How Do Brands Increase Their Product Worth Using Their Custom Packaging Boxes?


When we think about starting a business, the more important part is its packaging. Many brands spend a fortune to get themselves perfect custom packaging boxes and customize them professionally. But you must have noticed that brands tend to change their packaging style from time to time. The reason might be the changing trends, or they want to deliver their product uniquely. Sometimes, discrete packaging becomes a signature of that brand. There are many luxurious and well know companies that have been using the same packaging style for years. And if they want any changes, they modify their branding a little. In these modern times, people are getting creative and are using their boxes for other purposes.

Such as to increase their sales and as a marketing strategy. Designers are designing the theme that attracts the customers at first glimpse. And hence motivate them to buy the item without wasting any time. But how is it possible? Can we also manipulate the customers into buying our products? If yes, then what packaging should we use? And how should we customize them? If you are curious, then keep reading. In this article, we will discuss how brands increase their product worth using their customized boxes.

By using a Firm Material for Custom Packaging:

A firm box is what helps us to make our brand appear luxurious. The more clumsy or thin your Custom packaging is, the less of an impression your packaging makes. That is why rich brands always use rigid packaging no matter what product they sell. Even if you purchase a set of colour pencils from a luxurious brand, it would have a firm case. So do not ignore the nature and quality of your packaging boxes. Other than that, consider a different variation of firm boxes. They are often different types. Use the right one for your products.

By using an Organic Packaging Box:

These days if you still use a non-organic packaging box, do not be surprised if your item would be still on the shelf. People are challenging themselves by only using the product with organic packaging. We’ll know how much our planet has already been affected. But we can always contribute to society by recycling and reusing our packaging boxes. Besides that, a non-organic box seems quite impulsive no matter how professional and rich it looks. Make sure the methods you use to customize your cases should not affect their nature. Even after customizing custom-printed boxes should be 100% organic.

By Printing the Logo and Slogan on the Box:

You can never sell your product without a logo printed on the box. A brand identity is everything a customer looks for while buying a new product. High-quality and professional logos can persuade the customer in seconds that he needs the product in his life. While if you sell a gold bar in cheap packaging, no one would believe you. What makes elegant printed boxes wholesome is the brand logo and slogan. A brand slogan is a short catchphrase that often gets used for marketing. You must have noticed that in TV ads, slogans are most used. They define the brand motto and what they stand for.

By using the Right Colour and Typography:

Colour and fonts can easily affect our mood. Colours often get used to represent a feeling or a person. Let us take an example. It is believed that if a person likes a yellow colour, he must be communicative. Meanwhile, black represents peace. But if we use the wrong colour or font for our packaging box, we could ruin the customer’s mood. A contrary colour might indicate the opposite information. For example, you are selling a strawberry-flavoured lip balm, and the packaging is yellow. So, it is always important to reconsider your colour palette. And make sure that each colour on our custom packaging boxes harmonies with other ones. The same case is with the fonts. Do not use bigger or much smaller font sizes. Use the readable font, but it still should have a hint of elegance. Other than that, arrange all of the narratives on the packaging in order. Do not just print instructions anywhere you like. Instead, study the dimension and do the work professionally.

By Lamination:

What is the purpose of lamination? It is the question that everyone thinks of once in a while. Before answering this question, first, let us discuss its types. Gloss lamination is the one that we can often see on various medicinal packaging. Such lamination reflects light, radiation, and dampness. And hence they protect the fragile product from going bad before its expiration date. Meanwhile, matte lamination is the one that we often see on expensive products. The packaging that has watches, ties, or cufflinks in them has matte lamination. The reason? Well, it is simple: it makes the box appear classy and elegant. Now, the question is which is better and which one should we use? Consider your product, study its features, and you might get to know the answer. 

Now let us discuss the advantages of lamination.

●Lamination secures the packaging boxes. 

●This packaging keeps the product untouched and secure.

●Therefore, the packaging would always seem new. 

Now increase your product worth by following these strategies and tips to improve your custom boxes.