Various Features of The Distance Education Program

Distance Education Program

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These days due to busy schedules and lack of time all people are preferring distance education. Distance education is beneficial in many ways. It provides various degree-oriented courses and gets you to a high scale. Lovely professional university distance education is one of the best which opens the door for various jobs. Check out some best benefits of distance education programs.

  •  Get Online Study Material: Most of the study material is available online. It is helpful for quick access and easy learning.
  • Affordable fee structure:  The university provides various courses with an affordable fee structure.
  • Personal Contact Program (PCP) –  The University conducts PCP for distance education students.   These are organized on its campus and there are no additional charges for the program.
  • Placement and Career Support –  The University has already placed most of its students through its placement initiatives.

Lovely professional university distance education is one of the best universities leading students to high career opportunities. The University actively pursues placement opportunities for its students. You can choose your program according to your level of interest.  MBA is one of the best programs opted for by students.

 Check below Various Specializations in Distance MBA Programme

 These programs are Based on your interest level. The students can choose a core specialization or major-minor specialization. Some of the best specializations from LPU distance education MBA  are below mentioned.

1. Finance

 Finance is one of the best streams in Distance MBA. Finance offers you the necessary opportunities and skills.  It helps the students meet career aspirations for various students. The students can perform in wealth management, credit appraisal, valuation, risk management, trading strategies, and portfolio design.

2. Human Resource Management

 It is also an advanced field that focuses on developing your ability in HR. The students can able to perform various human resource management functions, by choosing this stream.  The course makes you proficient to tackle evolving challenges in today’s global environment.

3. Marketing

 The marketing introduces you to various concepts and involves high learning.  You can choose various marketing skills such as designing marketing and sales plans and developing strategies for new products or services. With marketing, you can also go for constructing digital marketing tactics, applying conceptual theories and techniques to marketing contexts, and many more.

4. Information Technology

This field provides exposure to big data fundamentals, in the field of  Information technology.  You can choose database management systems, search engine optimization, network administration, software project planning, and management, etc.

5. International Business

The course aims to develop various skills so students are able to do international business.  It introduces the awareness, and knowledge required by managers seeking to work in an international organization. The course covers a range of topics and learning skills including international economics, foreign trade policy, trade laws, export & import management, and the world trade organization.

6. Operations Management

 You can choose OR in MBA. It includes various aspects that are important for logistics such as supply chain management, project management, services management, quality management, and SAP material management, etc.

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