What is the best age for learning Holy Quran Online?

What is the best age for learning Holy Quran Online?

The first thing we should bear in mind is that learning the Holy Quran is an obligation for us. This begs the questions of what the Quran is and why it is important and good to learn it. There is no other source of direction but the Hadith of the Prophet PBUH, especially when it comes to Islam. In actuality, the Quran is the book of guidance. As a result, understanding the Quran is a worthwhile and important undertaking for us. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH is said to have said in a hadith that “the best of all people is the one who keeps himself busy in the education of the Quran.”

We are all aware that the best person among those closest to Allah will be accepted into Paradise and remain there forever. The closest to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad PBUH are those people. While others who will be deemed worse will actually reject the Quran’s teachings. Learning the Quran physically or through best Quran learning website is beneficial and necessary for people of all ages, whether they are children or adults, as it is a crucial source of guidance.

Kids are the finest age group to learn the Quran online from best Quran learning website. Typically, children at this age are stress-free and have stronger learning capacities than adults. They can therefore swiftly pick up the Quranic recitation. We can also observe that in this day and age, parents encourage their kids to memorize the Quran.

However, based on our observations, the ideal age is 7 years old, as advised by our beloved Prophet (pbuh). According to a 2014 Brown University study, most habits and responsibilities are formed in children by the time they are 9 years old, or about third grade. It is therefore best to start motivating them before then. Subhan’Allah, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) previously conveyed the knowledge more than 1,000 years ago.

Being involved with your kids is crucial if you want to get them started learning online before they are seven. Young students require assistance; thus a parent or guardian should be present throughout the lesson to assist them in using the mouse, selecting items, and interacting with the teacher. The assistance of the parents or guardians is crucial for the young learner, whether they are seven years old or younger. The chances of success are significantly higher if they are eager and prepared to enroll the youngster in the lesson. Kids can look forward to playing on the computer with their parents and spending time with them if parents take the initiative to make the experience fun.