5 Crucial Steps to rewrite Your Essays


There is always constant stress on perfecting the initial draft. Rough drafts are more like love affairs. As you rewrite essay, you are pouring passion onto the pages and try getting your emotions as much as possible. Rewriting an essay is an essential stage in your essay editing process that can help you make improvements on the levels of structure and content.

Here are a few quick steps to keep in mind as you proceed to rewrite your essay.

1. Always stick to the academic writing style

When you are writing an essay, make sure the style is consistent and proper language is used. It reflects the level of your writing skills as well as our vast knowledge of the subject. Few things to avoid:

  • Slang words
  • Being repetitive in sentence structure
  • Lack of subject-specific vocabulary
  • Gendered language
  • Informal language
  • Lengthy and wordy sentences

In case the essay seems to be entirely off to you, you may require rewriting the essay right from the scratch. We know how frustrating it may feel but be flexible to do it. If it becomes overwhelming, you can reach out to online essay help services and ask “Rewrite my essay”

2. Get some time away from your text

You have just finished your content and now you realise that you have to rewrite the whole thing. How frustrating it is! What we advise is to take a step back from your text and spend that doing something that helps you get back your motivation. Since you are too familiar with the text, you cannot possibly look at the text with fresh eyes. After coming back to your work you can have a better understanding of what part of the content is unsatisfying and what you may do to improve it.

you also check work count by help of word count calculator online tool

3. Enhance the essay content

Rewriting should be used as an opportunity for enhancing the quality of the writing and achieve better grades. Here is a checklist that will let you determine and address the points that are weak in the essay:

  • Are all arguments seem convincing and complete?
  • Did you find any inconsistencies?
  • Is there any irrelevant or fluff information?
  • Do you find the thesis statement specific?
  • Do you find the essay to be covering all necessary questions from the prompt?
  • Is there enough evidence?
  • Do all the body paragraphs refer directly to the thesis statement?

4. Improve the overall structure

Rewriting will also mean making significant changes to the structure of the essay. You can use various techniques to make it effective. You may change the order of the claims and try reorganising them in spatial topical, chronological or any order of importance.

Another perfect way to do it is to adjust the paragraphs in the structure.  The introduction can be used for outlining the context and ensuring to make the argument is easy to read or follow. . Also go through all the body paragraphs to ensure all of them ace topic sentence, evidence, supporting ideas and concluding sentences. The conclusion is supposed to closely knit the ideas that you have discussed in the paper and make your essay memorable.

5. Improve the clarity of your sentences

Clarity is essential when you are attending academic writing. Make sure to re-read your essay and identify all the concepts, terms and ideas that seem unclear to you. It will really help your essay if you choose to add a sentence or two for clarifying your claims to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Here are a few steps you must remember to refine the paragraphs and improve their clarity and style.

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