Secrets to the Best Pouch Packaging

Pouch Packaging

Protective pouch packaging has gained a lot of popularity in retail stores and is commonly used to package food products such as nuts and coffee. Get insider print info here and learn how to create the best packaging for your business.

Stand-up pouches in particular have grown in popularity, and in most cases, they reduce the amount of packaging material used, allowing for a lower carbon footprint.

If you produce or sell products in this type of packaging, you may discover that the process of labeling pouches is a little more difficult than labeling flat boxes, but it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Start-ups selling, as well as established firms migrating to bags or pouches, can save money if they discover the labeling method that works for them. We’ve compiled a good starting document below so you can learn all about the different print secrets that create the best pouch packaging.

Hot Stamping

For customers searching for a cost-effective labeling solution, hot stamp printing on custom pouches is a great choice.

Since the logo is imprinted with only one color to build brand identification, it’s excellent for trying out new products on the market. Hot stamping comes in up to 20 color choices and a variety of finishes, including glossy, matte, laser, and metallic, to let your unique brand stand out on store shelves.

Hot stamping creates gorgeous metallic fine detail that’s perfect for publicizing limited-time specials or future events for your products and services.

Screen Printing

Is your business evolving? If that is the case, your brand should follow suit. Screen printing allows you to print up to three basic colors on the back and front panels of your pouch.

To increase brand visibility, just imprint your product details and logo on the pouch. Screen printing, as opposed to hot stamping, enables a three-color imprint.

Overlapping colors can produce a stunning effect, giving your bags the appearance of high-definition rotogravure printing.

Custom Printed Label Pouches

You may be surprised to learn that labeled pouches may be custom printed. If you wish to promote the healthiness of your product, labeled pouches are an excellent and cost-effective solution to brand your packaging with personalized logos and nutritional information.

Labels come in a variety of designs and shapes, including circular, oval, square, rectangular, and even your own unique aesthetics. This is great for any business that wants to take control of its branding.

Custom Printed Pouches

Custom printed pouches have special barrier qualities that keep moisture and oxygen out of your products. Aside from being functional, a high-definition printing process by a professional packaging vendor will make your package stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, custom printed pouches may come in various materials such as rice paper, poly, foil, kraft paper, and more and with various convenience features like tin-ties, degassing valves, hanging holes, bag handles, clear windows, zippers, and other functional accouterments.

These packaging wonders can also be found in a variety of types—for example, flat bottom pouch, side gusseted pouch, stand up pouches, and the ubiquitous pillow pouches. Using custom printed pouches makes your product completely unique and your package becomes a representative of your brand by itself.


It’s pretty commonplace to begin with basic pouches with a printed label on the front panel. The majority of well-known businesses started in the same way.

However, many people feel that switching to a printed solution will cause the price to soar. The truth is that in the vast majority of situations, it will actually decrease.

This is because you will only be paying for one piece rather than the two—the pouch and the label—and it makes a big difference both in creating strong brand experiences and building your brand image.

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