A Look Into Josh Duhamel Wife, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Movies list, And More

Josh Duhamel Wife

Josh Duhamel: American Singer

Josh Duhamel is a famous American actor known for his versatile performances in both film and television. Besides his successful career, Duhamel’s personal life has also garnered significant attention. This article will delve into the life of Josh Duhamel wife, focusing on his wife, bio, net worth, age, movie list, and more.

Born:November 14, 1972
Josh Duhamel Net Worth: In 2023: Around $20 million
Age:50 years
Height:6′ 3″ (1.93 m or 193 cm)
Known For:Transformers, Las Vegas, Safe Haven, The Lost City, Love, Victor
Husband:Fergie (2009-2017)
Popular Movies:Transformers (2007), Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), Safe Haven (2013), The Lost City (2022)
Social Media Accounts:Twitter: @joshduhamel
Instagram: @joshduhamel/
Facebook: @JoshDuhamel
Some Facts About Josh Duhamel’s Life (in Table)

Early Life and Background

Josh Duhamel was born in Minot, North Dakota, on November 14, 1972. He grew up in a close-knit family, with his parents instilling values of hard work and perseverance in him from an early age. Duhamel attended Minot State University, where he studied biology before pursuing a career in modeling and acting.

Career Beginnings and Breakthroughs

Josh Duhamel’s career skyrocketed after he emerged victorious as the recipient of the prestigious Male Model of the Year award at the renowned International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) competition in 1997. This success opened doors for him in the entertainment industry, making him debut on the popular television series “All My Children” in 1999. His portrayal of Leo du Pres on the show garnered critical acclaim and earned him several Daytime Emmy Award nominations.

Personal Life: Marriage and Family

In 2009, Josh Duhamel married the renowned singer-songwriter Fergie, a Black Eyed Peas member. Their wedding garnered extensive publicity, propelling the couple to become one of Hollywood’s most beloved pairs. They welcomed their son, Axl Jack Duhamel, in 2013. Despite their subsequent separation in 2017, Duhamel and Fergie remain dedicated co-parents and maintain an amicable relationship.

Josh Duhamel’s Net Worth And Earnings

As of 2023, estimates place Josh Duhamel’s net worth at approximately $25 million. His successful acting career and various brand endorsements and business ventures have contributed to his financial success. Duhamel has also invested in real estate properties, further augmenting his wealth.

Movies List: Notable Performances

Josh Duhamel has appeared in many films, showcasing his acting versatility. Some of his notable performances include:

  • Transformers” series: Duhamel played the role of Captain William Lennox in the popular action film franchise.
  • Safe Haven”: He starred opposite Julianne Hough in this romantic drama based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel.
  • Life as We Know It“: Duhamel portrayed a single father forced to co-parent with Katherine Heigl’s character in this heartfelt comedy-drama.

These films and many others have contributed to Duhamel’s reputation as a talented and sought-after actor.

Television Appearances

In addition to his success on the big screen, Josh Duhamel has made notable appearances on television. He starred in the crime drama series “Las Vegas” from 2003 to 2008, earning a considerable fan base for his portrayal of Danny McCoy. Duhamel has also made guest appearances on popular shows such as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Josh Duhamel actively engages in philanthropic endeavors. He advocates for the American Red Cross and has participated in various initiatives to support disaster relief efforts. Duhamel has also been vocal about supporting environmental causes, including renewable energy and wildlife conservation.

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Awards and Recognition

Throughout his career, Josh Duhamel has received recognition for his exceptional talent. He garnered nominations and secured victories in various prestigious awards such as the Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and Daytime Emmy Awards. Duhamel’s contributions to the entertainment industry have cemented his status as a respected actor.

Future Projects and Endeavors

Looking ahead, Josh Duhamel has several exciting projects in the pipeline. He has been cast as the lead in an upcoming crime thriller film and is currently involved in the production of a new television series. Duhamel continues to captivate audiences with his dedication and passion for his craft in his performances.

What ended the relationship between Josh Duhamel and Her Wife Fergie?

The relationship between Josh Duhamel and Fergie ended primarily due to irreconcilable differences. While maintaining privacy over the exact details of their separation, it is believed that the strain of their busy careers and demanding schedules significantly impacted their relationship. Both Josh and Fergie have been open about their challenges as a couple, particularly in balancing their personal and professional lives. Despite their separation, they have remained committed co-parents to their son, Axl Jack Duhamel, and maintain a respectful and amicable relationship. Ultimately, a combination of factors led to the end of their marriage, but their focus on co-parenting demonstrates their mutual dedication to their son’s well-being.


Josh Duhamel’s acting career has brought him immense success and acclaim. From his humble beginnings in North Dakota to his rise in the entertainment industry, Duhamel’s journey inspires aspiring actors. Alongside his professional accomplishments, his personal life, including his marriage to Fergie and dedication to his son, adds another layer to his story. With his talent, charisma, and ongoing projects, Josh Duhamel’s presence in the entertainment world shows no signs of slowing down. This article reveals updated facts about Josh Duhamel Wife and his family that his followers actually wanted to know.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Josh Duhamel’s age?

Josh Duhamel was born on November 14, 1972, making him 50 years old.

What is Josh Duhamel’s wife’s name?

Fergie, a singer-songwriter and former member of the Black Eyed Peas, was Josh Duhamel’s former spouse.

What is Josh Duhamel’s net worth?

As of 2023, estimates place Josh Duhamel’s net worth at around $20 million.

What are some of Josh Duhamel’s notable films?

Some of Josh Duhamel’s notable films include the “Transformers” series, “Safe Haven,” and “Life as We Know It.”

Is Josh Duhamel involved in any philanthropic work?

Josh Duhamel actively supports philanthropic causes, including the American Red Cross and environmental initiatives.