How to Use Instagram Reels to Get More Followers and Boost Engagement

Instagram Reels

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Facebook launched Instagram Reels, which is a brilliant substitute for TikTok, that lets you record, edit, and share videos. Instagram Reels is one of the most accessible and profitable ways of garnering maximum target audience attention. This section of Instagram is well-equipped with speed controls, AR effects, and amazing video editing tools that allow you to combine, align and crop multiple videos to create seamless transitions.

What are Instagram Reels, and how can these help in expanding your business outreach?

Instagram Reels is a great feature of this social media platform that lets you create and edit short video content and share it with anyone. Businesses are massively using Reels to expand their reach and create a community on Instagram. It is the perfect way to power up your Instagram marketing game. According to the latest statistics, Reels receive 22% more commitment than conventional videos. These can be used to explore flow to find people who do not yet follow your content.

Ways to Increase Your Followers and Expand Your Business Reach with Instagram Reels

Here are some of the most prominent ways to get the most out of Instagram Reels:

Create Branded Content for Your Target Audience

You must create brand-related videos and post pictures related to your business on Instagram for your target audience. Don’t forget to incorporate the brand logo, font, and color palette that will help viewers associate your content with your brand. You must revamp your content now and then and try various kinds of Reels like educational, motivational, QnA-based, or open conversations with the leaders of the business. It helps in brand awareness and lets your audience learn about your products and services.

Tease and Reveal

Teasers are a great way to create the necessary hype using Reels which is an integral marketing tool. Instagram is one of the best marketing platforms to reveal new product launches, and the short-roll format is ideal for showcasing your unique features and form factor.

This can be particularly useful in the teaser release to a product launch. It keeps the potential consumers waiting for your new product and gets them to start talking about your startup.

Get the Instagram Reels Structure Right

It is vital to structure your Reels correctly. The structure depends on whether you are using the shortest 15-second video, the 30-second option, or the 60-second option.

  • 15 seconds – Use the first 3 seconds to introduce your video using text or on-screen stickers. Then start talking about the main event and display your presentation. Add value and mention any facts or stats related to your product. End the video with an effective CTA.
  • 30 Seconds – Following almost the same procedure as mentioned above, you can take 14-15 seconds in between to launch a cliffhanger which will keep the customers asking for more. You can include FAQs, additional product information on your product, or reveal extra knowledge about the purpose of the video.
  • 60 seconds – This is a new feature in Instagram reels, and you need to do quite a lot to keep the customers engaged till the end. Make your video fun, engaging, and entertaining. You don’t want the customers to bounce back, so add that extra spice to keep the customers on the video.

Attract Viewers Instantly

Instagram Reels have the potential to grab viewers’ attention immediately and make them want to see more. Use the appropriate video creation, editing, and transition tools like flashing text, so that the audience doesn’t scroll on. You can even take the help of a professional and proficient Instagram Reels Maker to help you create a reel that will instantly attract audience attention.

If still confused about what kind of business reel you must curate, refer to trends. See what’s popular on the platform and also keep a close watch on what your competitors are posting. This will help you create better content. Choose the right format to create content and pay attention to what’s happening on Instagram and other trending social media platforms.

Share Tips, Tutorials, and Other Learning Content

Educational content is a great way to deliver valuable content through Instagram Reels. Viewers appreciate content that enhances their knowledge or helps them resolve a query. Even a 15-second reel is enough to provide some serious learning tips to your viewers.

Use Creative Edits and Transitions in Your Reels to Retain Viewers

81% of people use Instagram Search to look for new product launches. The Paid Ads and Editing Options on Instagram have been observed to reach their peak, with several options available for the makers. Just like in Instagram Stories, you can use your 15 seconds effectively to create and edit your reel efficiently and deliver the right message to your audience. You can take help from Instagram story templates it is simple to build Instagram advertising. You must avoid abrupt transitions and try and take clips from a different angle or magnify yourself or your subject.

How Brands Are Going Viral With Instagram Reels

Always Include Captions

There are probably people in your audience who can’t hear what you’re saying. This means that they won’t be able to enjoy your Instagram reels unless you add captions. You must add the captions sticker to your stories and reels.

Start a New Challenge or A Contest

People are spending 30 minutes, on average, watching Reels every day. Instagram Reels is a massive platform for you to launch a quiz, contest, or challenge that will attract maximum viewer attention and motivate them to participate in it. Keep a reward to entice them to participate.

When including a clear call to action, motivate your audience to visit the link in your bio. You can do this by using a verbal call, a video caption, or by using text on the screen. Create an impressive landing page to encourage potential leads to end up as customers as soon as they click on the CTA link.

Share Your Reels on Your Instagram Stories and Feed

To enhance your brand reach, it is recommended to share your reels on your Insta Feed and Stories. This helps increase your chances of going viral and increasing your views. You can also choose to upload your Instagram reel cover image so that it blends in well with the rest of your content.

Add Hashtags

Hashtags help your potential leads find your reels, assists the Instagram algorithm to understand, segregate and comprehend your content and present it to relevant audiences. Since Instagram has implemented keyword research, users looking for related topics can discover your content.

Reeling In Customers On Instagram: What This New Feature Means For Your  Business

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are established Instagrammers who have a massive following. They can be targeted to help you with better visibility of your Instagram reels. It is through their mass following that you can generate maximum views, likes, and shares on your reels that will eventually draw attention to your account.

Use Music from the Instagram Library or Create Your Audio

Using the right kind of music can elaborate the core effect of your reel and instantly connect with your audience. Finding the appropriate reel music can be challenging, but you can follow the trends and use the heavy Instagram music library to choose.

Answer Your Audience

If your followers or viewers comment on your Instagram reels, you must answer immediately to continue the conversation.

You must review comments and respond to viewers’ reactions. It is a great idea to end the conversation with a question, as they will feel compelled to answer and continue the conversation.

How to Make Reels on Instagram to Promote Your Business


Instagram-launched features quickly gained momentum and became the trend among the million users who crave updates and upgrades on the platform. It is no surprise that Instagram Reels tend to gain far more reach and exposure and present a far-reaching opportunity for brands looking to expand and gain more Instagram followers.

Instagram Reels might just be your best marketing strategy that can revitalize your Instagram presence. It is an easy-to-learn feature that can increase your organic engagement almost instantly on this brilliant social media platform.