Homework Struggles are Real – Not a Behavioral Problem

Homework Struggles

Homework assignments come in various shapes and forms. From Math homework to Biology homework; it’s an endless list. No wonder, students often end up looking frantically for homework assignment help.

Now, when it comes to working on primary homework, some youngsters are seen to either miss out on the key essentials of the task or suffer from acute attention disorder.

But the sad part of the scenario is, till date, only a handful of us are ever cautious of such syndromes. In most cases, homework struggles are found to be termed as serious behavioral problems. The students, in most cases, are found to be blamed for not being able to ace their homework assignments in the way those are supposed to be.

This shouldn’t be the case at all. One needs to get into the crux of the matter before drawing a conclusion altogether.

This blog aims to elaborate on this alarming topic along with concrete solutions at the end of the tunnel.

Getting into the Crux of the Matter

Before you come up with a “What?”, try coming up with a “How?”.

nless you would know the full story or dig deeper into the real scenario behind a particular phenomenon, you cannot resolve an issue in Here are a few aspects and ideas you need to consider in this context.

Have a look.

  • Research shows excessive homework is often associated with high stress levels, lack of life balance, physical health problems and the likes.
  • Now, if we are to consider each of these claims to be true, it seems that behavioural issues have nothing to do with homework struggles.
  • The problem lies elsewhere, and it is quite evident.
  • Now, what needs to be done in order to resolve such issues and make this planet a better place for the youngsters to deal with homework dilemmas?
  • The idea is to create a sustainable environment for the young learners and help them grow and bloom all the way.

Let’s move on to the next segment and talk about the same.

Understanding their Struggles and Chalking Out Remedial Measures

First things first, educators and parents around the world should understand how to approach such situations. Screaming at the youngsters or being unreasonably rude to the students will be absolute foolery.

Rather, you got to be compassionate in such cases and help the youngsters with their homework assignments.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider in this context.

  • Educators need to understand and acknowledge the odds of learning and developmental disorders or mental health conditions the student is going through.
  • They need to analyze mental health condition and mix around with the youngsters in a friendly manner.
  • For example, it isn’t at all necessary for an educator or parents to be rude to the kids.
  • Rather, they can simply take a step back, think it over and try to understand the primary reason why the student failed to get the hang of the homework detail or the key objectives.
  • Also, one needs to sit back and sign up for a steady brainstorming session.
  • That way the moderator/educator will be able to read the young minds better or get to know what’s bothering them or keeping them away from perfecting the homework.
  • Now, on the basis of a thorough evaluation of the entire issue and every other critical matter of concern, the educator or the moderator should jot down their next actionable points.

Exploring the Bigger Picture

Now that we have understood and got the hang of what exactly is the problem and how things are way different than what they appear to be, let’s move on to the bigger picture.

Let’s find out ways to explore and know how to resolve such conditions for good.

Provide Them with Homework Aids On the Go

These days, with the emergence of digitization, things have definitely changed for the better across the education domain. So, providing youngsters with online homework help won’t be a major problem in the long run.

Here are some suggestions for your reference.

  • Encourage students to sign up for a gamified version of homework assistance and tutoring.
  • For example, a complicated theory on nuclear science can be easily explained and elaborated on, via interactive games and puzzles.
  • Also, you can sign up for online libraries and electronic portals in order to back students up with ideas, references, assignment samples and more.

The idea is to make things easier, more fun and engaging for the young minds. You need to break the clutter and help the students get the hang of certain concepts, ideas and chapters in much effective manner.

Once you would make things look easier than ever before, students would find things equally interesting to proceed with.

Simplify Things Instead of Complicating Them

At times, educators tend to lose their cool and end up shouting at the students on ground of behavioral problems. And this is where they go wrong most of the times.

One cannot fix someone else’s behavioural problem by misbehaving themselves. Moreover, struggling with homework isn’t a behavioural problem in the first place. So, here are some easier and more effective alternatives for educators to consider down the road.

  • Help students to cope with homework challenges by explaining all complicated concepts in simpler words.
  • Do not just explain things for the sake of explaining. Rather, use examples and cite real-life references to make certain concepts more relevant in all aspects.
  • Use engaging diagrammatic expressions, doodles and other forms of graphical representations in order to make things livelier and more engaging for the students.

Now that you are aware of the needful elements, make good use of the suggestions, embrace the best practice and never miss out on treating the youngsters in a way they deserve to be treated.

After all, you can always make things work out with kind words, compassion and love instead of being rude and fearsome.

Cut the Fear Out of the Table

Now this is as important as anything.

Simply follow these steps for the right insights into this context.

  • Do not just “assign” homework.
  • Rather, focus on making students understand the importance of homework in the first place.
  • In some cases, educators often tend to follow a monotonous trend of simply assigning homework and expecting students to submit the same on time.
  • For a change, can’t we take things on a different note?
  • How about elaborating on the immense benefits and scopes of going about homework assignments effectively?
  • If you can walk an extra mile with an aim and intention to instill the idea and purpose behind homework assignments, then things will naturally turn out to be rewarding for students and as well as for the teachers.
  • Also, you got to encourage a happy and friendly academic culture by keeping an eye out for all sorts of toxicities and negative vibes.

All it takes is a bit of compassion, and love for making the world educationally strong and flourishing in all senses.

Parting Thoughts,

Here are some tips for you to take home.

  • Refrain from assigning students with excessive homework
  • Ask for the bandwidth and plan homework assignments accordingly
  • Do not end up assigning back-to-back homework, especially when there is a fast-approaching exam deadline.

Cheers and good luck!

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