Wheel Bearing Cost: All The Information You Need To Know About How Much Is A Wheel Bearing Cost?

how much is a wheel bearing

The wheel bearings have a rough life. The wheel bearings carry the majority of the weight of your vehicle on the four corners of the car. When these bearings begin to wear out, humming is heard. It is easiest to listen to it when moving the wheel slightly between the sides. If a rear-wheel approach fails to go out, it will make a grinding or humming sound is typically continuous. If you are interested in knowing how much a wheel bearing cost is, keep reading the article.

In the past, the wheel bearings consisted of two cone bearings on the front of each. Older bearings could be cleaned after removing the brake rotors (or drums) by packing the bearings in grease. Although some cars still use this type of bearing, it’s scarce.

Today, besides rear-wheel-drive cars with an axle that is solid (like trucks), most vehicles utilize hub bearings. It comprises a flange and bearing surface, bolted directly onto the steering knuckle or the rear transaxle. The approach is then fitted with an outer hub, which is surrounded by the wheel studs and a tire-mounting surface. The axle (often one with a CV joint) can often pass through the bearing through a splined character. It also has the large hub nut (called spindle nut) that holds it in place at the bearing. This type of design is found in most bearings found on cars in the present. A few vehicles still have a pressed-in hub bearing, which is where you reuse the wheel hub that was used initially; however, it is becoming rare.

How much is a wheel bearing cost?

Here is a basic description of the cost of replacing a damaged wheel bearing.

Front Wheel Bearings: Traditional Cone or Roller

Two Wheel Drive (2WD)

The traditional cone or roller bearings used in older vehicles with 2WD are usually repaired when you remove the rotors in the brake job. They can be easily fixed, are much less costly to purchase, and typically cost about $6-20.00 per unit. $80-100.00 to repair and the cost to replace the rotor typically after the bearing race is pressed into. The total cost of labor, all in and rotor, the majority of automobiles will cost about $150.00 to replace and can go higher based on the rotor price. In many instances, it is cheaper for a new rotor rather than it is to take it off and insert a brand new race for the bearing.

Four Wheel Drive (4WD)

The vehicles, until recent times, still had hubs that contained cone-shaped bearings or roller bearings. Although the bearings are typically as inexpensive as two-wheel-drive vehicles, taking their hubs and disassembling them can be more time-consuming. You should expect to pay 1-1.5 hours of work for each side. This is typical $80-160.00 and includes the bearings that need to be replaced. Remember that when the race is damaged inside the hub, it will need to be pulled out and a new one pressed into place, which can take longer.

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Front Wheel Bearings Hub Style

Complete Unit

The vast majority of automobiles currently have a fully-unit hub bearing. The bearing cost usually accounts for the major cost, since most hub bearings range from $80.00 to $300.00. A lot of them have ABS sensors included in the bearings. The bearings are removed from the steering wheel and installed a new one. You can expect to pay for about 1 to 2 hours of work to replace each side, typically between $80-200.00.

Pressed-On Unit

The most popular German and Japanese automobiles include the sealed roller bearings that can be seen in the reverse of the entire unit. In these instances, every knuckle of the steering has to be removed from the car type, the bearing released, and then the new one put in. Although the bearing price is drastically reduced (usually it is from $25.00-50.00), the effort required to replace the bearing will go up, typically up to approximately 2-4 hours to repair ($160-400.00).

Rear Wheel Bearings

The most common units

The rear wheel bearings of today generally are not different from fronts in the sense of the complete hub bearing or press-on units. In most cases, the entire team is used and is not fastened to rear axles (2WD automobiles) or an independent rear axle.

The Rear Drive Axle is Solid

In the case of many modern trucks and vans and even older RWD automobiles and trucks, it is the case that back wheel bearings are located inside the axle tube and are typically put into the tube of the axle or placed on the drive axle. In any instance, the price for the bearing typically ranges from $25.00-50.00, while the effort to take it off and insert the new bearing can take between 1 to 4 hours. These are only approximate. But, they’re an excellent indication of what you might be paying. Wheel bearings are durable and last for a long time, and you don’t require replacing them often.

The Rear Drive Axle is Solid

Are you able to drive in a car with a faulty wheel bearing?

With the replacement cost in mind, you might be thinking about whether you can drive using a defective wheel bearing. A worn-out wheel bearing should be replaced as soon as is possible. There is no lubrication for the wheel bearing that is damaged. As a result, when you drive on with a damaged wheel bearing, you’ll run the possibility of the bearing breaking entirely in pieces, leading to huge stability issues when driving or even the case of a crash. If you’re in nowhere and need to take a shorter route to seek help in this from happening, it is best to take a slower speed so that the wheel stays intact for a few more hours.

Do you have the ability to repair the wheel bearings yourself?

It is possible to lower costs for replacing the wheel bearings by replacing the bearings yourself. You’ll be able to do it at home in your garage. However, it’ll need specific specialized tools. It is essential to consult the service manual of your car or look up online information to determine what kind of wheel bearing your vehicle or truck is set up for before beginning the work. AutoZone offers all the specialist equipment you’ll need to repair the wheel bearing, and they do it for free.


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