Six Ways To Have More Appealing Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extension-Boxes

Last Updated on May 24, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Hair extension boxes are being used by cosmetic businesses so that they can encase hair extensions in secured and durable packaging. They have customized into various sizes and shapes as well as designs to cater to the need of the packaging product. Apart from this, they are made of rigid materials, which ensures they have enough strength to hold the product without deforming. Product-related descriptions, details, beautiful printing patterns, and graphical illustrations can be easily displayed on these boxes by using efficient printing technologies.

These technologies include offset lithography, screen, and digital printing, which uses high-quality inks and special colour schemes like CMYK and PMS. Many finishing options are also available, which can change the appearance of the packaging box and make it more rigid. These coats include matte lamination, glossy lamination, spot UV, metallic silver or gold foiling, raised ink and embossing, and debossing techniques.

The hair extension boxes are one of a kind, and they have gained popularity because of their durable and rigid nature. Many features contribute to the box’s overall appearance, including structure, durability, finishing coats, and printing. If these features are chosen properly, you can make the boxes look more beautiful and enticing. Here we are going to discuss some of these ways through which you can have more appealing and alluring hair extension packages, and that too at pretty economical prices. 

Durable boxes are appealing.

The hair extension boxes wholesale is an option provided by many manufacturer companies so that they can attract more businesses towards themselves. In this wholesale offer, the businesses can avail of discounted prices by purchasing the packages in bulk quantities. The boxes available in these options are of high quality. As these boxes are used to hold and carry hair extensions, they should be strong enough to store the encased product for a longer period and secure.

Due to this, they are made of rigid and sturdy materials, which helps produce durable and long-lasting packages. Durability is an attractive feature, and businesses and audiences prefer durable boxes. So, one of the ways through which you can make these boxes more appealing is by using rigid and appropriate materials because no feature is more highly appreciated than the durability of the box. 

Trendy packaging style

This is the era of social media. People are addicted to social media and its trends. They follow the trends blindly. So, if you want to make your product or even packaging more distinctive and stunning in this modern era, you must follow the most popular trends. They can be either in the form of shape or design or even some printing etc. One of the most popular designs of packaging boxes these days is the die-cut window which allows the audience to see the full product even from within a closed package.

The window on the box, which is covered with a transparent sheet, allows the product visibility. Due to this feature, these boxes have gained enough popularity among the audience. Besides this, you can also opt for the other trendy packaging styles that work best with your product to make stunning boxes. 

Printing to enhance the package look

There are various options to enhance the look of the box, and one of them is by using an efficient printing technique. First, the printing technology should be of top-notch quality and not substandard because such techniques do not print the boxes smoothly. For that purpose, you can either go for the digital, screen or offset printing techniques which are advanced, modern, and cost-effective.

After this, you should use such printing techniques to display the graphical illustrations, images, or artwork on the boxes according to the packaging item. In this case, the packaging product is hair extensions. Therefore, it would be best if you went for the images or illustrations per the product requirement and that too in the appropriate and proper colour combinations. 

Change the texture of the box.

The business can choose from the available finishing options to make the boxes look alluring and enticing. Different finishing coats are available, all of which have specifications. For example, the mate lamination gives the box a smooth and elegant appearance.

In contrast, the glossy lamination helps in giving out a sleek and scintillating look to the packaging box. In the same way, other finishing options include spot UV lamination, embossing debossing techniques, and metallic silver or gold foiling. Each coating gives a special appearance, so you should choose them according to the nature of your packaging product. 

Coloured packaging boxes

Colours are something that can change the outlook of the box. These boxes come naturally in white or brown colours, but by changing the colour of the boxes through printing technologies, you can make them look far more appealing and marvellous.

In addition, colours psychologically impact the audience, and it helps attract potential customers to the business or drive customers away from them. So, for printing purposes, you should select colours carefully and wisely. You can choose the packaging box’s colours according to the business’s nature and the requirement of the full hair extensions. 

Simple and eco-friendly packaging

One of the trends of packaging boxes that have gained enough attention from all over the world is the use of sustainable boxes that cannot burden the environment, unlike plastic packages. As the use of plastic has exceeded exponentially, it is the ultimate solution to switch towards sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions. Audiences highly demand such boxes because of their biodegradable nature.

In addition, people that follow a green campaign find these packages more appealing and attractive. So, if you want to make your boxes more stunning, then you should use environmentally friendly materials for the manufacturing purposes of these boxes. These materials are not only readily available in the market but that too at a cost-effective pricing rate. 

Here we have discussed some ways you can consider making appealing and enticing hair extension boxes. All of these strategies mentioned above have proven themselves to be useful as they can easily attract the targeted audience towards themselves. As a result, businesses are using such strategies to lure more customers and increase their sales.