Get MBBS Admission In Nanchang University At Reasonable Fee

MBBS in Nanchang University

MBBS accreditation at Nanchang University

Nanchang MBBS University accredited by ECFMG, WDOMS, WFME and WCAME. In addition to this, Nanchang University is also one of the categories A universities of the Pakistan Medical Council. Foreign students wishing to study MBBS in China often think about the accreditation of the university where they intend to study MBBS, as the biggest concern for a doctor is whether their degree will be accredited after graduation. With the above accreditation, students can now confidently apply to study MBBS in China with the help of MBBS in Nanchang University.

Nanchang University campuses

Nanchang University made up of four beautiful campuses, as follows.

1. Qianhu main campus

2. Qinshan Lake Campus.

3. East Lake Campus

4. Poyang Lake Campus.

The Qianhu Main Campus covers over 563.4 hectares with a total area of over 370,658 hectares.

Visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nanzhang campus, 370,000 square meters.

The importance that the Chinese government attaches to Nanchang University understood from the fact that Chinese President Xi Jinping, when visiting Nanchang University in October 2008, said: ‘Nanchang University has endless opportunities. When Xi revisited Nanchang University in February 2016, he gave a major speech on research, innovation, and talent education, encouraging Nanchang University to promote innovation among students across the university and encouraging them to enjoy their time and fulfill their dreams.

Nanchang University College

Nanchang University is a comprehensive university with its main faculties.

1. Faculty of Social Sciences

2. Faculty of Science and Technology (major group 1).

3. Faculty of Science and Technology (major group 2).

Several students and staff of Nanchang University’s main campus.

Their Total number of students: 34,759

Here Total number of master’s and doctoral students: 14,980

Total number of foreign students: 1,492

Nanchang University has graduated more than 400,000 talented people since its founding.

Nanchang University of Technology’s Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition attracted 400 000 students.

The Nanchang University of Technology has won the right to organize the Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in 2021.

Nanchang University of Clinical Medicine (MBBS) in the ESI rankings

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) ranked first in the ESI global ranking.

Network Consulting strives to achieve its bright future by helping international students gain admission to study MBBS at Nanchang University in China.

World university ranking for Nanchang

According to various organizations, Nanchang University has the following world rankings.

CWUR: 611

QS Asian University Ranking: 351-400.


Is it compulsory to complete HSK 4 at the end of the first year?

Yes, you must pass HSK 4 at the end of your first year at SCCU, otherwise, you will not be able to progress to the next year and will have to repeat your first year until you pass HSK 4. In addition, you must pass HSK 5 before graduation.

Nanchang MBBS University fee structure

First-year package: 35 500 RMB (includes tuition fee, accommodation, application fee, insurance, and application fee) – see description below.

From the second year: 24 600 RMB (tuition fee and accommodation).

Note: Due to COVID-19, students allowed to travel to China. Therefore, they do not have to pay for accommodation and insurance in the first year. As a result, the first-year package reduced to


The total length of the MBBS at Nanchang University reduced from the first year to the second year.

The total duration of MBBS at Nanchang University is 6 years, which includes one year of internship.

Documents required to apply for MBBS at Nanchang University

To study MBBS at Nanchang University in China, scanned copies of the following documents are required.

Passport information sheet and signature page.

Photo on white background.

High school results and certificates (high school diploma and Bachelor’s degree).

Medical examination form.

Clean criminal record certificate.

Bank statement for at least $6,000 or equivalent.

A detailed curriculum vitae that includes the names of both parents, contact numbers, job titles, and employment.

To apply for MBBS studies at Nanchang University in China through the online advisor, simply send a scanned copy of the above documents by email. Avoid taking pictures of documents with your mobile phone.