What Are Medium Knotless Box Braids? Everything You Need To Know

Medium Knotless Box Braids

Kamila (the Queen of Medium Knotless Box Braids, who goes by the name Ms. Hair and Humor) says if you’re thinking about getting medium knotless braids, congratulations and welcome to the future. These medium knotless box braids’ low tension, easy maintenance, and lightweight manageability make them particularly protective styles, particularly for women who want hair growth instead of damage. 

A medium knotless box braid is a beautiful way to style natural hair, but that’s not all that it’s about. According to Ms. Hair and Humor, getting braid styles erases years of trauma for Black women. As someone who has experienced medium knotless box braids myself, I’ve seen people’s emotions ebb and flow as they go through that experience, and I wish more women could see that braids don’t have to hurt.

Medium Knotless box braids

Hair and Humor’s Ms. Hair and Humor explain that knotless box braids are box braids installed differently without the traditional pain associated with the installation. Knotless braids are done by starting with your natural hair and feeding in extensions as you braid instead of regular box braids, which begin by knotting extensions tightly at your scalp. The braids prevent your hair, especially your edges, from getting damaged since they put less tension on your scalp and hairline. 

Another benefit of medium knotless box braids is that they look more natural. When you look at knotless box braids, it’s impossible to see where the hair starts or ends, says Oludele. The braids are seamless from the roots. You can also wear whatever box braid hairstyle you like without feeling uncomfortable.

How much do medium knotless box braids cost?

Medium Knotless box braids are subject to some variables that may impact the cost. According to Ms. Hair and Humor, braid lengths and thickness may vary, as well as the stylist’s skill and location. 

A braid can usually cost between $160 and more than $600. The price is higher for braids that are longer and thinner. The installation of knotless box braids at Oludele’s Brooklyn salon starts at $250. We promise that number is worth it, even if it seems steep at first. “It’s not just a matter of the extensions. It’s a matter of how they’re installed,” says Oludele. “All that goes into the service you provide.”

What is the best way to care for medium knotless box braids?

Maintaining your medium knotless box braids once they’ve been installed is similar to preserving other protective styles. Oludele recommends applying a leave-in spray and oils to your scalp and tying your hair back at night. “Even though your hair is tangled with the extensions, there are still areas of your hair that are more exposed, so you should take precautions by tying your hair back.” You can also protect your hair by sleeping on a silk pillowcase or wearing a silk scarf.

What is the lifespan of medium knotless box braids?

In Oludele’s experience, knotless box braids last between two and three months with salon maintenance, so clients should get them redone after one or two months. As she explains, “We touch up the edges and part of your hair because that’s the most delicate part, we cleanse the scalp, and it’ll last you another month.” However, Oludele’s emphasizes that whether or not your hair lasts longer depends on how well you take care of it.

Hair and Humor agree: “It is not about how long braids can last, rather it is about the suggested timeframe for keeping them in.” They always suggest six to eight weeks since, in their opinion, “the longer the style is in, the longer clients neglect their hair.” For a protective style, it’s essential to stick to a strict routine and not solely use hair as an anchor.” Regardless of how long you wear your knotless box braids, be sure to care for your scalp and be vigilant about the buildup.

What makes people love medium knotless box braids?

The box braid method is painless. 

One of the biggest problems with traditional braids is the painful tugging and tightness on your scalp when they are first applied. This knotless method eliminates that problem. You don’t have to worry about pain.

There are no heavy knots. 

By feeding in the hair as you go down the braid, you will get a braid that isn’t bulky, flows like natural hair, and isn’t heavy on your head, meaning more hair flips!

There will be no breakage. 

You won’t have to tug on your hair with the knotless technique as much. Additionally, there is no friction at your scalp without a knot, so there is less breakage and shedding. This style is genuinely protective.

It is perfect for the more acceptable hair types. 

It shouldn’t matter if you have hair that is coarse or fine. The knotless method will take care of more secure braiding. The knot of traditional box braids must stay tight to the scalp, or the entire braid will likely fall out within a few days.

Cons of medium knotless box braids

Installation may take more time. 

We’ve all heard about friends getting their hair braided and spending the whole day in the chair. However, knotless braids can take longer. This will vary from stylist to stylist, but anything longer than the standard 4-6 hours can seem like a long time.

These services are more expensive. 

Based on an online comparison of prices at various hair braiders, you can expect to pay $50 to $150+ more than you would for traditional box braids. However, when you consider how much more time it takes to do the style, the cost difference makes sense.

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Which is better, small or medium knotless braids?

When choosing between small and medium knotless braids, there are a few factors to consider. Small knotless or micro braids are thinner and take longer to install. However, they offer a more intricate and detailed look, which can be especially stunning on natural hair textures. On the other hand, medium knotless braids are thicker and take less time to install, making them a more practical choice for those with a busy schedule. They still offer a beautiful and natural-looking style without being too time-consuming.

Choosing small and medium knotless braids ultimately depends on personal preference and lifestyle. If you are willing to spend several hours in the salon and enjoy intricate styles, then small knotless braids may be your better choice. However, medium knotless braids may be the way to go if you prefer a quicker and more practical hairstyle. Additionally, it’s important to consider the health of your scalp and hair. If you have a sensitive scalp or thinning hair, opting for medium knotless braids may be better, as the smaller ones can sometimes cause tension and damage.