What do’s and Don’t are to consider when choosing a custom corrugated box packaging?


Custom corrugated boxes are the perfect tool for any business. They can help build brands, enhance existing brands, reduce waste, and even drive green initiatives. However, as with any device designed to support your business, there can be many pitfalls.

Finding a custom packaging supplier you like is easy. It’s also easy to make hasty decisions, especially if you’ve been looking for a while.

Knowing and recognizing the mistakes that can occur when implementing custom packaging can help you avoid negative consequences. These are some common mistakes when ordering custom packaging and how to avoid them.

What to Avoid When Buying Custom Corrugated Boxes.

Waste of Materials in corrugated boxes

If you make the wrong buying decision, you risk wasting materials like flat corrugated boxes, mailing bags, and coasters. Remember, if something goes wrong, your packaging may be completely unusable. Unlike traditional packaging solutions, custom packaging offers lower chances of returns and refunds. Viveprinting Packaging Company is the best- corrugated boxes manufacturers. We strive to provide quality products and excellent customer service to every customer in United States. In our custom shop, businesses of all sizes can design Corrugated Shipping Boxes, mailers, tapes, and more.

You should also ensure you have figured out all the materials you need and are overordered. It’s okay to order more fabric than you need, but don’t overdo it if you know you’ll be using too much. Also, before buying extra items like gap fillers, consider whether you really need them or if they can be thrown away.

The cardboard boxes are not the correct size.

Custom cardboard boxes are probably the most commonly purchased item in custom packaging, but all sizes must be checked before ordering. If the cardboard boxes are too large, the product may be damaged, or the cost of purchasing void filler may be high. However, if it is too small, it may not be usable.

Spelling, Argumentation, and Grammar Errors While Printing

Check for typos, spelling, and grammar errors when entering your order. Simple typos, misspellings, and ungrammatical slogans might not seem like a big deal, but they can make your business look bad.

Remember, once a package is created, it cannot be canceled, and correcting these mistakes takes time and money. If you’re not sure if you’re using the correct vocabulary and phrases, there are plenty of free grammar and spell-checking tools on the Internet. You can also ask someone to check your document copy for spelling and grammar errors.

Labels are illegible.

Creating a slogan while creating your logo is an effective way to promote your brand. However, remember that legible text on a 24-inch computer screen may be too small for a 4-inch package label.

Using large, clear fonts and vibrant, high-contrast colors will ensure labels are always easy to read.

Suppliers may be willing to accept returns if the corrugated boxes wholesale is only one specific size, but it’s best not to rely on it. On the other hand, only you can make good use of a box with your specifications, such as a Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes with your logo. Make sure you order the size you need.

Using Non-Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

Companies that rely heavily on packaging should strive to use eco-friendly products. Companies that use materials that are not ecologically friendly are not only contributing to landfills but are also subject to the wrong social perceptions it creates.

However, businesses can be environmentally friendly by using recyclable or biodegradable materials, such as recyclable cardboard boxes and paper tape. As a business, making your customers ecologically conscious is more important than ever.

The Viveprinting Packaging Company can help you with all your tailored packaging needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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What should you consider when buying personalized cardboard?

Personalized packaging consists of many different elements. Therefore, you must know what you need before you start planning.

Good quality packaging.

No one wants their packaging to be damaged on arrival; indeed, the sender’s company is no exception. When designing custom packaging, it is essential to know what level of strength and quality is required. For some items, such as those already packed in wholesale, only corrugated boxes amazon may be necessary. However, fragile items may require corrugated boxes near me with two, three, or even more layers.

You should also consider whether the shipment will be shipped straight from the packing area to the customer’s home or if it will be shipped multiple times. Knowing how many times a package can be moved and lifted can give you an idea of ​​how strong the box is and how resistant it is to weathering.

Will the package go to waste?

The worst thing, especially for SMBs, is that they buy a lot of custom packaging and then can’t use it. When designing packaging, size requirements are the most crucial point to consider.

Remember that extra packaging is often wasted, especially when you order a limited number of products. You’re wasting money and resources if you buy 200 custom Corrugated Cardboard Boxes for your product and only use half of them.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

Protecting the environment and safeguard your company’s reputation go hand in hand. Shipping companies and private traders consume a lot of materials, so they mustn’t negatively impact the planet. Before buying from a packaging company, ensure they have a solid environmental initiative with the values ​​you share.

Many packaging is recyclable, but some are not. Before buying, make sure the packaging is eco-friendly. There are also solutions such as empty fillers, biodegradable air pillows, and other eco-friendly packaging options to offset consumer waste.

How much does packaging contribute to the brand?

Brand identity is the key to driving sales. The importance of a logo or a colored box cannot be overemphasized. If people recognize your business just by looking at the packaging, you’ll be a big seller in no time.

Such packaging can pay off in the future, increasing your brand value. Customers, warehouse workers, and delivery drivers will see your designs.

How safe is the inner box?

The inner Boxes Corrugated are the best. The Packaging Wholesalers of your package are the last line of defense to ensure the safety of the goods inside. It can be made of newsprint, plastic, corrugated cardboard, or other materials used as blank fillers. Void fillers are beneficial for protecting products that cannot fit in corrugated boxes near me due to their size or shape.

Some custom packaging solutions feature inner packaging to cushion the product from damage. On the other hand, polystyrene packaging has become the industry standard due to its unique protective properties. When choosing custom packaging, pay attention to the safety of the inner double wall cardboard boxes.

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