11 Marketing Strategies For Mobile Apps In 2023

Marketing Strategies

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“An intricate strategic marketing plan can be the success of any mobile application.”

To make your mobile application flourish in this competitive market, you need the most suitable marketing strategies. This can help you enhance your brand credibility and stay connected with potential audiences via the app.

However, there are innumerable ways of marketing your business mobile application. Below is the list of some of the best effective marketing strategies to promote your App.

Market Survey For Better Reach

Market research and customer surveys are very critical before devising any marketing strategies. You need to know your audience, their taste, preference, likings, and so on to position your mobile application in the market.

Always scan the market for all the possibilities and factors (both external and internal) that can influence your mobile app marketing strategies. Such discovery enables you to segment your target demographic and process any further plans.

Also, extensive market research is a must before implementing any marketing strategy to showcase your mobile application is unique from your competitors. This market survey will help you fix a launch date for your targeted audience group. Your job as an app marketer is to figure out the client’s requirements and streamline the process of your digital marketing services.

Optimization Of The App

Mobile application optimization is vital to your mobile marketing strategies as it allows your audience to learn more about your app and its application with ease.

App optimization has the potential to influence the user’s journey as it is a part of the digital marketing campaign. Any mobile app needs to be well presented to the users on specific platforms to make them engage and also influence them to download without any cost. Owning a website for your brand might do the trick and attract new users as you can explain what your audience should expect from your app. This is also a cost-effective SEO technique where you can include links on your website for fruitful action and help them make prompt decisions about whether to install the app or not.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion can create quite a buzz in the market for your mobile application. If the social media platforms could be channelized properly by your app marketer, it can attract new users to your app.

Social media has a wide network that can promote your app by building a community and a forum for your target demographic. The various activities you do on social media help you increase your brand value and gain valuable feedback from them.

Most mobile app development companies integrate social media in your mobile applications to make your audience and users share content easily.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing has a lot of dimensions, and outreach initiatives like collaborating with influencers, celebrities, etc are one of them. This is also called influencer marketing, where well-known personalities promote your mobile application to its followers to grow its credibility.

In this popular marketing technique, the influencers act like your brand advocates by featuring them with their content on their social media pages, and in other forms like road banner ads and podcasts to reach and attract new audiences rapidly, and influence target audiences to download the mobile app.

You make the best use of influencer marketing by providing the influencers coupons and freebies for them to share with their audience to witness. This will interest the audience and give them a reason to install your mobile app.

Capitalizing PPC Ads

The practice of bringing new users to your mobile application through advertisements by spending a certain amount is called paid advertisements or paid ads. This strategy has a huge potential to attract new audiences and has in-app actions that you want them to complete. This can be done so by setting up campaigns and adjusting your ad spending over time for the best results in a short period.

You can also analyze the results of your success and adjust how much you want to spend in the future by observing the purchasing patterns, spotting the trends in the customer’s behavior, and measuring the user actions by tracking them. You can take help from cross-promoting your mobile app with a proper digital marketing agency’s assistance.

Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC advertising is one of the most used platforms to run paid ads with a budget. In this digital advertising arena, you only need to pay if any audience clicks on the paid ad runs.

PPC is very effective in targeting your audience based on their searches, thereby promoting your mobile app through search results. Major platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Google, and Instagram integrate with brands for PPC advertisements to acquire more users.

Email Marketing

You can improve your mobile app visibility and engagement rate through email marketing. Email marketing includes the process of creating a mailing list where you can regularly update your users by sending them promotional offers.

Email increases the degree of responsiveness from your target audience by increasing your retention rate and thereby generating revenue. It is a very old-school method of digital marketing that still delivers desired results.

Studies show that about 80% of companies use email marketing for user retention, and 81% rely on emails for user acquisition.

Email marketing is a direct communication channel that gives scope for direct marketing. This paves a way for those interested audiences who have sparked an interest when exposed to your mobile app content. With the digital marketing techniques, your mobile application CTA will improve significantly by about 37%.

Geo-fencing Ad’s Coverage

You can narrow your target audience using the geofencing attribute. This feature helps you take more control over the exact locations to show your banner ads, paid ad campaigns, and so on.

You can manually input the GPS coordinates of the places where you want to run your ads with the surety that will Fastrack your conversions. Such a method of covering advertisements with location can deliver powerful results if you have the correct data while doing your market research.

Retargeting & Retention Campaigns

When a previous visitor who didn’t install returns back and comes across your app again, they can continue their download through an advertisement is called the retargeting campaign.

Additionally, those who uninstalled the app before, retention campaigns encourage them to install the app again. This way, one can figure out the average retention rate daily, which depends on the app vertical.

App marketers run retention campaigns to boost the Lifetime Value (LTV) and Return On Advertising Speed (ROAS).

A retargeting campaign is aimed to identify where the users usually churn and thereby retain them before they take any action. The retention rates are the opposite of bounce rates, where you can improve the highlighted areas.

Setting Performance Metrics

You can measure the success of your mobile application marketing strategy with Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPIs factor in the ad campaigns, in-app actions, user activity, and so on, which matters to your objective.

Setting performance metrics through KPIs provides a clear view of the areas where your app is performing well and offers scope for improvement.

Some of the performance metrics important for KPIs that you should consider are-

  • Daily Active Users (DAU)
  • Weekly Active Users (WAU)
  • Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost-Per Install (CPI)
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM)
  • Click-Through-Rates (CTR)
  • Conversion Rates
  • Retention Rate and Churn
  • Bounce Rate


You can take in customer feedback to improve the areas to improve your retention rate and maintain the quality of your mobile app. Reviews and feedback showcase the audience and user’s perspectives are very important for your mobile application.

There are various ways to get feedback from your customers, like the comments on social media posts, blogs, articles, forms, G2 sites, GMB posts, reviews from the app store, etc.

Competitive Analysis

A thorough competitive analysis does not harm your mobile application and its value. Analyzing competitors’ products and services along with their marketing is always an added advantage.

Competitive analysis certainly can provide some edge over your rivalries if you know what you should do right and what to avoid. This also eliminates the risk of failures if done right.


There are multiple digital marketing strategies that can influence the user experience of your mobile application. You can spread awareness, promote as well as integrate with various platforms to create exposure for your app. Harnessing the media has proved to be an effective step too. This way you can build connections, form a community, and enjoy a great yield too.

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