back, it usually occurs due to an incorrectly placed drain hose. It is very crucial to have protection against this water leak as it is very common.


There are different ways in which a water heater can have a water leak. If water is leaking from the pipes, it means that there is a water leak nearby the hot water tank. If there is a water leak from the tank, then the tank is corroded and needs to be replaced. In case, if water is leaking from the heater, then it is coming from the release valve. This valve is created in such a way that it starts leaking water whenever there is excessive pipe pressure. If there is no issue with the fault, then the issue is arising from the home’s water pressure settings or the temperature is too hot.


Whole house humidifiers are placed in some of the homes, and these are common where there are forced air central heating systems. This humidifier is often linked to the duct of the furnace and is plumbed to supply pipes of water. The main objective of this plumbing process is to make sure that the water supply is constant to the water reservoir. The appliance mostly has an overflow to the sewer for the times when the valve is unable to get closed. When this valve fails, water is sent to the sewer. It further leads to a water leak that takes place for a longer period before anyone notices the same. It is highly crucial to check the operation of this appliance during the season of heat and to turn off the water when it is no longer required.


A burst pipe is a common type of water leak in the home. The indicators of this water leak are the water in the garden when there is no rain. It is important to call an efficient plumber to resolve this issue. You can also use a smart leak detector device at your place. The function of this device is to detect the water leak and to make you aware of the water leak. Apart from that, it can appoint a plumber to visit you and fix the issue.


If the water leak is happening from the toilet’s bottom, ensure to stop using the toilet. This leaking water can be dirty. You should use a disinfectant and clean your hands after cleaning up the leak. To fix this water leak, you have to ensure the correct position of the toilet. Water leaks can also happen from various places other than the base such as cracks in the bowl that can cause a water leak. The toilet needs to be replaced in this case.


There are water leaks that happen through the bath or enclosure of the shower. You need to check on them regularly to know about a water leak. You should first evaluate the seal that is present around the overflow waste and plughole. If you find a broken seal, then this may be the reason behind a water leak. The second region that you should check is the connecting pipes that connect bath taps to the supply of water.

To check the leakage you first remove the side panel. If there is a leak from the shower, then it may be present behind the wall. This type of damage is easily noticeable by lifting a tile. Another type of bath leak happens when the silicone seal present around the tub degrades and allows moisture to go through. It is crucial to seal the bath on a regular basis to prevent the seeping of moisture.


Water leaks are very common and can happen anytime and anywhere in your home or property. In the post above, you will learn about the different types of water leaks that can cause havoc in your home if left unattended. So, if you want to prevent water leakage or water damage in your home, be sure to go for regular inspections. If you cannot do this yourself due to time constraints, call EZ Leak Detection as they are very skilled, experienced, and qualified in the field and can easily detect any leak.

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