Top 4 Workout Routines to Stay Fit and Healthy


Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by Umer Malik

When you hear the word “workout” what comes to your mind? Obviously, a fitness freak spends days and nights in the gym to stay fit. That notion has been injected by movies and social media into people’s mindset that only a gym obsessed can stay fit and healthy. 

However, that’s not the case. Fitness and optimum health are attainable by maintaining balanced eating habits and lifestyles. It means that you don’t have to live on leafy veggies and black coffee throughout your life to stay fit. But, eating a moderate amount is enough to bring a considerable change in you. 

Now, workout has a huge part to play in your overall health. Specific exercise, pilates, and gyming are necessary to stay in shape. But, there are people who get anxious by imagining the gym. Or, some just can’t follow the hectic exercise routine. Don’t worry because we have a lot to share with such people. 

Whether you go to the gym or not, consultation with an expert is important hence we suggest you visit Fitness Paradise. 

After that, go through the list of easy-peasy workouts we have compiled for you. It will be easy, convenient, and result-oriented for you. In fact, you can follow these workout routines according to your convenience but consistency is the key.

Get a Walk

Are you in shock for a while after seeing this Well, a lot of people might get numb for a few minutes when you hear that walking is actually a workout. 

Walking has great and limitless health benefits and among others, it’s the easiest workout routine. It’s a slow or lower-impact exercise that you can do without much strain or pain. Especially, since you are at a beginner level, you can start with your exercise by daily walking. Making it a part of your fitness regime will not only benefit your body but will boost your mental health as well. 

Experts set out a study to find out the impact of walking on human life and they concluded that: 

Walking 30 minutes daily for five days a week promotes weight reduction while stabilizing the overall system of the body of an individual. 

Have you ever wondered why it is always advised for obese people to take a walk or run? It’s because the study suggested that walking almost three to five times a week for about 50 minutes helps fat people in fat reduction. 

It’s a tried and tested workout that is considered a life-saving regime for obese people to regain their healthy or well-shaped bodies. To make your walk more enjoyable, ask any friend or your partner to accompany you and go to the nearest part to connect yourself with nature.

Running Is the Ultimate Cure

Running are jogging are used to believe as must-do exercises or workouts for fitness freaks. Well, both of these are two different workouts but come under the same category. 

Running demands more energy and active participation of the lungs, heart, and muscles than jogging. But, both are regarded as the pillars of fitness plans. You can differentiate the activities based on their intensity levels. 

Running and joggings are best as they help in burning the most stubborn fat of the body: belly fat. Because, when you run, you burn a substantial amount of calories that improve your health while melting the fat. 

You might have heard many times that exercise not only keeps you fit and healthy but impose great benefits on your mental well-being. The narrative is accurate and there is a reason behind it. 

When you do any workout including running, jogging, or walking, it not only engages your body but your mind also responds to that action. Similarly, when you go for a run or jog, it involves various body parts such as shins, hamstrings, calves, quads, glutes, neck, shoulders, chest, and arms.

Never Skip Cardio Exercises

Cardio or cardiovascular exercises are among the workout that elevates your heart rate in the most effective way. This set cardio workout helps you a lot because the faster your heartbeat, the more fat you burn. 

According to experts, you have to do at least 300 minutes of physical activities a week to maintain a weight loss regime or reduce your weight ultimately. This makes up an average of 60 minutes for up to five days a week. 

Cardio or any exercise asks you to dedicate at least an hour to it for a better, prominent, and long-lasting effect. But, it’s understandable that because of a tough and hectic schedule, it’s daunting to take out 1 hour in a day for yourself. 

But, no worries as you can split the cardi into smaller chunks. For instance, take a set of cardio exercises for up to 20 minutes before breakfast and take another set before lunch. 

And because everyone gets free at dinner so take the last set of cardio exercises after dinner and you are done with your 1-hour cardio exercise. 

For fat reduction, you can do low-intensity cardio, Jump rope, Burpees, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Swimming Is Sustainable

Who doesn’t love swimming? Swimming serves multiple purposes such as a leisure activity, a serious sport, or an important exercise for fat reduction. Everybody loves swimming because what’s better than enjoying their favorite hobby and shedding some extra pounds at the same time? In fact, if you are not a routine swimmer, you will be amazed to know that if done properly and regularly, you will reduce weight faster than any other exercise.

Also, research has proved that swimming for at least 60 minutes can help you burn fat and reduce waist circumference. Swimming is a complete workout than just a fun activity or a sport.

It allows you to have fun and mediates without getting exhausted or tired. In fact, it doesn’t exert pressure or strain on your knees, joints, and muscles but tones your body and strengthens your muscles.

Before You Leave

If you are determined to attain a balanced figure and shed some extra pounds, there are multiple exercises or workouts you can go with. But, before following joining anything, it’s imperative to consult experts hence we suggest you give Fitness Paradise a try.  

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